Someone Somewhere Is Made For You

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#12 He saw me at my worst


The Doctor injected the medicine into her vein.

“This young lady is really, really lucky,” The Doctor turned to me. “It would have been fatal if you were even a minute late,” he told me.

That means she’s okay now.

I supported the chair and took a deep breath.

“Ask her to keep a shot of Deriphyllin all the time with her if it is this serious. It is directly absorbed into the bloodstream and instantly opens up the alveoli in the lungs that have contracted,” The Doctor said and I watched, in relief, as she moved slightly.

“She will be back in few minutes, let her stay here for a while,” he told me and I nodded.

I was still trembling. I had never been put into this kind of situation before. I almost lost it as I drive her here.

She had stopped breathing and Jenni was holding her tightly and crying in the back seat.

“Don’t forget about the drug, it’s a life saving one,”

“She’s the kind who forgets her inhaler, Doctor. I don’t really think she will walk around with that injection.” I sighed. “But I will pass the message anyway,”

The Doctor nodded and walked out.

I was just near her bed. I looked at her sleeping face for a few seconds.

I raised my hand slowly and touched her cheek; the warmth of her brought me back to the senses.

She is alive and okay...

She is out of danger...

I can feel the life on her; I can feel her warmth...

I snatched my hand back.

What the heck am I doing!?

But...Aren’t I forgetting something?


I moved to the door and opened it slightly. Jenni was still crying there, she had refused to come inside.

“She’s okay now,” I said shortly and hurried inside with a sob.

“It’s my fault...I asked her to come with me,”

“She’s someone who always gets into trouble all by herself,” I said quietly, looking at her sleeping face. “She would have managed it even without your input,”

“She’s a brave girl, don’t say any nonsense,” Jenni snapped at me.

Yea...really brave; to the point that she was actually stupid enough to go after her attackers without any backing.

I looked at her sleeping face.

“This is the third time I am carrying her,” I said slowly. “She got lost near the river last time and I had to carry her home,” I said. “The second time was when she lost her balance and fell down the step in the classroom,” I watched her breathing deeply. I watched her eyebrows furrowing slightly. “The third time was today,”


Jenni was sitting beside her on the bed and holding her hand. She looked at me curiously.

“I have never seen anyone as accident-prone as her,” I said.

“It looks like you have some fate with this girl,” Jenni said.

“If you mean the “fated calamity”, you could be right,” I said. “I was not planning to select her for my project, but she still got in,” I said.

“Whoa, that’s a lot of things,” Jenni said. “I have never seen you acquainted with any other girls,” she said. “Maybe she is the fated one, the special one,” Jenni smiled. “I would like that,”

“Do you not like me living peacefully?” I looked at Cinderella. “The Doctor said she will wake up soon, stay with her, I have some things to take care of,” I walked outside.


I should be happy that Michael carried me again, but I am not at all happy.

I was planning to hide my most embarrassing form in front of him, but he has already seen me at my worst.

Yes, I heard his conversation; I was awake all that time. I just didn’t want to face him.

I opened my eyes as soon as I was sure that Michael was away.

Needless to say, Jenni was hyper excited to see me wake up.

My eyes wandered around the hospital room.

“Oh my God!” I struggled to get up while looking out of the window.

The sky was getting darker.

“What time is it?”

“7:30,” Jenni said.

“I have to go,” I said quickly. “Can you please give me your phone? I need to call my driver,”

Uncle Jose would be going nuts without knowing where to contact me


I found “the guys” within an hour and sent their location to the local police. It was simple for me to follow the track of Cinderella’s phone.

This is also my first time breaking some of the legal privacy policies, but I was really furious; they could have killed her without intending to. Youngsters these days need someone to stop them at the early stage itself.

My phone started to vibrate as I was coming back to the hospital.

“Mike, come directly to the house, we left the hospital,” Jenni said.

“What? Didn’t we agree to wait till I come back?”

“Why do I feel like you are over-concerned?”

