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Ricki Mack, The girl who sits in the back of the class. She's quiet, but not afraid to speak her mind. She's lost every friend she's ever had and has never understood why. She's lower than the geeks and the nerds on the popularity list; the whole school has always bullied her, but she always ends up picking herself right back up. Until some random, hot, new guy decides to change everything for her. Meet Shepard Bradshaw, you know, that random hot new guy. He decides to help Ricki out, by helping I mean practically being her bodyguard. Except, Shepard has secrets, dark secrets, secrets that come back and haunt not only him, but Ricki. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2019

Romance / Humor
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The Sandwich Scoop. Chapter One.

Written: March 8th, 2018.

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Chapter One.

I grab my keys out of my hoodie pocket and struggle to grab the right key. Once I grab the right one, I quickly unlock our old, paint chipped, front door. I sneak into the kitchen and grab a bag of chips out of the pantry. As I walk past the living room I see my dad and soon to be step-mother making out on the couch. I make a face and walk towards them. "Could you possibly do that in your room or not do it at all?" I inquire with an eye roll. I sit down next to them and accidentally elbow Stella.

She wraps her arms around my dad's neck and looks at me. "Ow!"

"Oops!" I giggle. "Sorry."

She smiles. "It's okay sweet." She looks down at the bag of potato chips and back at me with her fake smile. "Do you really think you should be eating those?"

I glance down at her mini skirt and back at her. "Aren't you a little old to be wearing such provocative clothing?"

She huffs and turns to my dad. She unbuttons the top button of his work shirt and plays with his chest hair. Gross. "Peter, shouldn't you say something to your daughter?"

My dad stands up, knocking Stella off his lap and onto the couch. "Ricki, May you please be a little nicer to Stella?"

I hop up off the couch and stuff my face with my bag of chips. I shrug, "Nah I'm good." I turn around and work my way towards the stairs.

"Ricki, please no food in your room."

I ignore my dad's comment and quickly jog up the stairs and into my room. I close my door behind me and jump onto my bed. I grab my laptop from my bedside table and place it on my lap as I leave crumbs on my jeans. I log into my instagram, which I don't even know why I have one. My cousin, Emily made me one. I usually steer away from social media, except for youtube of course. I look on my latest post, a photo of a beautiful flower with the lake in the background. I love photography and have since I was ten. My mom was always into it. I scroll through the comments, and notice that a few of my school mates commented on it.

'Your a piece of shit 😂'

'You suck at photography!'

They can't even use the right your? I roll my eyes and continue to search through all the mean comments people love to leave on my page. This is exactly why I don't use social media. I've switched my account to private a couple of times, but it always seems to go back to public. I close my laptop and place it on my dark grey desk. I grab my remote off my bedside table and turn my small tv on,quickly going to Netflix, turning it on to Friends. I hop off my bed and walk up to my closet.

I glance at myself in the mirror. My brown hair messy and my black eyeliner smeared from the rain. I look at the cut on my lip and touch it. Why are kids such assholes?

I slide the door open and grab a plain grey shirt, and pull a pair of soft, black joggers out of my dresser. I should probably take a shower.



I quietly work my way down the stairs and over to the fridge. I pop open the fridge and grab Stella's left over chocolate bar from earlier. I break it apart and eat it. As I close the fridge door, a dark figure comes into my view. I jump back as I realize who it is, Stella.

"No need to be scared little one." She giggles.

I shrug, "I don't know, your face is pretty horrifying. It would make any small child cry in terror."

She huffs and crosses her arms over her bubble gum pink robe, stepping closer to me. "Darling, I don't think you should be eating that."

"Why?" I grin, "Because its yours?"

"One of the reasons."

"Do you want it back?" I inquire.

"Well, it is mine. So yes."

I break another piece off and toss it at her face. "There you go."

I turn around to head up stairs but she grabs my arm, spinning me back around. "Ricki, I don't think your father would like the way you're treating me."

"Maybe not.. But why would I care?" I pull my arm from her grasp. "Oh and I did pay for that chocolate bar. So technically it was mine." I toss my hair behind my shoulder and head back up to my room. I hop onto my bed and finish the last piece of my chocolate bar. I pull my covers over me and shut my eyes. My phone buzzes on my bedside table. I pick it up and see my cousin Emily texting me, one message after another. She's probably having boy problems again, her boyfriend, Ronny, is a dick. She deserves better, she's such a sweetheart. I don't know why she comes to me for advice, I've never had a boyfriend.

Ricki, are you still up?

~Emily Christy

Yeah, Emi. I'm up still. Whats up?



The bell rings, signaling for everyone to go to last period. I throw my bag over my shoulder and rush out of the classroom. As I walk past a few of the populars one of the boys trip me. I land on my elbow and they all laugh. I sigh and pick up everything that had fallen out of my backpack. "Asshole." I murmur.

"What was that?" William, the boy who tripped me, smirks.

I stand up and zip my bag. "I said your an ass!"

He steps closer, rubbing his upper lip. "Guys, the freak just called me an ass!" He snickers, causing everyone around us to burst with laughter. He snatches my bag from me and tosses it to Ronny. I go to grab my bag but Ronny tosses it to one of the other guys, Danny. These dudes are like six feet or taller and I'm only five foot four, It's like we're playing monkey in the middle.

