Il suo piccolo tesoro (Discontinued)

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Chapter 4

“Luciana! Could you get that for me?” Izabella yelled from the kitchen as she began rinsing the dishes, washing the soap away.

The doorbell stopped ringing and Izabella assumed Luciana had answered it. She didn’t have any idea who was at the door since everyone who lived in the house had access and didn’t need to wait for someone to open the door. “Who is it?” She asked when she didn’t hear any voices, wanting to know who exactly it was. “Luc-” Her words got stuck in her throat when large arms wrapped around her waist.

The distinct aroma of mint and pine trees filled her nostrils and she relaxed, recognizing who it was.

“Enrico.” She whispered, her voice shaking when his lips brushed against the shell of her ear.

His warm breath fanned against the nape of her neck as he breathed and hummed, the action sending small vibrations throughout her body and she squirmed. “I missed you.” Enrico mumbled as he nuzzled her neck, his words muffled by the skin and Izabella gasped quietly as his arms around her waist tightened. Her eyes followed his hand as it shot out to turn off the running tap and she blushed furiously, ashamed at the fact that he’d made her completely forget what she was doing.

“Did you miss me?” His voice was husky and sent pleasurable shivers throughout her body, starting right at her neck.

Izabella nodded timidly, her eyes lowering to his hands that were gently gripping her stomach, his thumbs brushing against the curve of her hips ever so often.

“Use your words, fiore.” He commanded in a firm, yet soft tone and Izabella was glad for the support he provided because she was sure the strength had left her legs.

“Y-yes.” She stuttered pathetically, the heat in her cheeks increasing as they darkened in colour.

The male hummed lowly as he breathed in her scent. “Shall we take a bath before dinner?” He asked, smirking when Izabella squeaked.

“S-separately.” She stuttered and he chuckled, nodding his head slightly.

“Of course. Did you think of something else?”

“No!” The young woman rushed out, her usually pale face aflame due to her embarrassment.

Enrico just grinned, planting a gentle kiss on the base of her neck and pulling away, squeezing her waist as he did so. “I’ll see you at dinner, fiore.”

Izabella stood still as she listened to Enrico’s retreating footsteps, her face refusing to return to its natural pale colour.

“He’s gone now.” Luciana whispered right behind her and she squeaked, hitting her knuckles on the sink and almost tripping over in fright.

“Ow!” She yelped, clutching her injured knuckles as she turned to glare at the older.

Luciana just shrugged and rose her hands in a motion to defend herself. “Hey, I didn’t intend to startle you.”

“Of course you didn’t. I’m angry about you not telling me it was Enrico.” Izabella gritted through clenched teeth, frowning down at her pink knuckles.

The older female grinned maliciously as she edged closer to the pouting girl. “Enrico loves to see you in the kitchen. To him, seeing you in that little bubble you are in whenever you’re focused on cooking is the most precious thing and he’s a sucker for that. Do you have any idea why?” The young woman frowned and shook her head.

“Isn’t that a bit sexist though? With me being in the kitchen, cooking for hi-”

“It reminds him of our mother.” Luciana’s words shut her up instantly and she stared up at the taller female with wide eyes.

“R-really? I-I didn’t k-k-”

“It’s okay, Izzy. I know what you meant and while it may seem sexist to many, it’s his way of remembering her. She was very petite much like yourself and he was way past her in terms of height at the age of sixteen.” Izabella found that believable since Enrico was no ordinary tall man. “Enrico was very open about his love for mom, in fact, he was the most expressive one in the entire family.” Luciana released a small chuckle, her blue eyes glazing over as if reminiscing in the memories.

“It’s a bit hard to imagine that.” Izabella commented, earning a smile from the older female.

“It’s true though. His childhood wasn’t the best, but he always made sure it never affected how expressive he was.”

“Why did his father do that?” She instantly regretted asking the question and wanted to take it back. “Don’t answer that! You don’t have to tell me!” Izabella shouted, her small hands waving in front of her face as she stared up at her friend, hoping she hadn’t offended her.

Luciana didn’t seem affected by it at all, except for the slight twitch in her lips when the man was mentioned. “He was no father of ours. He wasn’t even human, not even a monster. He made my family suffer so much, especially Enrico and if he wasn’t dead already, I’d kill him myself. I don’t think he deserved such an easy death.” Strangled silence followed after her words and Izabella knew she had struck a nerve.

Not knowing what to say or do, the younger woman set her eyes on anything that wasn’t Luciana, the fuming woman in front of her.

“Luci-” A different voice started.

“See you at dinner.” Luciana abruptly turned around and marched out the kitchen, almost bumping into Sean because of how fast she moved.

“Woah! Is there a problem?” The male asked, looking back to his deflated sister near the sink.

Izabella shrugged, her arched eyebrows furrowing as she pouted up at her brother. “I don’t know.” She cried. “I know I just said something that hit a nerve and I-I don’t know how to a-apologize for it. I didn’t mean to do it though, it just came out and I tried to stop her from answering, but she started saying how h-he-”

“Izabella!” Sean shouted, successfully stopping her nervous rambling.

“Yes?” She squeaked, already feeling the tears forming as her bottom lip quivered.

“Oh, princess. It’s alrigh-”

“N-no. It-it’s not. I ju-just offended h-her.” Izabella stuttered, the crystal tears falling onto her flushed cheeks as her vision became blurry. “I r-really didn’t mean i-it.” Sean moved over to her and smothered her wet face in his chest, most likely getting dark blotches on his blue shirt, but he didn’t mind.

His little sister was crying and she was always there for him when he needed someone, so to him, it was only fair that he do that for her.

The kitchen was silent, nothing but the constant sniffles and whimpers from the sobbing girl were heard.

“I’m sorry.” Izabella pulled away from her brother’s warm chest and wiped her yes with her palms, appearing more toddler-like than she already was with puffy eyes and crimson cheeks.

“What for?” Sean asked, tilting his head to the side and easing a brow at her, his overgrown hair falling in his eyes.

“Your shirt’s all wet. Come, you need to change that.” She grabbed his wrist and attempted to drag him out of the kitchen, stopping when he didn’t move an inch.

“I don’t mind, princess. You’ve done so much for me and this is honestly the least I could do. I won’t fall ill. Now, how about I wash up these while you go and freshen up?” Izabella didn’t bother protesting, she just nodded and kissed his cheeks before hurrying out the kitchen, shrieking when she almost collided with Enrico’s broad chest.

“Sorry.” She muttered, stepping aside and scurrying away.

“Everything looks amazing, Izzy.” Mr. Knight praised as he took a forkful of the food.

“Thanks.” Izabella quietly replied, her mind still stuck on the earlier events in the kitchen.

Mr. Knight frowned, noticing her distress and looked to Sean when he felt his touch.

“I’ll tell you later.”

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