“Of course I will be,” I said incredulously. “I am a normal human being and I don’t want any more trouble that involves Cinderella,” I added.

“She said she’s feeling okay,”

That’s the problem; her intuitions are as good as a 6-year-old.

I sighed and disconnected the call.

Anyway, I can see her when I am back.

I turned the bike around and started to drive.


“She left?” I asked Jenni.

“Yes, she said she was late,”


“Why? Did you come all the way here to see her?” Jenni asked me. “It’s rare for you to come here at this time,” she added.

We were inside her house.

“Why do you have to make it look like I am romantically interested in her?” I sighed. “She’s my personal organiser, of course, I wanted to know how she was doing,” I stopped.

Crap! Why did it sound so different? There’s nothing going on with Cinderella and me anyway!

“...So that I can prepare beforehand and move forward with my class,” I added.

If Jenni was smiling earlier, she was beaming at me now.

It was that type of smile that annoyed me. I got up.

“I will go back now,”

“She looked tired and unwell, I am worried about her,” Jenni said. “I wouldn’t have let her go if it was not for her insisting,”

“I see,” I nodded coolly. “She has always been unreasonable anyway,”

“Looks like you know her quite well,”

“It’s hard not to notice the things that are going around her,”

I walked out, still annoyed at Jenni’s goofy smile.

“Uncle, Auntie Ella was a superhero,” Jiji said. “She fought those guys single-handedly,”

“Yes, she stopped them taking Mama’s phone,”

“She tried to chase them and they ran away! They were scared of her!”

Of course, Jenni would have filled in about what happened today in a heroic way.

“That’s right, if you start to write about your Auntie’s adventures, a book won’t be enough,” I agree completely with them.


I am upset that Michael saw me at my worst time.

I winced at the numbness and pulled the ice bag away from my face and inspected the slightly blue colour bruise that has appeared on my cheek where that stupid guy hit me.

Oh no...This is going to leave an ugly mark for a few days!


One of the maids knocked on the door. “Your Mama is asking why you are not coming down for dinner,”

“Tell her that I am not hungry,” I said. “I am very tired, don’t disturb me.”


I didn’t wait for the response; I walked to the bed and slumped down.

I better sleep it off...

Things will be fine once I wake up.


The next day, everything went downhill; if it was even possible!

I woke up with my left cheek slightly swollen, and throbbing ankle pain.

To make matters worse, they informed me that my Mama is waiting for me downstairs to have breakfast with me.

I am sure that she’s waiting to have a talk with me for coming late and skipping dinner yesterday.

“Tell her that I am not hungry, I am just tired, I want to sleep a little more,” I told the maid and she disappeared.

5 minutes later someone knocked on my door again.

“I am sleepin-”

“Are you not well, Ella?”

I froze as I heard Mama’s voice. I just had enough time to pull the blanket over my head before she opened the door.

“I am just sleepy...”

“You cannot be sick, your asthma will be precipitated. I will ask them to take you to the hospital,”

“I am fine Mama-” I stopped as I felt her touching the duvet that was covering me.

“Get up and freshen up, I have an important meeting today-” She stopped midsentence.

She has already removed the blanket and was now looking at me in shock.

“Um...It’s nothing-”

“Cinderella...” She said in a deathly cold voice. “What happened to you?”

Oh my God! I am in deep shit; My Mama never calls me that name. She looked really...angry? Worried?

I can’t quite figure out the emotion on her face, it’s rare to see her freak out.

“That’s...when...I was with my friend-”

Suddenly I was like a two-year-old who cannot articulate the words well.

“I suggest you tell me everything clearly now,” she looked into my eyes to emphasis the threat under her words. “Or you are going to be sent abroad to study,” She said.

I gulped.

This is a matter of my survival now.

“Mama, I...we...I accompanied my friend to buy something yesterday, after college...” I looked at her to see if she’s angry at this information. She didn’t move, so I continued. “And a group of guys blocked us.....................................then my friend called Senior Michael who was nearby and he came to help us,” I stopped. “I got hurt while trying to get my phone back,” I added slowly.

