Someone Somewhere Is Made For You

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#22 He rejected me


“Yes, I love him.” Cinderella looked around at her laughing classmates. “And I am not going to give up!” She said firmly.

My heart started to beat wildly. Her words kept ringing in my ears.

Yes, I love him...

I love him...

Maybe she just said that in anger? Maybe she wanted to shut up her friends? I know how impulsive she is.

Or maybe...she really likes me?

That’s right, she told her Mama that we are dating, and her Mama seemed so sure about that.

Then it’s not a probability anymore...

I played the video again and noticed all the comments from the students.

I frowned slightly.

Most of them were against Cinderella, labelling her as the rich spoilt brat or as an immature childish princess.

“She deserves to be rejected; she has the audacity to go after someone like Michael!”

“She always hung around him, trying to seduce him,”

“She is a two-timing whore, I just saw her boyfriend picking her up after college yesterday,”

“As expected of the spoilt brat,”

“Did you hear the rest of the story? She stole her best friend’s work from school to help her pass the exam,”

“She didn’t make it in the rank list; her mother got her in,”

“People like her should be taught a lesson,”

I stopped scrolling down.

Each one of the comments was meaner and uglier than the other and it started to bother me.

I never felt the need to defend someone before, but I am so very angry that I had to suppress the urge to slam my laptop against the wall.

I closed it with a bang and walked out of the library. I took out my phone and dialled Sam.

“Hello?” He picked up on the first ring. “Mike, I was about to call you,”

“Meet me in the cafeteria,” I said.

“I am here in the cafeteria,” he said quickly. “I am with Nisha and...Ella,” He said.

I stopped on my track.

I don’t know if I should discuss this with him when Cinderella is there.

“Michael, Cinderella is very shocked and hurt, she is hiding here in a corner,” he said slowly. “She doesn’t know what to do,”

My heart skipped a beat.

“Stay with her, I will be right there,” I said, coming to a decision.



I am struggling to move out of Nisha’s grip. She has covered my mouth as Sam talked to Michael on the phone.

They just ganged up on me.

Sam disconnected the phone and Nisha let go of me.

“You brute!” I accused her, and then turned to Sam. “How can you say that I am hiding here? How humiliating!” I exclaimed. “I would rather go and find each and every one of those bastards who put a mean comment and beat the crap out of them!” I said. “They cannot hurt me; I am used to this kind of thing.”

“I know,” Sam nodded. “But it’s the only way to make Michael come here,” he explained. “I know him; he would not meet me here if he knows that you are here,”

“What does that mean?” I asked him. “Does he really hate me?” My heart filled with sorrow.

I am now more depressed about it more than the stupid video that is circulating on the college page.

“Ahem...” Sam cleared his throat. “I am no one to tell you about his feelings,” he said. “But I will help you,” he looked at us, “on one condition,”

“I knew it!” Nisha said. “You had an ulterior motive to help us spy on Michael, what is it?” She asked.

“Go on a date with me.” Sam smiled at her.


“That’s my condition, and I swear I will be a faithful spy.”

“Senior Sam! Are you really taking advantage of my love life to start yours-” but he cut across me.

“Ella, think about it, if Nisha accepts this one date, I will help you with everything.” he turned to me.

“It’s a deal then!” I squealed happily.

“Hey!” Nisha turned to me.

“I think you both should stop this hide and seek.” I said. “Appreciate what’s near you.”


“So next weekend, I will tell you the time and place.” Sam looked happy, he turned to me before Nisha could interrupt him.

“Michael has already seen that clip. I already lured him here,” Sam explained patiently. “Now it’s your turn, Ella.”

I smiled at that.

“I will try my best,” I smiled.

“Ella!” Sam shouted and I nearly jumped out of my skin.

“What’s it?” Nisha looked startled too.

“You are a victim! For God’s sake, Act like one,” he said. “He is coming here to help you, so try your best to look sad.”

