Someone Somewhere Is Made For You

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#2 He is my destiny



“What!?” I screamed, “He took me out?” I jumped up.

“He rejected a few applicants and you are one of them,” Senior Sam told me.

“Why?” I asked him.

“Well...he...he selected students,”

“So according to him, I am stupid?” I asked, “How can he judge people like that! He is not even giving me a chance!”

“Don’t blame him, dear, it’s no secret that you have been placed in the last rank all the semester,” Nisha said.

That’s because I really don’t have any interest in my academics!

“I want to get in,” I looked at Sam. “I promise I will do a good job-”

“He has already decided, it will be difficult,”

“I am determined.” I said before storming out of there.


“So, I just divided you into three groups, all you have to do is to work on the topic, I will select the final team this weekend,” I said as everyone groaned.

“If any of you think that you can get a free ride, you are mistaken, if you want to remain here, you have to work hard,” I said. “And we will use this conference room to discuss-”

I stopped as someone opened the door rudely.

...and a very angry looking girl came inside.

“Excuse me; we are in the middle of-”

“Why did you reject my application?” she asked me.

The projector was switched off and lights came on.


“I had enough people; I removed the late applicants,”

“I applied on the first day, I was not late,” she said again and everyone looked at me.

Does she want me to say it aloud?

“I selected according to the ranking,” I said and the entire room broke into discussions.

“You are prejudiced! How can you be so sure that I won’t be doing a good job?” she didn’t back down.

“What was your rank in the last exam?” I asked her.

If she wants to learn it the hard way, it’s okay with me.

She hesitated a moment.

“This is the worst method of selection; ranking can go up or down any time-”

“Then what was your rank on the last semester?” I asked, not backing down. “Or the one before that semester?” I took a step forward, “or the one before that?” I stopped in front of her.

She looked startled now.

“How can you judge people by their rank?” she shot back after a moment. “Give me a chance to prove my worth!”

Is she this dense?

“Fine,” I turned to the audience, “What do you think? You all are evenly divided, is anyone ready to accept her as your team member?” I looked at them.

None of them looked okay with it.

The assignment I gave them was a hard one and everyone knows that only a smart team member can help them out.

“See, no one’s ready to-”

“I don’t want a team.” she said stubbornly, “I am willing to work alone, Just give me a chance to prove it,” she said.

I am impressed with her determination.

“You are ready to work alone?”

“Yes.” she said.

“What if it’s a failure?”

“I won’t bother you again,”

“And you will apologise for wasting my time today,” I added and she looked at me.

“Okay,” she nodded.

I turned around and took the USB.

“Bring me the details on this topic, this is your project,” I said. “We will discuss the results at the weekend,” I said and she nodded again.

“Class dismissed,” I said and everyone got to their feet.

I took my mobile and turned around. She was walking back.

“Cinderella...” I said and she stilled. She was frozen in her track.

I walked to her as everyone else exited the room, leaving the two of us.

“You have to bring my USB back, copy it and bring it back tomorrow,” I said and she turned around.

“Okay,” she nodded happily, her eyes were lit up and it looked like she has some long-time wish fulfilled.

“Okay then, good day,” I nodded as I walked past her. For some reason, I was taken aback for a moment.

Is the project that important to her that she’s looking all happy and content!


“Ella...” Nisha ran to me, “I heard what happened, he’s really a jerk! How can he do it to you!” she said nonstop. “Are you alright-Wait” she looked at me oddly, “why are you smiling like an idiot?” She took a seat in front of me.

“You know what,” I said happily. “He...he knows my name! He called me Cinderella!” I said gleefully.

“You are not mental, Right; I thought you disliked that name?” Nisha looked at me like I have lost it. “Besides, how can you say it after the way he treated you?”

“I was totally right to go after this project,” I said. “Look, he even gave me his USB,” I showed it to her.

“Because he didn’t have the copy made for you, He just lends it to-”

“Exactly! He was ready to hand it over to me! He wanted to give me a chance.”

“You are nuts, Ella...”

“And he told me to bring it back to him tomorrow!” I smiled at Nisha’s outraged look.

“It means I can go and see him tomorrow,”

“Girl! You really have it bad...I pity you,” Nisha shook her head. “I am going to give him a piece of my mind if he ever treats you like-”

“Back off, girl, He’s my guy, He can tell me whatever he wants,” I said. “And you know what?” I leaned to her. “He was looking so hot and handsome today; I totally fell for him all over again.”



“There are a lot of people this time,” I told my Professor, “so I need time to select my team members.”

“Any pretty girls?” he asked me. “It’s your chance to get yourself a girlfriend, Mike.”

“Thanks, but no thanks,” I sighed. “I would appreciate it if you don’t act like this, and it’s “Michael”.”

“Loosen up a bit man, If you don’t enjoy your college life, when will you do it?” he winked. “Andrew especially told me to go easy on you,” he added.

Andrew is more like a brother to me even if we are not related by blood. He is a Navy Officer and often lives at the sea. He is also Professor Abraham’s best friend.

“I want this project to get into the company I am aiming for, you know that too,” I said firmly. “I cannot play around like everyone else,”

“You are naturally talented; you will have no trouble getting in,”

“I have no choice but to be dedicated,” I said, “I am not super-rich and I am not from an affluent family, I need to take care of myself,” I said, “I will think about enjoying life after that.”

