I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 5

“Alissa, what do you think?” Adrianna asked.

“I don’t think I am up to clubbing this weekend. I have some projects to do.”

“What projects?” as Lexie whined at her.

“Fine I will see,” Alissa said knowing very well that her friends wouldn’t accept a no for an answer.

“That’s great.” As they both squealed. They had dinner and they had their girl talk. Alissa had to concentrate her hardest to keep the conversation going because she knew her friends would ask what was wrong if she wasn’t responsive.

She made it through dinner and hugged her friend’s goodbye. Alissa made her way to her dorm room and changed into her pajamas.

She held her planner and ticked off the first plan. She switched off the lights and woke up the next morning.

She woke up the next morning and she got dressed. She ate her breakfast, then she sat and rehearsed her plan. It was sunny, and her Saturday was about to improve.

She got dressed and took the paper from the police station and she looked at the address on it and she took a deep breath.

Alissa cleaned her room, and when lunch time came, she ate. When she was done, she took some money and headed out.

She took the bus, then she connected it with another bus. When she got to the area, he lived she walked. Alissa looked around. It seemed as if there were not many houses here. She followed the GPS on her phone. She walked through a forest and she wondered if this was right.

What if she got kidnapped or became part of a horror movie? They always started this way, she walked for ten minutes. When she got to the end, she saw what seemed to be a huge mansion. She had never seen such a big house in her life.

Alissa peeked through the black gate and she didn’t see anything. She wanted to call out but thought better of it. What would she say to him when he saw her?

She waited outside, and she sat hidden by a tree next to the house. Hours passed but there was no sign of him anywhere. She started to doubt he would come. She checked her phone and it was six at night and it was getting a bit dark.

There was wind now blowing harshly and she felt cold. She felt stupid because she had forgotten to bring a jersey with her, but she didn’t think that she would wait this long.

Alissa leaned against the tree and closed her eyes.

She was woken up by bright lights and she hid more into the trees she saw the black gates open and the car drove in. When Alissa was sure that the car was in, she got up and she peeked close to the gates.

She took out her phone and took pictures of the place. There were two more cars in the driveway and she saw the one that had gotten in, the engine switched off and she wanted to scream when she saw Aron walk out.

He was wearing all black and she thought she would die. He rubbed the back of his head and he stretched a bit.

Alissa took her phone and snapped a couple of pictures of him. She had the desire to run out and hug him, but she had to restrain herself. What would he say if he saw her there or better yet what if he didn’t recognize her? The timing was just off, it was late, and she was hiding in the bushes and there was no excuse for her being there. She couldn’t use the excuse of being lost too.

The gates started to close, and she was sad. She saw the last glimpse of Aron and she was saddened. When she was drawn out of her dreamy haze, she checked the time and nearly fainted. It was nine at night.

Alissa set off sprinting and she went through the forest cautiously hoping that nothing weird would happen to her.

She made it out and took a deep breath. She ran and saw the last bus leaving and was glad. She got on the bus and she took a connecting bus back to her place.

Alissa walked into her room slowly and she took off her clothes and changed into her pajamas. She lay on her bed and she felt very tired.

She opened her phone and started to scroll through the pictures on her phone. She kissed her phone screen when she saw Aron. How was it possible for a guy to be this good looking?

She decides to set him as her profile picture on her phone. When she is happy with it, she looks at him until she falls asleep.

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