I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 4

Alissa woke up the next morning and she did her usual routine. She ate her breakfast quickly and she went to her lectures. She got back to her dorm where she took her usual nap.

She woke up half an hour later and she freshened up. It was now lunchtime when she went down to the police station. She stood outside, and she felt a bit too nervous, but she psyched herself.

She had to see Aron again and she couldn’t wait to see him by chance. She took a deep breath in and walked into the station.

She got to the front desk. “Afternoon.” She said in a soft voice.

“Hey, how may we help you?”

“I would like to trace a car.” She said.


Alissa needed to put up one hell of a story and she needed to be convincing. She got it,

“This is my last hope of finding my father.” She started to sob.

“Don’t worry sweetheart I will help you okay, give me the number plates.”

Alissa wiped her fake tears away. She gave the lady the number of plates.

“Take a seat over there, I will call you when something comes up.”

Alissa went and sat down, she was surprised at herself for pulling off such a stunt. She had to do what she had to.

Alissa waited, and she hoped that something would come up or else she would have to wait for eternity until she could see him again and she couldn’t afford it.

After what seemed to be forever, they finally called her. She rushed up and crossed her fingers that they had gotten something.

“Well, I doubt that this is your father because the person to whom this car is registered to is too young.”
Alissa blurted out the first thing that came to her mind, “It must be my half-brother I presume.”

“Here, then. You seem desperate. I hope you find you, father.”
Alissa didn’t fake the desperation as she really wanted to see him again. She took the piece of paper. “Thank you so much and I also hope that I get to see him soon.”
She folded the paper and tucked it into her jean pocket. She didn’t want to lose the paper.

She went back to her dorm room and she took out her planner and checked the first thing on her list. She changed into her comfy clothes and she opened the paper.

She saw his face and she was giddy. The paper read, Aron Lanista, twenty-six years old. Alissa thought about it, she was six years older than her, but technically five when her birthday came, she would be twenty-one. Unless his birthday had not yet come to.

Alissa’s eyes gleamed with joy as she saw what she desperately wanted. His address, it was there underneath his age.

That was all that was listed on the paper and what a pity Alissa thought she wanted to know more about him. His favorite color, food, places and so much more.

She got a message from Lexie and she had forgotten to meet them for lunch. She would have to come up with an excuse for the next few days if this had to work.

She sent her a response saying that she felt tired and she had forgotten to set her alarm, that’s why she couldn’t make it, but she would see them for dinner later on.

She would have to find out all this info by herself. She now would begin phase two soon. She didn’t know if her plan would work but there was no harm in trying.

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