I Stalked A Psychopath

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Chapter 6

Alissa wanted to go every day to see Aron, but it was a difficult task for her because she lived far, and it used up some of her money. It had been a week since she had gone to his house and she really craved him a lot.

When she arrived at his house, he wasn’t there as per usual and she had to now wait for him to make his way back home. Alissa waited and waited for what seemed to be like an eternity and he finally emerged.

She hid by her usual spot and saw the gates opening and his car drove in. Aron got out the car and the gate didn’t close. He stood outside his car when another car came, and Alissa hid quickly. When the car was fully in, she could breathe and look out again.

The door to the second car opened and Alissa’s heart fell, a pretty blonde came out of the car. She looked as if she could be in a magazine cover. Alissa became alarmed when they walked to the front gate.

She leaned more back, and it seemed as if they were looking at the view of the forest. Alissa could hear the full conversation.

“Why won’t you call me?” the blonde asked.

“Because I don’t want to,” Aron replied.

“Wow, not even a proper excuse.”

“I don’t need an excuse, Paula. I don’t want you. Simple as that.”
That was her name Alissa thought, she was liking the direction that this conversation was going in. So that meant she wasn’t his girlfriend.

“Do you know how long I have been waiting for you? I have known you for years.” Said Paula.

“I know, but it doesn’t matter.”

“Why doesn’t it?”

“I am not going into this argument again.”

“Many people are talking Aron. They are speculating that you are, you know.” Paula said.

“I don’t care what other people think.” He said.

Alissa wanted to dance, and but she remained still where she stood.

“Do you know how long I have waited for you?” Paula emphasized it again.

“I didn’t ask you to wait.”
“I know but I did. Just for you Aron. Do you have someone else?”

Alissa was also scared at the answer. She held her breath and waited for the answer.
“As I told you before I have no interest in any girl as we speak.”

Both Alissa and Paula became relieved. Alissa’s relief was short-lived when she took a good look at Paula and realized that she was stunning. Perfect body, flawless hair and her fashion sense were out of this world.

She now wondered if she ever stood a chance because if he rejected a girl such as Paula, then he wouldn’t spare her second glance. The only reason he had spoken to her was that he had spilled the smoothie on her.

Even when she had met him for the first time, he hadn’t given her a second glance. This put down her spirits and she felt more saddened than ever.

“At least tell me you are coming to the masquerade,” Paula said.

Alissa listened intently.

“Yes, I am,” Aron replied.

“Do you have a mask?” Paula asked.

“Not yet.”

“Let me be your date at least. Please, Aron.”

“I will see okay.” He replied.

Alissa wanted to cry. Was he now viewing her as an option?

“Do you want to go together.” Paula pressed some more.

“No. we can just meet there.”

“Are you telling the truth?”

“Yes, Paula. It’s late, I think it’s time for you to go home.”

Paula was taken aback. But she didn’t resist, “Fine, remember it’s on Friday at Hartfield. Be there at eight. Don’t be late.”
“Okay,” Aron replied as they made their way back to her car. She got in and rolled down her window and blew him a kiss. Then she was on her way. The gates closed, and Alissa realized once again it was nine at night and she raced back.

Alissa nearly missed the bus, but she was on time and she hopped on and headed back.

When she got to her dorm room, she changed and lay on her bed.

She now had a mission for Friday, to buy a dress and a mask.

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