Someone Somewhere Is Made For You

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#4 He is here for me


I was almost out of the balcony when I realised it.


The grill is locked.

Mama knew that I would try to escape!

I walked back to my room.

I am forbidden to leave my room as a punishment.

“Miss, are you there?” Uncle Jose knocked on the door.

“Go away; I don’t want to talk to anyone,”

“Your friends are here.” he said through the door.

I sat up on the bed.

“Nisha is here?”

I know Nisha hates to come here, I am still thankful that she came for my sake.

“No...Not Nisha, he said he’s your team leader,”

My heart skipped a beat.

“Michael is here?” I asked excitedly.

But I am not there in the group yet! He rejected me.

I ran to the door and opened it.

“Michael is here?” I asked again.

Uncle Jose looked at me doubtfully. “He’s here to talk to your Mama about...about the incident,”

“What! He came all the way here!”

I ran outside and was stopped at the top of the stairs.

“You are not allowed to go down,” my Mama’s staff stopped me.

“But my friends are here for me! I need to talk to them,”

“You can’t go, Miss, it’s your Mama’s order,”


It felt eerie and cold inside there. We were sitting on a white settee.

The woman in front of us looked unfriendly.

“So, why are you here?” her Mom looked at us. “If you are here to talk in favour of that student who hurt my daughter, I don’t want you to waste your time, she will get expelled,”

“Where’s Cinderella?” Professor Abraham asked. “I am sure that we can discuss and settle this within ourselves,”

“She doesn’t want anyone to bother her,” she said in the same unwelcoming tone. “We don’t want to settle this; I want that girl to be punished.” Cinderella’s mom; Salena Adams gave us a condescending look. It was clear that we cannot talk sense to her.

“Your daughter started the fight,” I spoke up. I really don’t like the air around her, it felt like she’s treating herself like a queen.

No wonder that Cinderella is like that!

Her mother’s eyes stopped on me. “You are?”

“I am Michael, the team leader of the project and Cinderella’s senior,” I said. “Cinderella and Angela are doing their project under me and if one of them is expelled, I have no reason to keep the other,” I said.

Professor Abraham looked at me in surprise, but I ignored him.

I know nothing else is going to work with this woman; I need to give her her-own dose of medication.

If we are going for a truce, she will never accept it, but instead, challenging her back is the only way I have.

And for that, I will need to sacrifice too, I will have to take Cinderella back to the group so that Angela could survive.

“Are you negotiating with me now?”

“Not at all,” I said politely, “this project is only for the internals and if you don’t want to bother about it, there will not be much damage,”

“Except the fact that Cinderella needs the project much more than Angela,” Abraham sir spoke up, “because her grades improvement,”

Salena Adams glared at me for a moment.

“Very well...I will think about it.”


What’s going on?

Did they come all the way here because I skipped college for the last two days?

But Michael is not someone who would get involved in other people’s business!

I walked back and forth on the terrace, waiting for them to exit the house.

And when I finally saw them, I stretched up to look at them.

It really is Michael! Oh my God! Michael is here at my house! I really can’t believe it!

“Aah...” I accidentally stretched my ankle too much and lost my balance.

He looked up from far below.

I just got a glimpse of him before I fell down.

His eyes are flashing angrily!

Is he angry?

Did I imagine that look on his face?

Did Mama tell him anything to get him angry?

I got up despite the pain and stretched up on my toe again, but they were already gone.

“Miss, you can’t do this, it’s dangerous!” my housekeeper ran to me.

“Move back, I want to see Mama, now!" I shouted before limping down.


“What did you tell him, Mama, he looked angry, did you insult them?”

“Go back to your room.”

“No!” I said and she looked up.

“They came all the way here for me and you just insulted them?”

She stared at me, surprised.

“It’s the first time you are talking back to me,” she stated.

“It’s an important project! If I don’t get in, I might lose all my internals,” I said quickly.

“They didn’t come for you, don’t be foolish, Ella.”

“If they didn’t come here for me, then why did they come all the way here? Michael has no reason to come all the way here otherwise!”

I stormed out of there.


“I am surprised that you are speaking up for someone else, Is Angela someone important?”

“Don’t get me wrong, Professor, She is one of the students who really work hard,”

“I see...”

“What about Cinderella? Have you decided to let her join back?”

I sighed at that.

“If they are cancelling the expulsion of Angela, I think I have no other way,”

“You don’t look very happy about it.”

“Will you be happy if you get entangled with an immature girl?”

He chuckled.

“She looked quite cute to me,” he said. “She’s really an interesting kid,”

“I have nothing to say to you.”


I took out my secret diary.

I am so happy to write about today’s events.

“Today’s my special day! Guess what, Michael came all the way home, I really can’t believe it! I knew it...I totally knew that if someone is there who could help me get out of here, it’s Michael...I will love him always...”

I closed the diary with a smile.

I have entered all about him in that diary, from the first moment I saw him until now.

Even the little challenge at the conference room is recorded here.

But of all the things, today’s entry is the most special one for me.


“She decided to do a settlement instead of taking it to the court,” Uncle Jose said.

I sighed in relief; I don’t want to compromise someone’s future for my sake.

Even though Angela is a bitch, I admit that she’s smart and talented.

Even Michael acknowledges her.

“I am glad that Michael convinced her to drop the charges, it must have been difficult if it was someone else,” I said.

“Your Mama was not very happy with them,” Uncle Jose said.

“She’s not happy with anyone,” I shrugged. “But Uncle, help me settle this quietly,” I said. “Tell me the amount and I will transfer it,”

Uncle Jose is the only person I trust in this house. All other staffs are rather “Mama’s people”.

“Is it okay to do it, Ella? You don’t have to always settle things after her-”

“It’s only fair that I make up for her activities, Uncle; Settle this quietly so that no one gets hurt,”

It has always been my duty to clean up after my Mama.


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