Il suo piccolo tesoro (Discontinued)

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Chapter 5

“Goodnight, daddy.” Izabella smiled up at her father as he kissed her forehead before she headed into her room. Her brother and Enrico were already seated in the office, waiting for him to arrive.

With a tired sigh, he turned and headed to the office. “Tell me.” He demanded as he closed the door behind him, making sure there was no way Izabella could enter or hear. He noticed Enrico’s large form seated in the desk chair and nodded at him, receiving one from the younger in return.

“Sean?” Jacob called when the man didn’t speak.

“I don’t know exactly what happened, but I know it has something to do with Luciana-”

“What did she do?” Enrico interrupted, his plump lips already forming a straight line as his uniquely coloured eyes bore into the side of Sean’s skull.

“If you had let me finish, you would have known.” Sean replied, annoyed at his interruption.

“Boys, we don’t have time for this. Continue Sean. It’s late and we all need to rest, including you, Enrico. Don’t think I don’t notice how late you stay up. You’re lucky Izabella doesn’t know or she’d make it her mission to stay awake with you.” Mr. Knight spoke, his right eyebrow raising at the two young men.

“Izabella told me she said something that Luciana found offensive and tried taking it back. That’s when I came in and Luciana stomped out.”

“That’s why she didn’t come down for dinner, hence Izzy’s dull mood.” Jacob connected the dots and looked up to his father who nodded.

“What do you think?” Mr. Knight asked Enrico who had been tight-lipped all the while.

“I have an idea what it could be about. I’ll have a talk with Luciana now. Goodnight, gentlemen.”

“Isn’t she going to be asleep now?” Jacob questioned with raised brows and the two other men looked to Enrico in silent expectation.

“If it’s about what I think it is, she won’t be.” Without another word, he turned and left, the heavy doors closing behind him and cutting off the sound of his retreating footsteps.

Izabella was having a hard time sleeping, turning from left to right on her bed to the point of becoming irritated with doing just that and she finally decided to get up and make herself a cup of milk. “I hate this.” She quietly mumbled as she opened her doors and looked down the dull hall for any sign of life as she stepped out.

The young woman took vigilant steps on her way down the stairs and into the kitchen, totally unaware of a pair of grey-green orbs on her moving, petite form from the sofa in the unlit living room.

As silent as the evening sky, she began making a light snack, humming a lullaby to herself, one that she remembered Mr. Knight sang to her during her childhood.

Enrico rose from his seat in the living room and slowly trudged into the kitchen, making his presence known to the woman when he wrapped his strong arms around her waist, startling her and cracking a smile at the little she that escaped her full lips. He nuzzled his face in her neck, noticing the pink tint on her cheeks. “Couldn’t sleep?” He asked, his voice a low rumble that shook Izabella to the core, sending pleasurable vibrations throughout her whole being.

Too stunned to use her words, she nodded, the action rubbing bronze locks in his face and he inhaled deeply, relishing in the scent of her.

“Me neither.” Enrico eyed the lone sandwich on the plate in front of them and pulled away to get a box of milk from the fridge. He had started stocking up on them just a week into Izabella’s stay at his house after he noticed it was something she drank quite frequently. Carefully shutting the fridge door, he grabbed the plate and motioned her out of the kitchen with his head.

Izabella didn’t say anything and silently obeyed, aware of his clouded eyes on her. “Thank you.” She said timidly, reaching for the milk as he took a seat beside her on the couch. The room was still dim, but the moonlight was sufficient enough for her to see him.

Enrico didn’t speak, he just hummed and leaned further into the couch, trying to appear less creepy as he watched her eat.

The young woman wasn’t entirely uncomfortable with Enrico’s presence, but it was a little unnerving to her to have such an influential person stare at her as she ate. “Why couldn’t you sleep?” She asked after she'd finished eating. She had managed to bear with the silence for quite a while and finally decided to speak when it became too much.

Enrico cleared his throat and sat up, turning to face her properly. “I had a talk with Luciana.” Izabella instantly stiffened, not entirely sure where he was heading. Enrico didn’t give her time to respond as he continued soon after. “You don’t need to feel like you’re in the wrong. In my opinion, she overreacted a bit and she said she'll apologized tomorrow as she assumed you we’re already asleep.”

“I should have known better than to ask anything though. I know it’s a touchy subject and spoke irresponsibly.” Izabella was starting to feel frustrated once again and the longer she thought a out it, the more stupid and guilty she felt.

“I should be the one to apologize.” Luciana’s voice came from the stairs and Izabella startled. Enrico wasn’t the least bit surprised with her stealth, after all, he had seen her in action multiple times.

“Luciana.” Izabella frowned, her eyes casting downward thed longer the older woman stared at her.

Enrico stood up and approached Izabella, compelling her to rise to her feet too with his stormy eyes.

“Don’t stay up too late, fiore.” He closed the distance between them and placed a feather-like kiss on her warm forehead, the skin of her cheeks hearing up as they became stained with a light pink.

Luciana watched her brother disappear up the stairs before turning to Izabella with a smirk and a suggestive look in her eyes.

“Stop it!” Izabella whisper-yelled, her already blushing cheeks turning a shade or two darker.

Luciana only chuckled as her expression morphed into a stern one.

“I’m sorry.”

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