Someone Somewhere Is Made For You

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#39 She is taken as a hostage


Panic; That’s what I felt at the moment. The sudden fear, overwhelming anxiety and dreadful desperation threatened to swallow me.

Cinderella is missing...

I turned off the engine and stepped out of the car.

“What...what did you say?” I took a step towards them.

“Ella is really not there,” Uncle Jose said.

“What...what are we going to do now?” One of the bodyguards asked. “Her phone is switched off.”

“Let’s search for her once again and confirm it first,” the second one said and I get hold of his collar.

“What the hell is going on?” I shouted. “where is Cinderella? Why did you stop me?”

The other guys tried to pry me away from him, but I was furious. I punched the guy and looked into his eyes.

“If anything happens to her, I am going to kill you!” I whispered.

“Michael...this is...not the time to do this, we need to find her as soon as possible.”

Uncle Jose’s voice was like a bucket of ice-cold water thrown over me and I tried to suppress the uncontrollable anger inside me.

He is right...I should find her first...I will deal with them after this.

I tried to hold on to the little sanity I had and tried to keep it together. I know I cannot afford to lose my mind now.

I took out my mobile and saw that it doesn’t have any network coverage in the underground parking lot.

I moved back to the car and started the engine. Noone stopped me as I moved out of there. As soon as I was outside, my phone beeped and I pulled it out in hope.

It was a missed call notification from Cinderella. I dialled back, but her phone was switched off and the chair she had been sitting was empty.

I took out my laptop from the car and tried to locate her, but her phone was no longer in use and it felt like she just completely disappeared.

I put my laptop aside and stepped out of the car. The bodyguards and Uncle Jose were still trying to find her. They looked panicked.

“I will call the police-” Uncle Jose started.

“No!” I said sharply. “Not the police,” I looked at him. “Call Salena Adams and ask her to use all her connections to find Cinderella.”

I took out my mobile phone and dialled Jeeva.

“Jeeva, track down this car for me,” I said and started to give him the model and descriptions of the car. “This is urgent, but please keep it to yourself.”

“What’s wrong? What happened?” he asked me.

“I will tell you everything later.”


Five minutes later, I was in the surveillance room of the hotel with Uncle Jose.

“It’s our driver!” Uncle Jose exclaimed as soon as he looked at the footage.

“The same guy who was supposed to pick up Ella after your celebration party that day said...” Uncle Jose’s eyes widened for a moment. “That day you insisted that you will drop her home instead! This guy...he-”

“It’s his second attempt today then,” I said slowly. “It looks like he had been planning this for a while,” I looked at Uncle Jose. “What about the car?”

“It’s indeed Ella’s car,” he said, turning back to the screen. “We called the showroom, the car was taken by our driver today.”

“It looks like whatever the issue with Cinderella’s car was also caused by him,” I said.

“He must have tampered with the car so that he could pick her up instead of me!” Uncle Jose looked horrified. “but he failed that day as you insisted that you will drop her home instead.” Uncle Jose looked at me. “It must be one of the enemies of Madam.”

Or it could be Roopak...I hope it’s not him.

“But it doesn’t make any sense...” I said slowly and looked at uncle Jose. “Cinderella would never leave without telling me. She knew I was nearby.”

Uncle Jose avoided eye contact and turned away.

“Uncle, you should tell me what’s going on, each and every second is precious and I need to know what’s going on!”

Uncle Jose turned to me slowly.

“She must’ve been tensed about her mama,” Uncle Jose said. “Salena madam is in the ICU of Daffodils hospital and needs an immediate operation. I am here to bring her there,” he said and I looked straight into his eyes.

“And?” I probed.

“I don’t think it’s the case, I...I don’t know what’s going on, but if she was really ill, they wouldn’t be sending the bodyguards to stop you, so I thought...I thought...” he stopped, unable to continue.

He thought it’s their way to take Cinderella away from me!

And it just backfired very badly as Cinderella just literally walked to their trap without even suspecting.

My insides trembled. I felt my mind losing its cool.

My phone started to ring and I looked to see Salena Adam’s number flashing across my screen.

I really wanted to slam it to the ground, but I knew that I needed to take it if I wanted to know what’s going on.

“Hello?” It came out in a whisper.

“Michael,” she said stiffly. “I want you to come here.”

