Someone Somewhere Is Made For You

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#3 She is a rich spoilt brat


I was sitting at my usual spot at the canteen when the loud voices entered.

I turned around to look at my juniors shouting at each other.

My eyes spotted one.


She looked angry, her hair wild, her eyes flashing.

Ha! It was a good decision to drop her, I wouldn’t want someone like her in my group, it will be trouble.

“This is my last time asking you
nicely, where is my USB?” she shouted again.

“It’s your USB, you should not be asking me," Angela, the girl who has been the topper in the junior class said.

“Don’t mess with me, Angela.”

“Or what? Are you going to run back to your mummy like old times? Little princess?”

“I didn’t run back to her!” she looked outraged now. “And give me my USB,”

“You look angry, Princess. So out of your smiley-smiley attitude,”

“Don’t provoke me.”

“Or what will you do?” Angela challenged back.

“I will...” Cinderella looked around, “I am warning you-”

“Or what, princess?”

Next thing I know, Angela was covered in fried rice from head to foot.

I looked at them in horror.

“You bitch!” she screamed and lunged at Cinderella who pulled Angela’s hair.

“Let go of her!” Another girl stepped in to help Cinderella, but she was handled by Angela’s friend.

Someone sat by my side.

“What’s going on? What’s all this commotion?” I turned to Sam, who looked like enjoying the show.

“I never thought she’s this serious,” Sam said. “I pity you man,”

“What?” I turned to him.

“Um...what I mean is, Those girls over there are fighting for your project,”


“Ella found your answer and Angela stole it from her,”

“She found the answer?”

No way...

“She’s much more determined than you think, see,” Sam chuckled.

“But now I have another way to get rid of her, she’s never going to make it to my group, I was right to drop her from first,”

“What!? Are you rejecting her because of this?”

“Then do you want me to put up with this attitude of her?” I said, “she’s trouble, I knew it.”


I gripped the USB in my hand.

Yea, I got it back.

I turned around to Angela, who was still on the floor.

“You see Angela, I don’t take it lightly if someone takes away my things,” I said smugly.

“Don’t mess with us ever again,” Nisha warned her too.

I picked up my bag and turned around.

“Out of my way,” I said to the guy in front of me.

He was still standing there in front of me, folding his hands across the chest.

"You want to die?" I looked up at him angrily and froze.


“Mich...ael...” I stuttered.

I started to smoothen my dress and hair.

I know I must be looking a mess now, from all the hair-pulling and fight.

“I...I was going to bring the answers back...” I said as he just stayed there, not moving.

“You don’t have to,”


“I just saw how you manage the situations,” he said easily.

“But she stole it from me!”

“Do you think we are in grade school?” He asked back and Angela snickered from the floor.

“Look here-” her friend started but I cut across her.

“Are you going to disqualify me?”

“Your name is not entered yet, so there’s no need to disqualify you,” he walked back.

“Wait,” I shouted and ran after him.

“This is not fair! How can you do this to me?”

“I want people who are normal and calm, not someone loud and trouble-making.”

“Then you will lose your best student too, Angela will be gone.”

“She’s already been selected,”

“What! So you are only disqualifying me!”

“Stop following me, I am not going to change my decision,”

“How come you are doing this?” I stood in front of him. “How come she’s selected while I am rejected? She made me fight!”

“How come you got into this college?”

“What do you mean?” I stared at him.

“She got selected based on her grade, what about you?” he raised his eyebrows.

I cringed mentally. I never felt like crap before, I know what he meant.

I got in with my Mom’s connections.

“I never wanted to join here, I was forced to-”

“Exactly, now you know why I can do this,” he said before walking away.

And I stared after him.


Nisha reached near me.

“Are you okay?” she asked and I nodded “here...its ice, you need to put it on your bruise,”

“My life is ruined and all you have to think about is this bruise?”

“Your Mama will kill you if you go home looking like that.”

That got my attention. I took the ice bag. “Thank you,”

“What a jerk he is! He totally judged you and rejected-”

“He’s upset and worried about his project, Nisha.” I said quickly, “he doesn’t trust me and I can’t blame him after all this.”

Nisha sighed.

“Don’t worry; we will get another chance-”

“No...No, I am not giving up without a fight,” I said.


“Ella” her shrill voice stopped me, “take off that mask.”

“But I was...I am having severe cold Mama” I tried.

“Act your age! Do you want me to call Sara back to restart the lessons on manners?” she said.

Oh no!

“I am sorry Mama” I quickly removed my mask.

“What the!” She said and my eyes widened. My Mama never curse, According to her, it’s below the civilised people to curse!

“Who did this to you?” she asked me angrily and I swallowed.

“I was playing...volleyball and the ball hit my face-”

“Don’t you lie to me, young lady!” She shouted and I flinched.

“It’’s nothing much, I...we were having a private match and-”

“Jose,” she shouted and he appeared in front of her.

“See what happened at the college and who did this,”

“Mama! you can’t interfere in college! I am old enough to-”

“Enough, Ella.” she gave me a look and I shut up. “Take care of this matter for me,” she turned to Uncle Jose who nodded his head.


“Don’t make me angrier, Ella, You were placed the last in the last semester too,”

“I told you that I don’t want to do CSE! I want to pursue music, my music teacher said-”

“Enough, Ella. If don’t even have a basic degree in this field, how are you going to manage the company in the future?”


“Go to your room. You are not allowed to move until I tell you,”


“What?” I looked at the worried girl, “she sued you?”

Angela nodded, her eyes were filled, “she hurt me more than I hurt her, but she sued me and I am about to get expelled,”

“I told you not to mess with her,” Angela’s friend said “you know her family,”

“What do you mean?” I looked at them.

“Cinderella Adams is the heiress of a big IT company. She is raised like a princess, whatever she does, there’s no one to control her. Her mother is out of town most of the time and she lives however she pleases,”

In other words, a spoilt brat!

“I...I was working so hard to get placed and all my work is thrown out of the window in a second,” Angela said “I am going to get expelled,”

“I will talk to the professor, you can go.” I nodded and she wiped her eyes.

I leaned to the chair.

It’s only been a week and that girl is already messing my important project!

Angela is one of my best juniors and I want her for my project.


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