I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 38


Alissa looked up and if she be damned if this wasn’t going to turn out well.

“Paula.” Aron replied.

Alissa could tell that Paula was genuinely shocked that he was there, she asked the waiter to put a seat in between him and Adrianna.

“I’m not moving.” Adrianna replied.

Paula made Brandon move over and she lodged herself in between, “Why didn’t you tell me you were here?”

“It just happened Paula.”

Aron turned to everyone, “Guys this is Paula.”

Everyone greeted her, she scanned the table when her eyes landed on her. “Alissa you are here?”

“Hey Paula.”

“Wow I’m actually offended that you didn’t invite me.” Paula replied.

“Sorry I didn’t have your numbers.”

“And everyone here is with their dates.” Lexie added.

Alissa didn’t miss how Paula stiffened when she heard those words and she definitely knew that this is war declared.

She groaned inwardly now she had not one but everyone seemed to want Aron. Some of the girls that walked by would stare at him.

“Aron I want some dessert.”

Aron called over the waiter, and he turned to her, “What would you like?”

“What would you recommend?” Paula replied.

“A chocolate cake.” Aron said to the waiter.

“That Paula has no shame.” Lexie whispered in her ear.

“She has known Aron for way longer than we have.”

“But still she has to respect that he is on a date with someone. She clearly likes him.”

Paula did the usual as she chatted and everyone listened. Alissa saw that Adrianna was stuck to Aron like glue just as Paula.

Adrianna also intercepted Paula and she started to speak more,

“This is one big disaster.” Said Lexie.

Alissa nodded she was sure that they wanted to claw each other out but couldn’t. This was getting way out of hand and fast.

“We should go back and help Adrianna.” Said Lexie.


“Follow my lead, Alissa,”


“Aron, could you move over so that we can have girl talk?” Lexie asked.

Aron shrugged and got up,

“No, but why does Aron have to move?” Paula whined. Not happy at all with their tactic.

They both scooted up and switched seats which lead to the guys moving over and being on one side.

This night was just a huge disaster, that she couldn’t believe was happening right before her eyes.

She wanted to call it a night but according to her girl code, they had to stick up for one another.

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