“What’s going on?”

“I am here at my house. Come and meet me directly.”

“Is it Roopak?” I asked slowly. I could sense that something is really wrong.

“I want you to stop contacting the police. I don’t want this news to get out either. I know that you are working with cybersecurity people, don’t spread this news outside and make it big-”

“Are you being threatened?” I asked slowly. I see no other way for her to sound desperate like now.

If it was before, no matter how angry or bothered she was with me, she always maintained her calm demeanour.

There was silence at the other end.

“Don’t make any deal with Roopak, he cannot be trusted,” I said.

“I want you to come here now,” she disconnected the call.

I dialled Sam next.

“Michael? What do you want at this time, I am out with my friends-”

“Sam,” I said slowly. “Help me drive somewhere.”

“What happened? You sound really...unwell. Is your party over? Are you drunk-”

“Cinderella is missing,” My voice faltered even as I tried to keep it together. “Sam, she is...I cannot find her anywhere, her phone is switched off and I am...scared.”

“What the heck are you talking about Michael-”

“I suspect it’s Roopak.”


“Roopak? But he is getting investigated right now!” Sam said as he drove us.

He had reached me in record time and I was relieved to see him.

“The warrant to arrest him was issued,” I said grimly.

“Then why the heck would he do this?”

“I suspect he is going to negotiate with Salena using Cinderella,” I said slowly. “but I don’t trust him.”

“What are you going to do now?”

“I want to know if he contacted her mama,” I said. “And I want to know why she called me at this time.”

“What if it’s her mama’s trick?”

“I don’t think so,” I said slowly. “But if it was her Mama’s trick, I could at least think that she’s safe.”

Uncle Babu had opened the gate even before we reached there. I stopped in front of the garden and Sara was waiting for me outside.

She gave a reluctant look at Sam.

“He is my friend,” I said and she nodded, apparently she had no time to argue with me.

“Please come inside,” she said anxiously and we followed her inside.

When she started to walk to a bedroom, I stopped midway in confusion.

“Please come inside, Madam is here,” she said and we followed her again.

The sight in front of me made me still. Salena Adams was on the bed, leaning against the headboard while an IV was connected to her hand.

She looked unwell and tired as she turned to look at me. Her eyes were filled with despair and I could clearly understand it.

“What is going on? Why did you call me?”

“Ella...She is...kidnapped by Roopak, we want your help,” It was Sara who answered.

"You said you will lock up Roopak for good,” I turned to look at Salena in anger. “I warned you many times! I told you not to use the last card to corner him as it was the only way to control him!” I could no longer keep calm.

The fear and anger controlled me and words just started to flow out without any control.

“We should-” Sara started, but I cut across her.

“I don’t want to work with you. I don’t trust you,” I looked at her angrily.
“I checked the CCTV footage, Cinderella walked to that car without any protest. I could’ve reached her if your bodyguards didn’t stop me then.”

From what Uncle Jose told me, I have a vague idea about what really happened then.

“Michael, Ma’am just collapsed at the news that Ella is missing! How can you-”

“It’s me...” Salena whispered. “I failed to protect her.”

"That’s right. It’s you! If you hadn’t interfered and told her about you being hospitalised, she would have waited for me there. She would have at least tried to put up a fight when that guy came for her and alerted people around her. If I was not stuck with your bodyguards in the underground parking lot where there was no network, I could have at least taken her call when she called me!" I stopped when Sam touched my shoulder.

“Mike...please calm down...”

I hadn’t even realised that I was raising my voice until then.

“You cannot treat her like this, she is a patient,” Sara told me firmly.

“ at fault, I...couldn’t protect her. If...if something happen to her, I will-”

“Nothing will happen to her,” I cut across her firmly. Even the thought of it was unbearable to me. “I am going to find her, no matter what.” I looked at her. “I came here to know if you have any leads on her.”

I hate to admit it, but Salena Adams was still the most influential person in this town now.

Salena Adams started to get up and her PA ran to her in concern.

“Ma’am, the Doctor said you should have enough rest, you cannot do this-”

She stopped as Salena pushed herself to her feet and Sara had no other way but support her.

“You don’t have to-” I stopped in shock as she pressed her palms together and looked at me pleadingly. The IV tube that was connected to her hand swayed dangerously.