“Senior Michael? The same person who visited me last time!?”

Of course, My Mama will notice it.

“Yes.” I said quickly.

“Is everything you said true?” She asked me.

I gulped again.

I can’t tell her that I am taking a violin class.

I nodded. “That’s pretty much it,” I said.

I am forced to say the half-truth as I am afraid that she will dig into it.

She nodded slowly.

“Take rest today, Ella, don’t go to college until you recover,” She told me. “I will ask them to give you something that will reduce the swelling,”

I nodded, now relieved.

Maybe I should not have been relieved that easily.

My Mama came back from work early and the maids were running around, changing the curtains and dusting the carpet.

Soon we were surrounded by the most extravagant decorations.

“Is there someone important coming, Mama?” I asked, looking around.

“Yes, I invited your senior for dinner today,” she said and I stilled.

“What...what did you say?” I asked unbelievably.

“I looked into the matter,” she said slowly. “Your senior seems to be quite smart,” she said. “He tracked down the boys who attacked you yesterday and got them locked up within two hours, that’s faster than the local police,” she looked at me. “He even got your phone with him,”

I was still standing there, staring at her.

“He said he is busy for lunch, that’s why I invited him for dinner,” she said.

“He is not someone who will attend other’s-”

“He said he needs to give you your phone, so he said he will come today,”

“Then why are you getting everything ready like this?”

“He saved my daughter from that guys, Of course, I have to thank him well, I am giving him the most luxurious treatment today, Isn’t it a good thing?” She looked at me, smiling.

And I stared back at her smiling face.

No...You are trying to show off in front of him, you are trying to intimidate him with your wealth.

But of course, I know better than to argue.

“That’s...appropriate,” I said.

“Should we give him some sort of reward?” Her next question startled me.

“No!” I exclaimed. “He will be offended by that! He is not that type of a guy!”

“From my knowledge, He is coming from a poor background, Ella,”

“Mama, please!” I said. “I am working under him, I don’t want to make it awkward between us. I need to do this project this year,”

“Okay,” she nodded. “If you say so,”

You were making me feel threatened?

What’s happening? Is Mama aware of my feelings for him?

No...There’s no way... That’s impossible!

Even Michael doesn’t know about that!


I opened the gate and the watchman who was snoozing at the side woke up with a start.

“Um...Aah...Welcome sir, everyone is waiting for you,” the elderly man said while hurrying to open the gate for me.

I felt pity for him when he struggled with the gate.

“It’s okay, I can manage this,” I told him as I helped him open the heavy gate and took my bike inside.

Soon I was looking at the huge palace-like building in front of me that was shining with decorative lights.

“Sir, please come inside, Salena Madam is waiting for you,” one of the staffs said politely.

I remembered our first encounter as I followed the maid inside.

The inside looked more grand and decorative than I last remembered.

“Senior Michael...”

I heard a squeak and turned to see Cinderella, to my surprise, she was wearing a shawl that hides part of her face slightly.

“” she stopped, then cleared her throat. “I heard you have my phone?”

I just looked at her.

She looks okay! Jenni said she was not looking good when she left, then she took a day leave too, which made me think that she’s seriously injured.

Um...of course, I am not that worried about her; I was a little bit concerned as she had an attack and was in the hospital the last time I saw her.

“I see that you are alright,” I said.

Her eyes twinkled, “You are here to visit me!?” She asked me.

I sighed and took out the phone. “I wanted to give it to you,” I said.


“...And I wanted to know if it’s anything serious, Jenni said you looked weak and tired,” I said looking at her. “Now that you are fine, I don’t have to be worried about the project,”

Crap, what am I doing? Why am I explaining it like this?

“Um...” She nodded. “Thank you,” she said while taking her phone.

“Welcome, Michael.”

I turned to see her mother coming to the room with a pleasant smile.


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