Il suo piccolo tesoro (Discontinued)

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Chapter 9

“None.” Alonzo, Enrico’s young hacker grumbled as he stared at the computer screen. He had been searching ever since Enrico had sent him a message during the dinner with Alexa.

Dinner had finished a mere half hour ago and the man who had demanded the information was right behind him. Enrico growled in frustration and abruptly stood up, the fragile chair pitching back with the sudden action. “There’s something off about her and I need to know why Check again and notify the others! I want all her files sent to my computer now, her criminal record, medical records, everything.” He turned around and stomped out he room, heading for the large garden in the backyard.

“Enrico?” He stopped in his tracks, listening as her little feet pattered against the floor as she approached him. “Are you okay?” The agitated male breathed out deeply and squeezed his eyes shut, reaching for her small hand.

“There’s nothing. Why?”

“What?” His reply confused her to no end and she didn’t like how stressed he seemed to be.

“There are no records of her being in the Russian mafia, but I’m sure I saw her before.” He muttered, opening his eyes and turning to face her, lowering his head to rest on her soft hair.

Izabella reached up and threaded her fingers through his dark locks. “Don’t stress yourself, Enrico. You’ll find out eventually, just don’t do anything to hurt Jacob.” The young male nodded and pulled her into a hug.

“I know. Thank you, fiore.”

“Jacob? Can I ask you a question?” Izabella eyed her older brother carefully, wondering how to ask her question and evade suspicion.

The young man turned his head to her and cocked an eyebrow, the file in his hands dropping to his lap as he gestured for her to near him. “What’s up, princess?”

Izabella exhaled and plopped down next to him, her eyebrows furrowed in thought.

“Where did you meet Alexa?” She questioned.

“At a café. She bumped into me just outside.”

“And you asked her out?” She only hoped he didn’t take offence at her questions, but she had to make sure he was safe.

Jacob shook his head, a small, fond smile playing on his lips. “She actually did that. I was quite surprised.”


“Yeah. Any particular reason why you’re asking these questions?”

Izabella instantly shook her head and stood up. “Good night, Jacob.” She pecked his cheek before walking up the stairs and heading to her room.

Just as her hand rested on the doorknob, the door was yanked open and she was pulled inside, a large hand covering her mouth to smother the scream she let out.

“It’s me, fiore.” Enrico spoke huskily in her ear, his other hand wrapping around her small waist, her thin shirt doing little to obstrct the heat of his skin.

Izabella wanted to hit him, but she relaxed in his hold and leaned into him. She hummed when he removed his hand from her mouth. “Stop scaring me like that!” She whisper-yelled as he walked the two of them to the bed.

“I’m sorry.” It seemed like he had more to say, so Izabella waited as he sat on the edge of the bed. “Is it okay for me to spend the night here?”

She was speechless and amused. The most powerful man in existence was pouting up at her, his eyes large and captivating. Izabella didn’t mind his presence, she worried about his well-being. “I tend to move in my sleep.”

The large man smiled and patted the place beside him, quickly taking her in his arms as she approached him. “I don’t mind.” He whispered, goosebumps arising along her arms and neck.

“I-I mean I k-kick a lot. J-Jacob said so.” She stuttered cutely, her face redefining the longer the man stared.

“I don’t mind.” He replied once again, his voice a bit huskier and gravelly.

“O-okay.” Izabella squeaked out, pulling out of his grip and lying on one side of the bed, nearly falling off due to how far out she was.

Enrico noticed, but didn’t call her out, instead, he stood up and headed to the door.

“I though y-you-”

“Patience, fiore.” He interrupted the flustered Izabella, a small smirk tugging at the seam of his plump lips.

Izabella watched silently as he locked the door and turned around to face her.

“So no one can come in.” He murmured, his eyes trained on her small form. Izabella stayed quiet as he stalked toward the bed, his large frame gracefully slipping under the covers.


He hummed, one of his thick arms wrapping around Izabella’s waist and tugging her into his clothed chest.

“Don’t push me away.” She pleaded, accepting his warmth.

“What do you mean?”

“I know you want to keep me safe so you’ll try and hide things from me, but remember, if there's danger around me, i'll handle it better if I know Don't be like those male leads in romance books..”

He chuckled at her words as she spun in his arms, her concerned eyes meeting his mirth-filled. “What else happens in those books you read?” He teased, loving the instantaneous blush that overtook her cheeks.

When she didn’t respond and instead kept her gaze locked on his chest, he sighed and squeezed her a bit tighter. “I was contemplating it, but you’re right. I’ll protect you, fiore.” He placed a small peck to her forehead as his eyes closed.

“Goodnight.” Izabella whispered softly, snuggling further into his body, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

Enrico just watched her surrender to the exhaustion. He would never get tired of having her around because her presence alone was enough for him. He had once lived with just the sight of her, but now, he had her touch, her scent and he was another reason for her smile. He was more than happy with his life now and he wasn’t going to let anyone or anything change it. Izabella was with him and unless she was willing to leave, she would remain with him.

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