“Please...Please help my daughter,” her voice trembled and I watched her in shock as a teardrop flowed down her cheek, “take it as that I am begging you, Michael, only you could help my daughter now, her...”

My heart shook as I realised that my worst worries are going to be true.

“Tell me what’s going on,” I tried to be calm as I watched her even as warning signs went off my mind. “If there is any way I could help Cinderella, I will do it.”

“He...that guy-”

“Roopak,” I said darkly. “Did he contact you?” I asked back. “What did he want in exchange for Cinderella?”

“He wanted a large sum of money,” Sara looked at me and hesitated for a moment.

“He wants you to personally go there to deliver it,” Salena said suddenly. “Only then would he let go of my daughter.”

Silence filled the room for a moment as we stared at each other.

“I, Michael...please...please save my daughter,” She was still touching her palms together, still pleading as tears started to roll down her face.

“Are you asking Michael to go there personally to meet Roopak?” Sam spoke up for the first time. “If he goes there, neither Ella nor he would be spared, Roopak hates him and what you are asking him to do is as good as walking to his death!”

I ignored Sam and turned to her mama. “When did he call you? Where are they right now?”

Salena shook her head slowly, “I don’t know where they are...” she said. “He gave me four hours to organise the money. He will let to her when everything is ready so that I can make sure Ella is...alright. He also said that...that I won’t...ever daughter...if...I expose this matter...”

I clenched my fist and tried to maintain my calm.

“Then where did he ask me to come-”

“Michael!” Sam turned to me. “Are you really considering this? You know very well why Roopak asked for you! That guy had a grudge against you forever. He will hurt you if you go there!” Sam said. He then turned to Salena. “Let’s inform the police, let’s try to track her down-”


The answer was from both of us.

“Roopak said...he has nothing to lose anymore. He threatened kill Ella even if he suspected anything...” Salena said. “I...I cannot take any chance on this!”

“Even if we manage to track her down and know her location, she’s still with Roopak,” I looked at Sam. “And he won’t...let go of her...”

“But Michael! It’s a trap! Don’t you see it? He won’t dare hurt Ella, but it’s different with you-”

“Sam, listen to me,” I turned to him. “I know Roopak well. What you said is right, he won’t harm her as she is his ticket to freedom. But if he realises that Cinderella is of no use, he will harm her to get back at me and...her mama.” I said. “Our only way now is to make him believe that we are following his plan.”

“And what next? How are you going to get out of this mess? Let’s say you managed to go there, but do you have a plan to get out of there?”

“We should make him think that we are following his plan-”

“Don’t bullshit me, Michael, you are not stupid, you know that you are walking to your death!”

I looked at him in the eyes.

“Then do I wait here, Sam? She must be scared and alone, I have no other way-”

“You yourself told me that you don’t trust him. He won’t keep his word. What if he doesn’t hand over Ella as he said?”

“I promised her...” I looked at him sternly. “I promised her that...that I will find her...I promised her that I will protect her no matter what happened in the future, Sam...” my voice faltered slightly and I tried to control myself. “She’s...the person I love the most in this world.”

“Then what about the people who love you, Michael?” Sam shouted now. “What about Jenni? the twins? Your family?” He said. “I wouldn’t hold you back if we had even the slightest chance, Michael, but this is completely a trap and you know it!”

I took a deep breath, now realising that he won’t budge.

“Okay...” I said slowly. “I get it.” I turned back to Salena. “I guess you have already tried to track him?”

I am sure that he won’t leave anything behind that will expose him. He knows that Salena or I will be trying to track him down.

“Nothing...the number he used to contact me is no longer in use.”

“Then the only way to find her is to follow Roopak’s plan.” I realised.

“Michael!” Sam looked at me. “I won’t allow you to go there alone-”

“Sam, listen to me,” I turned to him seriously. “We are going to follow Roopak’s plan until we find Cinderella,” I said. “Once we know where she is, we are going to follow our own plan.”

“And what’s that?” Sam didn’t sound convinced.

“We couldn’t track down Cinderella, but you could definitely track me down. Once you know our location, use the police-”

“No! Not the police, he will kill my daughter then!”

I turned to look at Salena.

“Do you think it’s as easy as he said? Do you really think that Roopak is going to hand over Cinderella as soon as he gets me?” I looked at her.