“That’s difficult,” I murmured, “especially when my Michael is coming here for me.”

Sam and Nisha gave each other a look.

“Okay, I will do my best,” I promised.


“Here,” Sam raises his hand from the corner table and I walked to them. Sam was sitting with Nisha while Cinderella was opposite to them, facing the other side of the door.

I reached them and looked at Cinderella who was refusing to look at me.

“Here, sit.” Sam showed me the seat near Cinderella. “Let’s talk about what we are going to do,”

I sit beside Cinderella and opened my laptop.

“You okay?”

I asked her slowly.

When I didn’t get a reply, I looked up from the laptop to see Sam, Nisha and Cinderella looking at me.

What’s wrong?

“You sounded very concerned, Mike,” Sam told me. “In fact, I never heard such a tone from you before!”

I ignored him and turned to Cinderella this time.

“Are you okay?” I asked her again.

She nodded quickly and turned away. I looked at her for a moment before turning back to my laptop.

“So here’s the thing, I already checked the source, it’s uploaded from one of the systems in college,” I said.

“Um...Senior Michael,” Nisha started hesitantly. “Did you watch the video that is uploaded?”

“Yeah, what do you think about it?” Sam added.

I gave him a look.

I know what they are asking; they wanted to know what I think about Cinderella’s confession.


I held my breath as I listened intently. What does he think about my confession?

He was still typing and looking at his laptop when replied casually, “Yeah, I heard about Cinderella’s profession of love for me,” he said and my insides started to tremble. “Cinderella often argues with Angela from the project class and says whatever that comes to her mind just to win the argument.” he shrugged. “Instead of talking about it, let’s focus on the real problem here; who do you think would do such a thing? Does anyone have a grudge against you?” He turned to me.

I was still thinking about his answer. He has conveniently dodged the question.

“Cinderella?” He looked into my eyes and I snapped out.


“Do you know anyone who would hate you enough to do something like this?” He asked again.

“Angela.” Nisha and I said simultaneously.

“I don’t think so,” Michael said and I instantly felt angry and hurt to see him supporting her.

“Angela is captured in the video too,” Sam reminded us. “So it’s someone else.”

“It must be her plan,” Nisha said darkly. “Angela has always attacked her in every way possible.”

“It’s not Angela,” Michael said firmly. “Whoever posted this would need excellent hacking skill to post it on the college website,” he looked at us. “Even though Angela is good, this is something different.”

“Why do you always support her?” I turned to him. “I bet my life that it’s Angela,” I said firmly.

“Do you not understand the depth of the problem?” Michael turned to me. ”Someone took the effort to hack into the college website and target you intentionally,” he told me seriously. “It’s something serious!”

I don’t see what a lousy video like that would do that to me. I am a tough girl, I can handle this much.

I am more concerned about what Michael thinks of my confession, but it looks like he doesn’t want to touch that subject.

“I already tracked the IP address and the time it was uploaded,” Michael looked at me. “Let’s check the CCTV to know who used that system at that time,”

Nisha and Sam were watching us in silence.

“I don’t care about that stupid video!”

“It’s not a simple matter, Cinderella! We don’t know what this person will do next! Instead of taking everything in a carefree way, you should at least be careful!”

“I have been through a lot of situations all my life. It would not stop with me being careful, the people out there have always targeted me and I am used to it by now,” I said.

I don’t know the expression on his face now, Michael looked half angry and half concerned.

“What if this guy does something again?”

“Like what?” I asked back. “I don’t need to be afraid of him when I haven’t even done anything!”

“Guys!” Sam interfered. “Instead of having a couple’s fight...err...I mean...instead of arguing, let’s come back to the subject,” he said. “What should we do now?”

“We need to find out the person who did this,” Michael said.

“Why are you so bothered about this?” Nisha asked out of the blue and everyone turned to her.

