Il suo piccolo tesoro (Discontinued)

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Chapter 3

“Are you ready to go?” Izabella asked as she rested the three large containers on the coffee table in the living room of Enrico’s house. She wasn’t satisfied with the reason her father had thought it was best to shift the family to his house, but she didn’t protest.

“Yeah. I just need help with this tie.” Sean huffed as he walked up to her, frowning down at his tie that he somehow managed to knot. Sighing deeply, she shook her head ind isamy and approached him.

“It needs to be cut. Why did you knot it so tightly?” She scolded, reaching in her bag and pulling out a small safety scissors.

Sean rose a brow at his sister as he watched her cut his favourite tie. “That was my favourite tie and why do you have a pair of scissors in your bag?” He asked as she adjusted the tie and brushed his clothed chest with her hands.

Izabella simply grinned. “It never hurts to be prepared.” She replied and the young man frowned deeper, wondering what she could possibly do with a pair of scissors besides cut things and injure someone.

“You ready yet, Sean?” Jacob hollered from the top of the stairs beside Mr. Knight. The four of them were the only ones in the house as Enrico had left well before then sun had even risen and Izabella was slightly relieved, yet disappointed.

“Yup. Let’s go.” Sean grabbed the containers on the table and Izabella collected his briefcase, opening his car with the keys she took from his back pocket.

Jacob waved to them as he got into his car and drove off.

“Do you need me to come pick you up after?” Sean asked as he buckled himself in and shifted the gear into drive.

Izabella shook her head and watched as they passed through the large gates. “I’m going to visit Amelia right after so I’ll probably just walk.”

“Bye, Matt. Be a good boy in school, okay?” The little boy giggled and nodded, his cheeks reddening as Izabella kissed them and stood up.

“Bye bye.” He waved his tiny hands and she laughed, waving back as she disappeared behind the large oak doors.

Izabella walked down the large concrete stairs and blended into the crowd.

The sun was shining brightly in the sky, beating down on the hot pavement and those without any sort of shade, like Izabella. She had stayed at the orphanage all morning because she lost track of time. “Sorry.” She apologized to the man she had bumped into and walked away. She continued walking down the street and smiled when the café came into view.

“Izzy!” Marcy squealed, attracting the attention of the entire café.

Enrico didn't want Izabella working anymore and neither did her family her family so for their sake, she quit and stayed home though she never stopped going to the orphanage. She didn’t want to at first, but gave in when she saw how happy Marcy was when Amelia asked her to take the job.

“Good afternoon, Marcy. How are you?” The young girl smiled, hugging the older woman and pulling away.

Marcy giggled as she gestured for Izabella to follow her into the back of the café. “I’m fine, hope you are too. Amelia! Look who’s here!” She hollered when they reached the back kitchen and turned to Izabella. “I’ll go back outside now. Don’t want the customers to complain.” She smiled, patting Izabella’s shoulders and hurried out the room just as Amelia appeared.

“Izzy! How are you dear?” She asked, hugging the young woman and carrying her to the large couch.

“I’m good. You sure you don’t need any help around here?” Izabella questioned and Amelia shook her head.

“Even if I did, I’d find someone else because Enrico doesn’t want you to work and even I don’t. There hasn’t been any attacks since you left.” The older woman joked and Izabella frowned.

“That’s true.” She sighed and hung her head, her mind clouding with memories of the past attacks.

“Hey, it’s not your fault. I was merely joking.” Amelia tried cheering her up, but Izabella wasn’t believing it.

“I just stopped by to say 'hi' since I was in the vicinity. You sure you don’t want me to help because I have nothing to do and I’ll probably be bored at home.” Izabella tried persuading the older woman who was having none of it.

“No. Head home now and start making dinner preparations for those boys. You can even slip something in Enrico’s food. I have these pills that will knock him out cold and he’d be completely at your mercy. Want to try it?” Amelia asked, suggestively wiggling her eyebrows at the frowning female.

“No!” Izabella gasped when she finally understood, staring at Amelia with widened eyes as the latter giggled.

“He won’t be able to do an-”

“I’m gone. Goodbye.” The younger woman grabbed her purse and walked out, waving to Marcy behind the counter as her cheeks heated up.

Amelia was very inappropriate and it made her uncomfortable and ridiculously flustered.

“I’m back!” A familiar voice filled the large house as the doors opened.

Izabella was in the kitchen making dinner and wasn’t expecting anyone home for the next half hour.

“Izzy? Where are you, sweetheart?” Izabella gasped and ran out of the kitchen, coming face to face with Enrico’s older sister, Luciana. She had gone on a trip to Italy only a week after Izabella was rescued, saying she needed a break from everything and reassured everyone that she would return.

Izabella was glad for the female's presence since she was surrounded by pure testosterone and Amelia rarely visited since Enrico’s house was a good distance away from both her house and the café.

“Lucy!” The younger woman squealed, stretching out her arms as she ran towards her friend.

Luciana frowned. “I told you not to call me that.” She warned and Izabella nodded.

“Yeah, sorry. I missed you.” She murmured, burying her face in Luciana’s neck as she wasn’t as tall as her.

Luciana was tall, though not as much as her brother, she was still taller than Izabella and found it cute whenever Izabella stood beside her. She loved teasing the younger woman by resting her arm on her shoulder and patting her head whenever she was near and though it often annoyed Izabella, she had to admit that it was missed during her absence.

“Aww. I missed you too, Izzy. Am I going to be an auntie soon?” She boldly asked, staring Izabella right in the yes as she pulled away from the hug.

The younger woman groaned as her face flamed. “What is wrong with everyone today? Amelia offered me pills and now you?” Luciana smirked.

“Amelia’s got life planned. We should meet again. She did seem fun when I met her before I left.” Izabella rolled her eyes as she walked back into the kitchen. “Italian cuisine, that too my brother’s favourite? I see you’re trying to impress someone.” Luciana raised a questioning brow at the woman as she opened the fridge.

“N-no. I-I’m learning to make different dishes and thought t-this was a good start.” Luciana shrugged.

“Sure. Whatever you say.”

“It’s true!” Izabella defended, her cheeks flaming as she turned to face the stove to hide them.

Luciana just chuckled and patted her shoulder. “There’s no denying it. You’re falling for him and you’re falling so hard. I hope you know the dangers that come with loving my brother though. I’m not trying to scare you or anything, but you need to be prepared for anything that comes your way.” Those words left Izabella thinking.

Was she really willing to risk her life for the sake of love?

Was she ready?

Was love worth it?

“I know.” She quietly replied as she’d already gotten her answer to those questions.

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