“But he will kill her if he knows about this-”

“That’s why we are going to follow his plan until I find Cinderella,” I said. “Don’t you know why he is asking you such a huge amount in a short time?” I looked at her. “Roopak is planning to run, he will definitely try to find a way out of the country since his arrest warrant is already passed. Do you think he will hand over Cinderella nicely as soon as he gets the cash or me?”

“That’s exactly what I am saying, Mike,” Sam interjected. “Knowing him, he is not going to let go of you or Ella.”

“But this is our best plan now,” I told him. “Roopak said he will send his people to pick me up, so they will make sure that I am not carrying any type of electronic devices with me,” I said. “That’s why our only way is to track the movement of the car with the help of Police.”

“Not the police,” Salena said suddenly. “we can use my people instead, this way, it will be safer...”

“Then I will follow you along with them, we will make sure not to lose you from our sight,” Sam added.


When I opened my eyes, I was tightly bound to the chair.

Two emergency lights were placed on each end that gave sufficient light to the half-constructed room. The windows were covered and the door was locked.

I panicked and looked around to see three guys, one guy was going through my bag while another guy was recording me on his phone.

“Hello there, Princess.”

My eyes snapped to the screen of the mobile phone at that voice.

“Roopak,” I whispered, recognizing him instantly.

“Are you hurt?” he asked me with a sneer. “I asked them to take special care of you until I come there.”

“What do you want?” I was really angry suddenly. “Why did you bring me here? Let me go now!”

He laughed at that.

“Do you still think that you are under your mama’s wing? Do you still think that your boyfriend will come here to save you? Ah...wait a minute,” he stopped dramatically. “but it looks like he is ready to come here for you and your mama is more than willing to send him over.”

My world trembled. I looked at him.

“Wh...what do you mean?” I whispered. “What are you...planning to do?”

“I will teach your mama a lesson,” he said. “And I will get rid of your boyfriend...oh, I forgot, he is your fiance now!”

“Don’t touch them! Roopak.” I shouted. “This is between us. They got involved because of me!”

“No. All of this started because of your mama. She ruined our company and locked up my dad. Michael humiliated me and kicked me out of the college and then he gave your mama evidence to lock me up for the next 6 years at least!”

“That’s because you targeted me in the college, Roopak, so don’t be a coward and face me instead of using my mama and Michael.”

I don’t want them to get trapped with me.

“Don’t worry, Ella. I will get what I want today. Once this is over, I will take you with me. We will have a nice time together.”

“I will never allow you anywhere near me!” I shouted at him in disgust. “And you will never escape from here. My mama will kill you before that and Michael will find me-”

I stopped as he laughed.

“Right. Michael will find you. I will make sure that he will be here for you.”

The threat in his words was not missed and I started to panic.

If Michael really comes here, Roopak won’t leave him. But Michael is not stupid, he knows that Roopak will never let me go of him even if he comes here...

“What...what do you want to...stop this?” I looked at him. “Please, stop this.”

“Looks like the princess is scared,” Roopak laughed. “Are you willing to do anything to stop this?”

“What do you want?” I looked at the screen.

“I want you. Can you stay with me? If you are obedient and please me. I can make you my mistress.”

My insides trembled.

“I...I can help you get out of this crisis-”

“I cannot avoid jail term even if I get out of the money crisis.” he cut across me. “All thanks to your mama.”

“Please...don’t...hurt them...”

“Then decide, you have two choices, either become my mistress willingly or I will turn you into a whore and sell you.”

“I...I am...I am...Michael’s...fiancee...” I could no longer see anything clearly as tears started to roll down my face. “I...can’t... be with...anyone else...”

“Now, that’s what makes it more interesting, isn’t it?” Roopak sneered. “Michael’s fiancee, huh? Then let’s see how far he’s willing to go for you.”

“Roo...pak, please...”

“Now, be a good girl and wipe your tears away,” he said. “It’s time to call your mama and show her that you are very happy and safe,” he smiled.


It was 4 o’clock in the morning by the time everything was arranged by Salena as per Roopak’s request. He had requested a huge amount of liquid cash and Salena had to work silently in order to collect it so as not to alert anyone unnecessarily.

I waited on the deserted spot as I was instructed. The bag with the money felt heavy.

A car stopped near me and one of the two guys took the cash and checked my body before picking me up.

