Il suo piccolo tesoro (Discontinued)

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Chapter 7

“I didn’t know you were interested in someone. Why didn’t you tell me?” Jacob chuckled uncomfortably and ran his right hand through his dark hair, something he did whenever he was nervous or hiding something.

“A-actaully, I love her.” The silence in the room was filled with tension. Jacob cleared his throat as Izabella’s eyes scanned his face for any signs of it all being a joke. For some reason, she wasnt getting a good feeling about Jacob’s mystery girlfriend, but she didn’t dwell on it. Instead, she blamed it on the fact that it was a bit weird for her to imagine her brother’s doing all those couple-stuff with a female.

Izabella tried schooling in her facial expressions as she didn’t want to offend her brother in any way.

“It isn’t just you that I didn’t tell. Neither dad nor Sean know. I didn’t tell anyone.” Izabella couldn’t find a reason why he was so reluctant to talk about his dating life and she wanted to know why.

“Why?” It was a simple question, but the pressure it brought on Jacob could’ve been seen in his facial expression. His eyebrows were pulled together in a line and his lips wore a slight frown. He glanced at Enrico who got the silent plea and left the room, happy to escape the suffocating tension between the two siblings.

“Alexa. She didn’t want me to tell you guys until we were official. She was afraid that you’d break us apart and so was I.”

Izabella frowned. She wasn’t the type to object to something unless it was toxic and Jacob knew that, so why would he have that thought? “You know we want you happy and if this Alexa makes you happy, then we won’t stand in the way. I’m slightly disappointed, Jacob. Is there something you’re not telling me?” The young male winced, his shoulders slumping as he avoided eye contact.

“She’s Russian.”

“How does her being Russian affect anything?” Jacob sighed frustratedly and ran his hand through his hair, slightly tugging at the dark strands.

“I ju-I just thought that it wouldn’t be right to date a Russian when your love interest is an Italian.” Izabella’s face burned at his choice of words, but she downplayed it, clearing her throat and sitting a bit straighter.

“Not all Russians are bad, Jacob. Enrico wouldn’t want you to miss out on dating just because of his history with Russians. I’m sure he too would agree with me.”

“Now that I’ve told you, it all seems like a stupid thought. I really am stupid, aren’t I?” The young male glanced up at his sister with an embarrassed smile playing on his thin lips.

Izabella nodded. “Yes, you are. Now, when do I get to meet Alexa?”


“On second thought, invite her for dinner tonight. I’m not changing my mind, so get going.” Izabella winked and ruffled Jacob’s hair as she stood up I earning a huff of annoyance from him. “I’ll be expecting her.”

“You’re being clingy.” Enrico hummed as he nuzzled his face in his fiore’s shoulder, the dark strands of hair tickling her, making her squirmed. “Stay with me.” His voice was a bit muffled by the skin and the vibrations of his chest sent chills down her spine, the shivers noticeable enough for Enrico to chuckle. “Do I have an effect on you, fiore?” His warm lips met her skin and they trailed all the way to her earlobe where he gently nibbled. Izabella was frozen, her limbs refusing to get her away from the warmth behind her.

“Y-yes.” It was out before she could even think twice, not like she could with how blank her mind was anyway and Enrico hummed deep in his throat. He pulled away and turned her around, her back pressing against the door as their eyes met in a heated gaze.

“I’m glad to hear that because-” he paused to run his thumb over her parted lips and watched as her cheeks coloured pink. “-it’s the same for me.” No other words were spoken as the two gazed at each other in a trance, each of their minds swirling with different thoughts. Enrico was wondering how she would taste, how her lips would feel against his.

Would she taste as good as she smelt?

Better than that?

The mere thought excited him and he could feel the evidence in his lower region. Not wanting Izabella to think he was some crazed sex-addict, he kissed her hot cheeks and pulled away. “I won’t be home tonight, fiore. Don’t wait up for me.” With that, he opened the bathroom door and stepped out, not once glancing back at the flustered Izabella.

Izabella was left alone and she was annoyed because one, she didn’t get to kiss Enrico once again and two, her face refused to return to its usual pale colour. “Stupid hormones.” She grumbled, hitting her coloured cheeks in an attempt to calm herself.

“Izzy?” She looked up and smiled at Sean.

“Hey, Sean. What’s up?” The older male gave her a peculiar look.

“I’m not the one standing in a bathroom all flustered, princess.” His words didn’t help her current condition and she lowered her gaze to the white tiled floor. The door opened wider, allowing a rush of cool wind to enter and she shivered a bit. “The bathroom isn’t really a suitable place to spend time with Enrico, Izabella. I’d suggest a room, but I don’t want to give you any ideas.” Izabella giggled, a smart comeback on the tip of her tongue.

“You just did.”

“Hmm and I suppose a room is better than a place built for hygiene and waste depositing.”

“Shut up!” Sean laughed at his sister’s embarrassment and dragged her out, lifting her small frame and throwing her over his shoulder as they reached the stairs. “Let me down!” Izabella squeaked, heart pounding from the sudden movement.

“No. You look like you’re hot. How about a swim?”

“Wha- you wouldn’t dare!”

“Oh yes I would.” He spoke as he opened the glass doors and walked to the edge of the pool, both of his hands holding down Izabella’s legs so she wouldn’t fall with all the fussing she was doing.


“You’re coming with me!” And with a loud splash, both siblings were in the pool, both gasping for air when they broke the surface.


“This witch is your sister so shut it.”

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