The Noah Bradford Project

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Alessandra Parker-Anderson has been best friends with Noah Bradford for as long as she can remember, she also has been crushing on him the minute they met. Noah has always been the quirky smart boy and Alessandra has always been the outgoing party girl but when Noah's parents die during a car crash everything changes. Now Noah wants to be different, he wants to not feel like he's a weak nerd for the school to push him around more so he asks Alessa to help him, help him become a bad boy. Alessa is hesitant at first but when she sees the advantage of losing her feelings for Noah since he'll be a completely different person she takes it as an advantage to lose her feelings for him or so that what she hopes will happen.

Romance / Drama
Mimi Martin
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Introduction/Synopsis/Author's Note

Thank you @kittycoco25 for such an amazing trailer, lots of love.


The Noah Bradford Project



He walked through the school’s door looking emotionless as ever.

He had no heart.

He didn’t care

He was broken.

He was nothing.

Noah Bradford is officially a bad boy.

And I might just be regretting everything.


Alessandra Anderson and Noah Bradford have been best friends since Noah found Alessa on the ground with a bruise on her knee at age five.

Alessa has always been the good girl but everyone and herself knows that she’s just a bad girl who hasn’t been caught.

Noah is a nerd and he always been like that, after his parent’s death he decided he’s done with being the nerd of the school and letting people walk all over him.

He asked Alessa for help and she gladly accepted but first, he had to do things bad boys do and that means drugs, fights, and bad choices.

Alessa helps him become a bad boy and along the way she finds herself falling for him but him being a bad boy means he wouldn’t care so she keeps quiet.

Trying to fight her feelings.



1. Alessandra Annabella Anderson - Barbra Palvin
2. Noah Jonas Bradford - Francisco Lowaski
3. Lily Rose-Depp - Emma Emely Norton
4. Lily Collins - Julie Zuhey Fallen
5. Nick Jonas - Charles William Hernandez
6. Logan Lerman - Austin Pamala Easton
7. Nicola Peltz - Anastasia Mia Johnson
8. Taylor Hill - Marley Gesselle Avalon
9. Lily James - Charlotte Tanner
10. Thomas Doherty - Evan Lucas Kennedy
11. Douglas Booth - Gavin Grant Gomez
12. Lia Marie Johnson - Sari Chelsey Siemes
13. Anna Sophia-Robb - Yarezti Penelope Siemes
14. Ryan Gosling - Barry Arthur Parker
15. Sea O’Pry - Dean Daniel Patterson-Knight
16. Austin Butler - Nal Jose Soto
17. Cara Delevingne - Mari Elena Soto
18. Jensen Ackles - Blake Mikey J.R Bradford
19. Victoria Justice - Alexandra Marie Parker-Anderson
20. Chris Pine - Rufus Jonas Anderson
21. Paul Wesley - Mason Axel Jones
22. Jessica Alba - Penelope Siemes
23. Jennifer Garner - Jane Niomi Patterson-Knight
24. Dylan Sprouse - Alex Brandon Anderson
25. Cole Sprouse - Alvino Rufus Anderson
26. Rowan Blanchard - Blair Iyssis Bradford



Hi everyone, thank you so much for choosing to read this story.


This story was previously known as PROJECT TURNING NOAH BRADFORD INTO A BAD BOY.

Four parts to the novel. Part one and two in this book.



This story contains strong language, smoking (drugs), and mature scenes.

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Young readers are advised this is a young adult book.

No hate is TOLERATED! Please if you have nothing nice or respectful to say keep it to yourself! Thank you!

Remember to put a start and finish when you start and end reading my story!

So, because of editing, I unpublished the chapters that aren’t edited. Thank you for understanding.



For Mama and Papa,

my five amazing siblings,

my childhood best friend Steven,

my middle school teachers who believed in me,

Ms. Cyani who dealt with me coming every day to the school’s office to print out chapters books,


myself for putting up with restless days,

sleepless nights,

even school nights,

I am very proud of myself and this book.


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The Noah Bradford Trilogy

Book One

Part One-Two



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