Once they were satisfied, I was blindfolded and my hands were tied back together before the car moved.

Halfway through the transport, they transferred me into another car and I could only hope that Sam and team would be able to catch up with us.

It took about another hour before the car started to jerk as if we were going through a bumpy road.

It came to a stop and I waited silently.

“C’mon, get down,” one of the guys gave me a push and I got out of the car. I was guided forward by one of them. It was difficult to walk with the blindfold as the ground felt uneven.

Soon I heard a door opening and stilled.

“You are back?” I heard the sound of the third guy. “Get him inside here.”

I was pushed inside a room.

The moment I was inside, I heard muffled voices.

“Cinderella?” I said slowly.

“Stay still,” One of the guys ordered and I waited as they started to untie the blindfold.

I blinked a few times before my eyes started to adjust to the light.

I turned towards the sound and my heart skipped a beat.

“Cinderella!” I was beside her in a flash. “Are you...are you okay?” I asked her as I started to take her in. She was gagged and bound tightly to the chair.

Her eyes started to fill as she watched me.

“Untie us, we are not going to run away,” I turned to the guys once I was sure that Cinderella was unharmed.

“You don’t give us orders here, boy,” the first guy said.

“Where is Roopak?”

“Right here,” another voice said from the door.

Roopak walked inside with a smirk.

“You are finally here, Michael, Ella had been waiting for you,” he turned to look at Cinderella, then he looked at his people.

“What’s this? I asked you to treat her good, remove the gag!” he said sternly and his men started to remove her gag.

“Micha..el...” she looked at me as soon as it was removed. “Why did you...come? He...he is not going to leave us...” her voice trembled. “he is...he is...planning to as...hostage while he...try to...escape...”

My heart shook at her weak voice. I knelt down in front of her and looked into her eyes.

“Hang in there, Cinderella, don’t give up,” I told her gently. Since my hands were still tied back, I couldn’t touch her.

I could only hope that help would be here on time.

I heard Roopak’s snicker behind us and got back to my feet, I suppressed my anger and turned to him.

“I brought you the money just like you wanted me to,” I said. “Now keep your word and let her go.”

“But Ella said she wants to stay with me,” Roopak smiled in a sickening way. “She wants to be my mistress.”

My whole body trembled and it took me a lot of willpower not to lash out at him.

“I would rather die than be with you, Roopak, you are dirty!” Cinderella shouted with all her might.

I took a deep breath and looked at him again.

“Cinderella never harmed you. It was me,” I said. “Keep me as your prisoner and let her go, be a man and keep your word for at least one time, Roopak.”

“Keep you here?” Roopak walked towards me. “Who wants a beggar like you? Do you know why I even called you here?” he was directly in front of me now and we looked at each other.

“Aah!” I knelt down with the sharp pain. He had punched me in the middle.

“Michael!” Cinderella’s shrill voice filled the room, she started to struggle out of her bounds but it was of no use.

Roopak’s men came forward and lifted me back to my feet on either side.

I didn’t resist and looked straight back at Roopak.

“Let her go...she didn’t do anything-” I couldn’t finish as the next punch landed.

“You are...a coward, wanted to attack me while I am still tied up and held down by your men?”

Roopak clutched a handful of my hair, lifted my head and looked at my face.

“I don’t consider you a human, you beggar, you are not even worthy of fighting me, you are only worthy of crushed under my feet.” Roopak looked possessed as he started to attack me while my hands were still tied back and I was held on both sides by his men.

Cinderella’s cries echoed in the room as I fell down the floor.

“Never had I been humiliated before, but you dared to punch me in front of the whole college, You son if a bi** and then you made me take the blame myself!” Roopak kicked me with his boots and I felt my whole body being punched or kicked.

“-and if that was not enough, you kicked me out of the college and then collaborated with Salena to destroy me.”

“No...please...please...stop...” Cinderella was literally begging, her sobs filled the room. “Let...let him go, please...”

“You should have seen this coming when you decided to go against me!”

I heard a click and realised that he is armed.

“No! Roopak, please...please...I am...I am willing to do anything...stop...this...spare him...please...” Cinderella broke down crying and Roopak turned to her for the first time.

“Are you willing to sleep with me, Ella?” he asked her and the atmosphere was too tense for a moment.