“I mean, it’s not like you to help everyone in trouble, Senior Michael, you took your laptop and came all the way here, why are you helping Ella?”

“Do you not want me to help her then?” Michael looked at her. “She’s my student and we are friends,”

“Is that the only reason?” Nisha didn’t back down.

“What else is there?” Michael looked angry suddenly. He looked bothered by her questioning. “Look, if you don’t want me to do this, its fine with me,” he said. “I just wanted to help, but it feels like you don’t want me here,” Michael looks offended.

“Relax buddy, why are you getting angry? It’s unlike you to get worked up because of a matter like this,” Sam said.

“Sam, I am making this matter clear, if you guys are implying that I have feelings for Cinderella to do this, you should stop now,” Michael said firmly. “We are just friends and friends help each other,”

My heart twisted painfully. I realised that Michael is serious this time. He really doesn’t have any feelings for me.

So Nisha had been right, it was all in my head, I had been fantasising about the whole thing...

Now that I think about it, Michael had never admitted that he had feelings for me. He also made sure that he doesn’t want me to misunderstand about that hug we shared.

“I...I will see you guys later,” I didn’t look at any of them and started to get up.

Suddenly nothing mattered anymore.

Michael said he has no feelings for me. It has always been in my mind.

“Ella, we are here to discuss-”

“It’s not that serious,” I said while picking up my bag. “Let’s wait for things to get quiet,” I added.


Cinderella looked pale as she packed her things.

I felt a sudden painful tug in my heart.

“I will see you guys, Thanks for this,” and with that, she walked away from us.

Nisha gave me a dirty look and started to get up.

“Ella, wait-”

She stopped as Sam held her hand.

“I need to go to her-”

“Give her some time alone,” he said and she stilled.

“ that she doesn’t want my help, I will just leave...” I said quickly and closed my laptop. “I will see you around,” I nodded at Sam before walking out of there.

There’s no denying it anymore...Cinderella really likes me!

She looked hurt when I said that she’s nothing more than a friend to me!

I hurried through the corridor that I knew Cinderella would take.

I finally caught sight of her.

She looked sad. I had never seen her depressed and down before.

“Hey Ella,” I saw people calling out to her or greeting her as she passed them, but she was walking straight ahead with her head down and looking at the floor.

There’s no way she likes me that much...

She stepped out of the building and walked on the ground and I followed her along the corridor.

Cinderella no longer looked like she is in this world and she was moving forward mechanically.


“-good for nothing fellow, he knows that Ella has feeling for him and he just turned down the confession coldly,” I keep on cursing Michael as I walked outside with Sam.

“Isn’t it better to reject someone coldly if he doesn’t mean to go forward?” He asked me. “Giving hope is-”

“Don’t you dare defend him, Sam, he-” I stopped midway as I caught sight of them.

Cinderella was looking down and walking forward in the ground while Michael was walking along the corridor, looking at her.

What the!

It doesn’t need the genius to figure out what’s going on.


I whispered.

“Why the heck would he follow her like that!?” I turned to Sam as I recovered from the shock. I looked into Sam’s eyes. “ wanted me to see this! That’s why you took me this way!”

“What are you talking about?” Sam shrugged, looking innocent.

“Don’t you feign ignorance! You wanted me to know that Michael has feelings for Ella too! Why else would you do this?” I looked at him.

“I don’t know what you are talki-”

“Do you want me to date you?” I stopped on my track and turned to him. “Decide now.”

“What...what do you want to know?”

“Everything,” I said. “Now spill,” I folded my hands across my chest.

“ guess it would not be counted as selling out your best friend as you already figured it out,” he seemed to be convincing himself.

I nodded quickly. “Yes, so tell me, why did you keep it as a secret?”

“Can we talk from my car?” Sam asked me and I nodded eagerly.

So five minutes later, we were in his car.

“Actually I didn’t know what to do...I didn’t know if I should keep Michael’s feeling a secret or not, then I decided to take a chance and we bumped right to them,” Sam said. “I will consider it as a sign.”