“Okay,” he said. “Stay dedicated, at the same time, try to enjoy your life. You don’t know what you are missing out on,”

“Yea...sure,” I mumbled.

My professor has always been a bit eccentric, it has been a shock when I had to deal with him at first but I have come to terms with it over the years.


“How do I look?” I asked Nisha. “Do you think Michael will notice me?”

“Sure, he will be begging for your love,” Nisha said sarcastically, “but how’s your project going?”

I slumped to the chair.

“It totally looks like Latin to me,” I said, “I can’t understand a single thing, what am I supposed to do?” I looked at her.

“There’s one person we could ask help from,” Nisha suggested, “Senior Sam,”

“Whoa! That’s a good idea, but do you think he will help me?”

“Let’s give it a try, there’s nothing to lose anyway,”



“Please...” Nisha and I walked on either side of him, “help us this one time,”

We were pleading for him to get us the project files from Michael’s laptop.

“Do you want Michael to murder me?” Sam shook his head firmly.

“I need to get into that group!” I said firmly.

“Why? I don’t think you ever bothered about your grade before, why are you so interested in this project?”

“I want to join because it’s my last chance to improve my grades this semester,”

“Michael is aiming for a big company, it will be tough on you, you better check on other groups-”

“No!” both Nisha and I exclaimed and Sam stopped in his tracks.

“It has to be on Michael’s group,” I said adamantly.

“He’s not going to select you,” Sam said. “He won’t allow anything to go wrong,”

“I am not going to ruin his project! I just want to stay beside him!” I whined before I thought of what I’m saying and Sam looked at me, his eyes wide.

I covered my lips with my palm.


Nisha gave me a pointed look.

“Look, Sam-” she started.

“Did I hear it right?” Sam cut across her and turned to me “you...are you interested in Michael?” He asked me unbelievably.

“Yes, is that a problem?” I raised my chin.

Sam chuckled.

“Of all the things, you have selected the project to confess your feelings?”

“Because Michael is not interested in anything else and we don’t have much time left,” Nisha added reluctantly.

“But why do you like him?” Sam asked me, “You know that he is not the type to date around.”

“Exactly, He’s someone who will be looking at one girl only,” I said

“One girl?”

“Me.” I chirped, “When he starts to love me, he will be as dedicated, I know it.” I said.

Sam looked at me oddly.

“Don’t mind her; she’s a bit crazy about him,”

“He rejected even the most popular girls who approached him, how can you be so confident?” Sam asked me.

“I heard that looking at only one person with 100 percentage sincerity can bring me his heart,” I shrugged.

“How can you be so sure that it’s Michael?”

“Because I believe in destiny,” I said. “you know...Someone somewhere is made for you. I think that person is Senior Michael for me and I am in love with him.”

"What!? You love him?” Sam asked.


“You sure are weird,” he muttered. “Anyway, I am really looking forward to seeing you prove it,” he said.

“What about the project?” Nisha asked.

“I seriously don’t know anything about it, if you want to know it; you can ask Professor Abraham, He will help you,”

“Is it that crazy professor?”

“Crazy and genius, if he can’t help you, no one else can, I will put in a word for you, and he’s close to Michael so you can meet him,”

“Thank you, Sam!” I said excitedly. “I will never forget this help.”

“I am looking forward to seeing Michael falling head over heels for you,” Sam winked before walking away.


“I will help you,”

“Thank you so much, sir!” I said.

“But you should help me with something too,” Professor Abraham said and I became wary.

“What is it?”

“It’s nothing big, I heard that you are a violinist,” he said and my eyes lit up.

“Yes,” I said.

“My friend was looking for a violinist to teach her kids-”

“I am in!” I said. “I will be really happy to teach them, it’s an honour.”

“Then you can copy this,” He said. “These are the research files on the topic, all you have to do is to organise them,” he said.

“You are a lifesaver, sir! Thank you.” I grinned.

“I heard from Sam that you are trying to get into Michael’s group, All the best,” He said mischievously and I smiled back brightly.

Who said Abraham sir is half crazy? He has my complete respect now!

So after copying the necessary files, I walked out of there.

Ta da! I managed to get it! Ha ha...

“There she is!” someone said and next thing I know, I was flying through the air before I landed on my butt on the hard floor.

“What the-”

“Oops! Sorry.” Angela said.

My mood turned a 180 degree instantly. Angela and I have a long history. We were together in a school from our primary school till now. Let’s just say that we are not very fond of each other.

“You should watch where you are going!” I shouted at her.

“Our little princess is angry,” she chuckled.

“Sorry dear, we mistook you for someone else,” Meera said and gave me her hand.

She helped me to my feet.

“It’s okay.” I said after a moment, “it was a mistake,” I said.

“See you, princess.” Angela said again and I gave her a dark look.

This is what I hate the most about her; she treats me like some rich spoilt princess while in truth I hate everything about my life at home.

I took my bag and walked to the class, I want to tell Nisha the happy news!

“Nisha!” I screamed happily as I saw her. “Guess what! I got it! I got the-” I stopped as my hand felt empty.

The USB!

Where the hell is it?

I was clutching it all the while-

Then I remembered it, it must be where I fell down, how stupid of me to forget something so important!

I ran back.


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