“No!” I shouted. “I...I will...kill you...”

“, I...I will give you...everything-” Cinderella’s words cut off as Roopak turned to his men.

“Get him!” he said and I heard a slash and a metallic chain wound around me. My breath was knocked out of me while my body felt as if it was on fire.

Cinderella screamed again, begging Roopak to stop.

“Now tell me again, Princess, would you like to be my mistress? I would need a sex slave or I would be too bored during the trip,” he said.

“Let Michael go...” she whispered. “I...I will do whatever you...want...but...let him go first...”

“That’s my girl!” Roopak took a step towards her and I tried to move.


I heard the sound of the whip and the metallic chain wound around me again, but I could no longer feel any pain.

I started to get up, but I was forcefully held back again and I was forced to watch as they untied Cinderella out of her chair, I was forced to watch when Roopak tried to force upon her.

“Don’t...touch me...I am...I am...I am Micha...el’ touch me!” I heard the heartbreaking scream and cry. I shook off the guys holding me back and sprinted forward.

My hands were still tied back tightly, so I could only use my body to slam Roopak away. I used every ounce of my energy to get him and both of us were thrown back by the force.

“Fu**ing bastard!” Roopak turned to me, he pulled out a knife as his gun was thrown away by the impact. “I will kill you now!”

He shouted and I tried to move away, but my body and mind seemed to be detached and I couldn’t push him away soon enough. I felt the sharp piercing pain from my lower abdomen.


“Do you know what I am going to do next?” He asked me as he pulled the knife out of my body. “I am going to f**k Ella for as long as I want her. And once I am bored, I am going to sell her,” he brought the knife up again, to stab me the second time. “You are a failure, Michael, because, in the end, you couldn’t protect the person you love-” He stopped midway and jerked.

The gunshot echoed in the room and I watched in shock as he fell down and I saw Cinderella holding a gun behind him. Her hands were shaking so much that she could hardly hold it properly.

“” Roopak couldn’t even complete his sentence and closed his eyes while blood started to spread across the floor.

The room slipped into a state of shock for a moment. Nobody had seen it coming as everyone was looking at Roopak as he stabbed me.

“Boss!” One of the guys shouted.

“Take the money and get him out of here!” the second one said and the three of them ran towards a motionless Roopak and dragged him out of there.

Cinderella was still looking shaken, her hands were still trembling from holding the gun.

“Cin...Cinder...ella...” I said slowly and she dropped the gun and ran towards me.

“Micha...el...” she knelt down in front of me. “ are...hurt...” she started to untie my hands. It was difficult with her trembling hands. “ you, don’t worry...I” her hands were still shaking and tears were flowing down her eyes, but she was trying to console me.

Once my hands were freed, she tried to move me and a spurt of blood splashed from my wound.

“Blood...there’s...there’s so much blood...” she looked horrified and I clutched her hand.

“It’s...okay. I am oka-”

“Michael! are...bleeding-” Cinderella was hyperventilating and I looked into her face.

All of a sudden, I had this deep feeling, the kind of feeling you have when you finally realise that the end is near.

“, my...princess,” I smiled slightly while she shook her head and cried.

“Micha..el, don’t...don’t...don’t talk...I will with me...”


“You...cannot...tell me...” she said and tried to support me again. “I...will...bring you, stay” she stopped again as the bleeding just increased.

I could visibly see the floor getting tainted in my blood. Cinderella pressed on my wound trying to stop the bleeding and her sobs stopped. She looked frozen for a moment.

My heart skipped a beat when I realised what was going on. I never thought the situation could turn any worse, but in a moment, it was more than worse as I heard her trying to breathe.

No...not now...please...

“Breathe...” I looked into her eyes. “Cinderella...please...calm down...please...”

She was still pressing on my wound while struggling to breathe.

“Inha...ler...get...your...inhaler...” I said slowly. I couldn’t move and Cinderella didn’t show any intention of moving away from me.


Michael’s hand clutched mine. Trying to move it, but it was hard for him to do that as he was already weak.

“Cinderella...get...your inha...ler...I...I...want”

My wheezing sound filled the air and the light started to dim. I started to lose my strength on the limbs and tried my best to press on his wound.

The world started to lose colours and it started to fade away slowly. cannot leave me...stay with me...please stay...with me, I love you...


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