Someone Somewhere Is Made For You

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#41 She is here for me



I held my violin close to me and watched my audience cheering for me. I felt a sense of fulfilment as I stand there. It was one of the rarest occasions I feel completely at peace with myself.

I bowed slightly and walked out of the stage. My manager gave me a bundle of red roses as soon as I reached the team room.

I smiled and opened the note while my colleagues teased me about having an admirer.

Julian hadn't forgotten to send me a flower bouquet as usual.

It was a congratulatory note along with the name of a restaurant and time.

Julian is back?

The luxury restaurant was decorated grandly. The soft lights and melodic piano tone in the background set a romantic mood to it.

Everything was perfect from the selection of music to the scented smell lingering in the atmosphere. But what made me slow down was the realisation that nobody was there, the whole place was decorated and it was only me.

"Congratulations, The concert was very successful."

I turned around and found Julian coming with yet another bouquet.

"It was just an event for charity. You didn't have to go overboard like this," I smiled. "When did you reach? Why didn't you tell me?"

He was busy as he was promoted to be the President of the company. Uncle George had decided to take a step back from the management.

"I wanted to surprise you," Julian smiled as he guided me to the centre of the room where a table was already set.

He helped me to sit before taking the seat in front of me and it was at that moment I realised that it was not going to be a normal dinner.

I looked around.

Is he going to propose to me!?

I looked at Julian who looked slightly nervous. I too felt anxious, but I knew I cannot drag this matter any longer.

"Um...Ella, I don't know what to call our relationship anymore, you are neither my girlfriend nor my fiancee, so I thought...I would know, make it official..." he looked at me, "You...asked me to give you some time and I took a step back. But it's been two years after that...and...I thought I would...we about it."

Julian had stayed and helped me until I recovered from my accident slowly. It had taken me about a year to come to terms with it. He had always helped me without expecting anything in return and he even tried to hide our relationship so as not to give me any stress.

But as I recovered I started to have flashes of what happened. Especially what happened when I got kidnapped that day.

Every time I sleep, I could see him trying to protect me. I could see the blurry images of someone lying in a pool of blood, someone taking my hand and asking me to stay awake. I could feel the pain, desperation and suffering.

As I started to question what happened back then, it was Mama who finally admitted that the person in my dream was Julian. I had been in love with Julian before the accident happened and I lost my memories.

I was panicked and asked him to give me some time and space to get used to that news. Julian had been patient and understanding. He agreed without any reluctance and never forced me. I am grateful to him for that.

Mama had even denied Nisha to visit me or contact me much at that time. So Julian and I developed a special friendship by the time I recovered completely.

I know I cannot do this to him anymore.

"Ella, I know it's all of a sudden, but-" he stopped when I reached out and touched his hand on the table.

"Don't worry, I am ready for this," I told him and he looked at me in surprise.

"I may not love you like how it was in the past, but Julian, I knew how much you had to sacrifice for me," I looked into his eyes. "In the past, I thought it was not fair to you when you have all our memories together while I was the only one who forgot everything."

I had been having flashbacks of my past life and I remembered how scary and heartbroken I was to see him trying to protect me.

My heart always trembled at the desperate and heartbroken cry asking me to wake up...My whole body still freezes whenever I recall that nightmare.

"Are you still...having nightmares?" Julian asked me.

I nodded.

"Whenever I have that nightmare, I still feel my heart getting heavy and trembling...I could feel the overwhelming amount of emotions inside me...I could still feel the pain and worry for you as you laid there in the pool of blood..."

" still remember the...accident even after the therapy?"

"Don't alarm my Mama by saying that. I just get some flashes from the past, that's all. The therapist told me that as long as I don't stress about it, I would be okay. She said I can slowly make new memories to replace the painful old ones," I looked at him. "I know we were very close in the past, but I am unable to remember anything completely, I am sorry..."

"It's not your fault," Julian said quickly. "If anything, I should take the blame," he murmured.

"Why? You did everything to protect me that day," I looked at him and smiled. "Look, Maybe it would take some time for us to be together like that and feel that connection again, but let's accept it that way." I touched his hand reassuringly and he looked at my hand.

"This... ring..." he looked anxious all of a sudden.