“You knew we were trying to find out about his true feelings, you should have told us before!”

“But I know Michael well; he personally told me that he doesn’t wish to be in a relationship even though he has feelings for her,”

“Why is that?”

“According to him, it’s not logical,” Sam shrugged. “Since he doesn’t want to pursue this matter, I didn’t want to hurt Ella by giving her false hope,”

I turned around slowly.

“So he has feelings for her, but he doesn’t want to give them a chance as he thinks it’s illogical and impossible?” I asked slowly.

“Yes,” He said. “And I know how stubborn he is, it is impossible to change his decision, so I thought...”

“Matters of the heart cannot be forced,” I said. “Ella put her everything to this feeling of her, but Michael is being a coward,”

“It’s not that,” Sam said. “Actually I can understand his feelings, do you think it will be easier for them to be together? Her Mama will go to any extent for her,”

“I know it better than anyone,” I said dryly. “It’s precisely why I want her to be happy,” I added. “She can’t live her whole life under her Mama’s rules and regulations,” I said.

“But what if it causes more trouble to them?”

“I know Ella well,” I said firmly. “Even if there’s a 0.01 % chance, she will go for it,”

“But I thought you don’t approve of Michael?” Sam turned to me teasingly.

“What am I supposed to do when my best friend is nuts over this guy?” I sighed. “Besides, I don’t have anything against him personally; I just am concerned about Ella,”

“Then what’s the next plan?” Sam asked me.

“I will tell Ella about this,” I said slowly. “Let her decide it,”

“Then I will tell you one more thing before you tell her anything,” Sam looked serious all of a sudden.

“What is it?” I looked at him.

“Ella’s Mama visited Michael with a blank cheque,” he said. “She warned him to keep away from her even when he said that he has no relationship with her daughter,”

“What!? You have got to be kidding me!”

But Sam looked serious.

“Whoa! That’s...that’s really ridiculous!”

“Michael had already decided to give up on his feelings before even her Mama visited him,” Sam said. “But her visit just confirmed that his decision was right,” Sam looked at me. “That’s why it would be impossible to change his mind,”


“Are you okay, Ella?” Uncle Jose asked me as he took my bag from me. “You look ill,”

“I am okay,” I said mechanically and got inside the car.

When I reached home, I walked straight into my room and slumped down to the bed.

Michael doesn’t have any feelings for me. He rejected me.

It was all inside my head...


Cinderella didn’t come for the Violin class and it bothered me.

“Auntie Ella is not feeling well, I just called her.” Jenni told the twins who looked disappointed.

They have started to treat her more like a playmate than a teacher these days.

“No wonder your uncle Mike is early today, otherwise he won’t be here until Ella is gone.” Jenni was still upset with me for avoiding her.

But this time, she couldn’t be more wrong. I came here to see her. I wanted to know if she was alright. I was bothered after the way she left.

My eyes wandered to the glass shelf in my living room. A pair of red stilettos was still there. She had left it here on the day she fell down near the riverside and sprained her ankle.

Cinderella, I hope you are okay.


The next morning, I woke up with Sam’s call.


“Michael,” he said urgently. “A second video has appeared on the college website,” he said. “You were right; someone is deliberately trying to hurt Ella!”

“What is it about?”

“About Ella proposing you despite having a boyfriend,” he said.

“What the heck does that means?” I asked him.

“You will know when you see the Video,” he said and I disconnected the call.

I opened the college website and came across it.

It was a three-minute video clip of Ella and that guy that came to pick her up in college.

The clip showed her with her “boyfriend” in various social and charity events.

There was also a photo of them together in front of a hotel, holding hands.

My heart dropped slightly.

“Princess Cinderella’s two-timing.”

I read the caption and got angry instantly. The comments were full of abuse too.

I sat up straight and started to work.

If that person can hack the college website, so can I.


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