Embracing Her Curves

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‪an unexpected expected romance blossoming between a relentless mafia boss and an anxiety-stricken fashion designer. inner turmoils constantly pick them apart - something along the lines of love keep them whole. ‬ ‪of course, nothing is ever perfect - a dash of violence here and there along with a sprinkle of drama - but how long can he keep his secret away from a woman he would gift the moon and the stars to? ‬ ‪how long does imperfect perfection last? ‬

Romance / Action
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The small light above them swung back and forth slightly, shifting the low beams that shined down on the group of men and women.

Heavy breathing filled the small warehouse where over a dozen men and women stood and waited.


A brass covered fist flew across a man’s face, eliciting a guttural groan before yet another tooth left his mouth.

That made six now.

He spat sloppily, the saliva mixed with his blood dripping into a dark puddle on the dirty concrete floor.

"Te l’avevo detto,” the attacker spoke, adjusting the blood-covered object on his hand. “I told you not to let deal go wrong, Luca.”

Luca spit out another blob of blood, gulping in fear. ”T-ti prego, perdonami,” he spoke in shudders. He could barely see, the throbbing pain from the hits still lingering where the fist connected. “F-forgive me, please.”

Regardless of the plea, the attacker’s foot connected with Luca’s chest, making the chair he was sitting in tip backwards. His head hit the floor with a low thud and his hands were crushed under the weight of the metal chair and himself.

“Don’t speak,” the man said in disgust, circling around the chair to stand on the side of Luca. ”Lo sapevo che eri un poco di buono.” He slammed his fist into Luca’s nose, the deafening crack heard throughout the quiet warehouse.

Luca yelled out in pain before his mouth was stuffed with a rag, muffling his outburst. He breathed out heavily through his nose, shutting his eyes in attempt to wish the hurt away.

“Emilio,” a voice called out from beside the man with the brass knuckles.

“What?” Emilio spat out a response, turning his angered eyes to his right hand man, Dom.

“That’s enough,” Dom spoke lowly, his hands folded in front of him.

“Nothing is enough,” Emilio hissed, grabbing Luca’s dark locks and pulling him up by them alone. “He lost us one million.”

Luca shuddered under Emilio’s grip, his chest tightening when Emilio pulled out a gun that was tucked away behind his back. A nervous muffled exhale left Luca, his eyes widening when Emilio tapped the gun against his temple.

"Hai visto?” Emilio murmured, his blue eyes burning through Luca’s soft brown ones.

Despite the murderous look in his eye, Emilio adjusted his grip on the gun when Dom spoke again.

“He’s just a kid. They make mistakes,” he pointed out.

Emilio curled his top lip at Luca and let his hair go roughly, tucking the gun back in his pants.

“You are lucky,” he grumbled, raking a hand through his dirty blonde hair and backing away from Luca’s cowering figure. ”Stupido bambino.”

The moment Emilio turned around, Luca was released from his restraints and the rag was taken out of his mouth.

Emilio was handed a small towel to wipe the light sweat that formed on his forehead and rinsed his hands using a water bottle Antonio, a new member of the gang, gave him.

Antonio jogged ahead of Emilio and opened the truck door, waiting for Emilio to enter before shutting it.

“Where to Boss?” Antonio asked as he settled into the driver’s seat.

Emilio fixed the cuffs of his jacket and sniffled, rotating the gold rings on his fingers.

“Mona,” was all he said.

Mona was a...friend of Emilio’s. And friend meaning a regular–on some occasions–visit to her bedroom.

The two had met when Emilio first had moved to the States not too long ago. From that point they knew what their relationship was going to be, despite Mona’s occasional push for something more.

But that was the thing with Emilio.

Ever since his family was taken away from him at a young age and he was thrown into a world of death and chaos, he learned to never get attached.

Never get attached because in the end you’ll end up relying on someone who would just end up being selfish and leaving you forever.

Antonio nodded and pulled off into the streets, joining the semi-busy streets of Los Angeles.

Emilio looked out the window and softly tapped his knuckles against the cool glass.

“Stop at store first,” Emilio suddenly said, realizing something.

“You got it Boss,” Antonio chirped, making a left turn at the light then pulling into the grocery store’s parking lot.

The two made their way into the store immediately catching the attention of everyone standing in line. Something you would expect when wearing clothes that could buy everything in the building.

And the building.

But regardless of that, Emilio kept walking to the section where condoms were kept, easily picking out the largest size. He could never trust a woman with giving him condoms.

What if they poked holes before?

He’s seen it happen.

And kids?

The thought made Emilio scoff.

What did he look like bringing kids into this world with everything he’s involved in?


Emilio spun around to walk back down the aisle when he was met with another body, standing completely still while she stumbled and fell back, dropping the – Emilio glanced – forty-eight pack of overnight pads.

Emilio didn’t apologize, but picked up the pads and held out his free hand to help the woman up. He didn’t know why, but he tried hiding the condoms away from her gaze even though she paid no attention regardless.

A bush of black coiled hair covered her face intentionally before she brushed it away and adjusted her dark glasses, snatching the pads away from Emilio.

A sweater and loose jeans draped her body, obviously trying to hide the exceptional figure she had under all that material.

Emilio’s mouth parted slightly when he took her in and he was going to say something before she hurried away, mumbling something about their spontaneous meeting being “so embarrassing...”

She hadn’t seen his face, keeping her eyes down the whole time during the interaction.

“Boss?” Antonio waved a hand in Emilio’s face.

Emilio narrowed his eyes. “Her.”

Antonio quirked a brow. “What about her?” Voice full of confusion.

“Find her.”

The small glimpse Emilio caught of the woman’s face bounced around in his head.


“And do what exactly?” Antonio spoke back, looking between Emilio and the disappearing woman.

Even though Emilio didn’t answer, he knew what he wanted.


In attempt to see her again, he scurried from the aisle, nearly knocking down an employee’s glasses off as he bumped his shoulder.

But by the time, Emilio reached the registers, the woman was out the door.

Emilio frowned and his hands tightened around the package in his hand.

He had to find her again.

And he would.

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