Blood Alliance

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Not for innocent minds. Love is a petty thing, the one who denies the most is the one who gets it first. Manik genevene is one such person who hates everything that starts from heart and he despises feeling. Suddenly such feelings started to feel rather good when a fiesty girl, Nandini entered his life and to break her, Manik entered a playful zone of revenge and madness and a bit slowly love too... watch how the crazy and mad mafia falls in love and finds solace in it.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Love, hate -emotions makes human mind weak and weakness is not something he adapts, he loves fear yet he doesn't fear anyone. He hates emotions, the one thing that makes the whole world stop, that makes ones heart throb and brain block. He doesn't want to lose his brain and it's the only thing that helps his business, his life. His blood demon, mafia, top businessmen fears him. Everything fears him. He loves it, every part of it.


His thoughts broke and Manik Genevene , tall, brooding, head of blood demon, looked at his third in command, Avel, panting and huffing.

"what?" he sneered, he hated seeing his people weak, and Avel is looking weak and feared. Fear of him and weak by something else. Emotions flashed in Abel's eyes and he knew what he will do.

Avel came inside the office and Manik stood up, walked with his predatory gaze, one that would make even a most courageous man to cower back. Avel isn't just weak but he cowered back like a deer. He isn't equal to man in Manik's eyes and the one who isn't equal to man, Manik doesn't keep them in his alliance and that's when a bullet sound echoed in his office and blood sputtered around.

Manik shrugged his coat and dropped on the half dead body and walked out of his office, no, the sight didn't made him feel eerie, in reality the site made him feel better, much better. Death is better than its fear, he knows, he understands and he feels better eliminating such humans. He hates fear of death, he has felt death more closely than anyone else and he will not have someone with such fear in his team, in his alliance, he won't make an acquaintance, he won't.

"the Russian's has it"

"You guys couldn't even handle a small responsibility, I don't want to have such people in my team, Stephen, you know what to do"

Cries and shouts heard, "they should cry", Manik thought. They made him lost his deal, his arms, and he don't like losers.

Manik's phone rang and as he saw the caller, his eyes shined and he sighed, maybe he had to have some emotions for these people.

"I want you home right now!!" shouted at the other side of call and the call ended.

"Mom is angry, dad hasn't done anything wrong and everything seemed well when he left then why his mom sounded like its the end of world". He thought before leaving.

His car reached or should I say screeched at the gate of his mansion, where his people, his family, the only person who are allowed to hear his emotion filled voice, can make his heart feel, beat, and a sense of fear to feel, only people. Only.

Manik entered the dining room where his mother and father, a beautiful couple with now wrinkled with sadness face. Oh god! Another drama from mom. Why god? why does he have such dramatics in his life? Why" Manik's thoughts broke when his momma looked as angry as angry bird.

He walked towards his mother and asked "what happened, mama?"

His mother looked at him and sighed, and then looked desperate, her eyes showed something isn't right. Something isn't good and he won't let her worry. She won't be sad at all. She shouldn't be.

"your uncle, Raahim khurana has died. The Russian mafia killed him and he have a daughter."

Manik looked at his sad mother who looked like she will cry any moment and why won't she, her brother died, she would cry but how can his bachelor and virgin uncle can have a daughter unless he decided to give up his virginity which is not possible for him, he loved it way too much.

"Mom, how can uncle raahim have a daughter, he is not married, Is he?"

Manik's mother looked at him and spoke the real reason of her sadness.

His uncle Raahim khurana wanted a person to share his happiness, he adopted a girl who became his companion in happiness, a small tiny little baby, kept her away from his world, his dark world, he saved his light from dark and now that he is no more, who will save his light, his beautiful daughter. So he wrote a perfect will. His whole property will be at his sister and his daughter's name and Manik will have to marry his daughter to keep her safe from harm and will get all the secrets of his business and the biggest secret he ever wanted to know. His uncle was a smart bastard.

Manik looked at his sad mother and told her to bring the little girl to him, he will marry her.

His mother smiled and Manik felt his world settle, his life again better. Everything is fine. He will marry, he will be loyal in return he expects the same. He will protect her and I'm exchange she will protect him and his family. He will train her to protect. He won't have a weakling for a wife. He won't.

Manik soon realised what he wanted to do and called his man "get her information".

His man nodded and left as fast as he can and as quietly as a shadow. Manik smirked, a handsome dark brooding smirk.

Manik turned his face to look at his mother's happy face and his stress relived, he will do anything for her, marriage is not a big deal.

"boss! we caught him." Manik smirk changed into sneer and he left the mansion with cold eyes and sneering lips. Death is inevitable.

"you killed my man, lied to me, leeched over my money, made me lose my arms, my treasure. What should we do with you? Huh?" Manik spoke in his ever cold voice, no emotion just sneer and nothing. A hollow laugh and this person will almost die by heart attack, this man will die in his hands only, he will die here after speaking his secrets and his family will soon join him. Manik thought, he isn't that bad of a person, he will not let him be alone in afterlife. His family will join him. They won't be able to live without him.

Manik moved to pick a scissor and sat on a chair in front of which a naked guy was lying, hands and legs tied, hunters mark all over his body.

"Ryan, choose one thing. You spill secrets and will die in easy and painless death or you don't spill and I will make you spill, painful death and your family dies too."

Listening this, the guy on floor, Ryan, cried tears and spoke in his stuttering voice every little thing he knew about the attack, about why he did all this and about how he leeched over his money. Every little secret. He spoke out of fear for him not for his family. He left them a long time ago. And Manik knew it yet he just wanted to know which one will this guy prefer.

Manik killed him by piercing scissor in every part of his body, he don't like people who ran away from their responsibilities. A person who runs away from his responsibility doesn't have any right to be called human cause responsibilities makes us human and a person with no responsibility is just a robot, an organism and nothing more.

Manik left the room and the guy who he called at his mansion came to him and have him a file, then left without a word.

Manik looked at the file and went to his office and started reading the file. He read every information about the girl who was to become his wife and who will come to live in his mansion in 2 days. Now by her wish but by his wish, he will kidnap her. Not that it matters anyway, she is his fiance and no one can deny him his right.

Beauty with innocence and nastiness, new combination, so this will become his wife, Genevene's person. Manik thought and smirked. He will have to test her, her ability in file is great but he don't like losers and surely he won't marry one.

Meet you in two days, dear fiance. Manik spoke in whisper with a predatory smirk. Soon he will have a spoiled princess by his side and he will turn her into a perfect queen and a beautiful part is he will enjoy this nasty stuff.

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