"Don't worry, I can handle my past." I looked at the ring on my finger. "As for this ring, it was one of the things I had from my lost memories. I knew it was important to me. That's why I am ready for this, Julian, Even though I don't exactly remember what happened in the past, I can feel the connection to it."

Julian took his hand back from the table and looked at me. He looked confused and indecisive.

"Ella, give me five minutes."

I nodded and he walked away.

Who knew Julian could be so flustered!

I looked at the ring.

Maybe I can fill the emptiness inside me if I get back with him?

It took him almost 10 minutes to come back and he looked calm and composed.

"Are you okay?" I looked at him.

"Ella, I thought about it," he said. "It's not ideal to start a relationship based on what we were before, I don't want to live in the past, I want the present you." his eyes lingered on the ring. "I want to start anew, let's forget everything that happened in the past and let's get to know each other first."

"I don't...understand," I looked at him.

"I don't want to get engaged to you because of the past," he looked at me steadily. "I want you to love the present me."


"I know," he interrupted. "You don't love me right now, but I am willing to wait for that. I want us to be together because we love each other, not because of how we were back then..."

I nodded slowly, "I understand," I said. "Thank you, Julian." I was suddenly relieved to hear it.

"Then let's start anew," Julian raised a toast and I click my glass with him.

"So how's the work as the Managing Director?" Julian asked as we placed the glasses down, he was deliberately changing the subject.

"Okay," I said. "Everyone started to accept me as their MD. Some directors still think that I am not capable enough, but my team is quite strong, so they cannot find any fault with me," I shrugged.

"Who would've thought that you would end up following your mama."

"I never knew how difficult it was to manage a company until I completed the ACCA and joined the company," I said. "No wonder mama collapsed like that."

Mama had given me complete freedom after I woke up from
the accident. I pursued music and did everything I wanted until mama collapsed due to exhaustion one day. It had knocked some sense to me and I completed ACCA from the London university to help mama.

The dinner was peaceful and I felt comfortable in his company.

"I am busy with the current project," Julian said as we walked back. "I am flying back today. I will be back once everything is settled down in the company."

"Now you are bragging about being a president," I teased him.

"Dad literally blackmailed me to take the position, trust me!" Julian shook his head and I laughed at his expression.

He opened the door for me and I blinked at all the flashes.


Julian quickly covered me and walked me to the car.



"The heiress of Adams technology spotted with her boyfriend."

I watched the news on my phone and put my cup on the table. The headline was accompanied by a picture showing Julian holding her hand and trying to block the reporters while exiting the restaurant.

My insides twisted at the photo of the couple.

I placed the phone on the table and walked to the window overlooking the Singapore city.

I had thought that I had disciplined myself. But the way I was feeling now, it was like someone had punched me hard.

The moments with Cinderella passed through my mind. It was hard to believe that we were together only for six months.

No matter how short of a time it was, those are the memories I cherish the most. Those memories helped me to hold myself together. It helped me to go through a tough time. It helped me to...hang just pass the days one by one.

"Sir, the board wants to know-" Juri Fang, my PA stopped as she spotted me near the window.

"I am sorry sir, I will come after-"

"What is the status of the collaboration with the Indian company?" I asked her.

"Amanda Ma'am is working on it."

"Ask her to finalise it, I would like to complete the deal with them."

"Are you...worried about Cinderella Adams?" she asked me and I turned around in surprise.

She had never stepped out of her boundary before. I guess my surprise must have been evident because she explained quickly.

"I didn't mean to intrude, sorry sir. It's just that you transferred your current project and picked up the one in India," she looked at me. "I was surprised until I realised that we are collaborating with the Adams technology..." she dragged off.

"You can go to the headquarters in Dubai to work with R&D team. I will make arrangements to transfer you."

"That's not necessary, sir," Juri said quickly. "I would like to work with you," she said. "And I would like to meet her as well."

I took a deep breath. I don't want to stay back anymore. I don't want to just exist, I want to live like a normal person...I want to spend my life with her for the rest of my life.

"Invite everyone in our department for a dinner today, I want to announce that I am going back."

"I will book a restaurant-"

"No...not the restaurant. Invite everyone to my apartment today," I said while she looked slightly surprised.

