I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 39

Now they sat as the four of them and she wondered what was going to happen next. Paula turned to her, “So these are your friends?”

“Yes, Lexie and Adrianna.”

“How did you and Paula meet?” Lexie asked.

Paula jumped in, “I remember you and Brandon were on a date and Aron and I arrived and we had like a double date. Oh yeah come to think of it I wanted to ask where did you and Aron disappear off to that night?”

“I went home when I had a headache and Aron I don’t know, I left him talking to some other girl.” Alissa replied.

“What are you guys talking about?” Adrianna asked.

“When we went clubbing just as the four of us.” Paula replied in such a way to show Adrianna that she was closer to Aron.

“I see.” Adrianna scowled.

Aron got up, “Excuse me there is a call that I have to take.”

“Come back soon man, we need to finish the discussion that we were having.” Said Brian.

“So how long are you planning on staying here for?” Paula asked.

“We will see.” Adrianna snapped.

Fifteen minutes later and none of them were any better than when the evening had started. Lexie had tried to get them all talking and to be friends but it wasn’t possible. Paula and Adrianna were staring daggers into each other and if looks could kill they would have both killed each other by now.

She would pitch in to help Lexie but in the end, it was her and Lexie having a conversation.

Paula groaned, “Aron left why am I even here?” She got up, “Alissa let’s go I need to talk to you. You guys don’t mind. I will drop her off at home.”

She nodded at the rest and waved at the boys. Alissa went with Paula and they walked to her car,

“Alissa I won’t stand for anyone trying to separate Aron and I.”

Alissa just nodded,

“At least you understand. You will get home safe right? I need to be head off something came up.” Said Paula.

Alissa agreed. Couldn’t Paula have just said that and she would have gone home with Lexie and Adrianna whom she knew would grill her with so many questions about Paula and the night that she had disappeared with Aron?

She called a cab and went.

She leaned against the cool window and looked outside.

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