"Aye, shithead! Drop the bag." Everyones heads whip to the culprit.

All the girls mouths drop. I can practically see the drool forming. A new guy, I presume, with short blonde hair and blue eyes. Not the ordinary sky blue, or the color of the paint chipping off of the old shed in the back of the field, or even the little flowers that spring up by the side of the road. His eyes were blue like the sea, crystal clear shimmering blue, crashing and churning. Looking into his eyes you could hear the waves collide against the shore. His eyes were blue like the dusk sky right before the sun vanishes, dark, lavish, blizzard blue.

"What did you say?" William questions, his eyebrow twitches.

"I said drop the bag." The guy barks back, fist clenched.

William's eyes break away from the guys gaze. He drops the bag on the ground and everyone walks to their last hour. As the hall clears out, I reach for my bag, but the guy beats me to it. He hands me my bag with the slightest smile. I hesitate before grabbing my bag back. "Th-thanks..."

He combs his fingers through his dirty blonde hair. "You're welcome."

"I was doing fine on my own." I breathe out.

He chuckles and crosses his arms over his clearly, buff chest. "It didn't look like it."

"Yeah, well, this happens more than you would think. I was going to kick nipple-face in the nuts."

"Nipple-face?" He chuckles.

I nod. "Yup." I brush my hair behind my ear and meet his gaze. "So, your new here?"

He nods. "Yeah, I am."

"How come I haven't seen you around at all today?"

"I just got here an hour ago."

I chew at the bottom of my lip and shake my head. "I see."

"I'm Shepard."

"I'm Ricki."

"Well, Ricki, it's nice meeting you." He extends his hand out.

I grab his hand and nod. "Likewise." I throw my bag over my shoulder, tugging at my hair from underneath the strap. "Do you need help finding your next class?" I inquire, rolling up my sleeve to my elbow.

"Sure, I think this is my free period." He informs me.

"May I see your schedule?"

He looms closer and pulls a crumpled piece of paper out of his front pocket. "Sure. I think its room 208 though."

I take the piece of paper from his tan fingers and uncrumple it. "That would be Mr.Fortenberry. He's pretty laidback. He doesn't care if you wander the halls or go home early." I pause and stare at the paper for a moment. "We have first, second, fifth, and seventh hour together. Oh, and we have the same lunch."


"If you head upstairs and down B hallway, and go down to room 206, thats first period, and then 208 is just right across the hall."

"Cool, thanks."

"You're welcome. I should probably get to work, do you need help with anything?" I question.

He shakes his head. "No, I think I'm good. Can I walk you to your car?"

"I don't have a car. I have a bike."

"Like a motorcycle?"

I shake my head and chuckle quietly. "Nope. Like a bike, with pedals, that you have to push with your feet."

"I know what a bike is." He smirks.

I wipe my forehead, jokingly. "Good, I thought you wouldn't."

He clutches his chest and gasps. "I'm offended." He chortled. He pulls opens the door and holds it for me.

A guys never held a door for me before. Well, besides my dad and a couple of older men. But not a guy this hot. I feel my cheeks radiate with heat. I press my hand to my cheek and shrug it off. "Thanks." I smile slightly.

"No problem."

We walk up to my boring white bike. "Well, this is me." I tell him, shoving my bag into the basket.

"Its..nice." He grins, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Nah, its a piece of crap. Its old and breaks every other day."

"That sucks.. So, where do you work?" He asks, leaning against the building.

"My dad owns a sandwich shop called The Sandwich Scoop, I work there with him. Its only ten minutes away from here. Thats where I usually eat lunch."

"Cool, I should stop by sometime"

"Yeah, you should. They have the best sandwiches around." I tease, hopping onto my bike.

"Do you want a ride?" He asks, pointing to his motorcycle.

"Uh... I'm good. But thanks for the offer."

"You sure? It's much faster." He smirks.

I smile and toss my hair into a messy bun. "Yeah, I'm sure."

"Okay, see you around, Ricki." He waves at me before heading over to his bike.



The bell rings as someone opens the entrance door. "Hi there!" I smile at the elder man. He smiles and walks over to a table. I wipe my hands off on my apron and walk up to his table. "What can I get ya?"

He picks up the menu and stares at it.

"Would you like a few minutes?"

He nods. "Please."

"Alrighty, I'll be back in a second, I'll get you your water." I tell him and walk towards the back. I grab a cup and fill it with ice water. I hear the bell ring, I grab another cup and fill it with water, I quickly grab two lids and place them on top of the cups. I walk past a table with someone holding the menu over their face. "I'll be with you in a moment." I tell the person. I walk back up to the man's table and smile, placing his cup down in front of him. "Here ya go. Would you like another minute?"

He nods.

I walk up to the table I past a moment ago. "Hi!" I chirp. "Are you ready to order?" I ask, placing a water in front of them.

"Yes." A deep voice responds. "I will have the Italian sub, with the usual, but hold the tomatoes."

I nod and place a straw by his cup. "Okay, what kind of chips?"

"Um.. Original please."

"Anything else?"

He places his menu on the table and smiles at me, Shepard. "I think thats it." He smiles.



Hello wonderful readers! I hope you enjoyed that chapter! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this! I can't express how thankful and grateful I am! Thank you so very much!!❤️

P.S. What did ya think of the first chapter?

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