"Okay, sir."



"We managed to get the contract," I lifted the file and said while everyone clapped. "We are going to collaborate with an overseas company; you must have heard about the Spark Technologies, they will be here the next week." I looked around proudly. "The best thing about this is that we beat Golden security and managed to get the deal!"

Everyone in the meeting room clapped and congratulated me.

The conference hall door opened all of a sudden and mama came inside with Sara. Everyone stopped cheering and turned to her.

She was on a business trip and was not supposed to be back until two more days.

"Is the meeting over?" Mama looked at me.

I nodded and turned to others.

"That's all, meeting dismissed," I announced and everyone started to get up and move.

"Ella, why didn't I know about this contract with the Spark technologies?" Mama asked me as soon as everyone was outside.

"Our team presented it during the last meeting and everyone approved it."

"But we decided on another company," she said.

"Yeah, then we got a response from them and we revised the proposal and submitted about the changes," Kevin, my PA said. "All the senior members approved it."

"Yes, Mama," I looked at her. "This is one of the best deals for us-"

"I don't think so," she said stubbornly.

"What's wrong? We double-checked the company, they are our best option right now-"

"I am not worried about their company, I am worried about the person in charge," she said sharply.

"What?" I am truly confused now. "We have had several discussions with their team already. We often contacted the PA of the CIO directly and everything was smooth and fine-"

"I want you to step back from this project, Ella," Mama said.

"No way! We signed the contract with them! Everything is ready!" I said. "and if we drop this project, GS group will surely get it, it will be a big setback to us!"

"Ella, Your mama had worked with...their team before but it didn't go well, so she doesn't want you to get involved with them again."


10 minutes later, Kevin started to fill me the information in detail.

"His name is Michael. He is the co-founder and the Chief Information Officer of Spark Technologies, Singapore. He is considered to be one of the youngest CIOs. He worked his way up with his ability and is regarded as one of the legendary people in the IT field. He made it to the Forbes' list "Top 30 under 30" of Asia last year," he looked at me. "Wow, that's a pretty impressive guy," he said, "rest of the things, you can read it on the Wikipedia."

"What about his partners?" I asked him.

"His partners consisted of another IT legend; David Lee, he used to be an e-sports star, now working as the chief game designer. He is a Singaporean." he said, "and Amanda Fernandez, their financial backer and the Chief Financial Officer of the Company. His team made it big after they won a bid and got the opportunity to work with the Singapore government."

"A self-made billionaire..." I said slowly.

"I don't understand when your mama worked with him," Kevin said. "They established their company just three years back."

"Maybe she knew them before that?" I suggested. "but she never stepped back from any challenges before," I frowned slightly. "Maybe this guy must have made her angry."

"What are we supposed to do now? We put a lot of effort into this project."

"Proceed with our plan now. It would be a shame to give up this project to the GS group. I will try to persuade mama."



The doorbell rang and I walked to the door. I guess my team is here.

I opened the door and smiled at David and Amanda who were standing in front of the door.

"Come in," I moved aside from the doorway.

"What's got into you, Michael? You never allowed anyone inside your private life. Now you invited us to your apartment," David walked inside.

"Right," Amanda agreed. "How long will you be gone this time? I still think the Dubai project is better than-" she stopped midway.

Even David and my team members were looking at the photo frame on the wall in shock.

It was the picture taken four years back during my engagement with Cinderella. It showed Cinderella and I holding hands and looking at each other.

Cinderella's face was half concealed by her hair, but the picture spoke volumes.

"Ah...this is my fiancee," I said quickly. "I have told you that I am engaged."

"It's been three years and this is my first time seeing your fiancee," one of my team members said and everyone nodded.

"Please come inside and be comfortable, let me take some wine glasses first," I walked to the kitchen.

"I will help you," David followed me while everyone else settled down.

"You really are cold-hearted," David said as I opened the cupboard. "Now I know why you invited us to your apartment."

"What do you mean?" I feigned ignorance.

"Amanda never bothered you. You didn't have to do this."

I placed the glasses on the kitchen table and looked at him. Since he decided to talk about it, I too don't want to beat around the bush.

"She is a good friend. I don't want her to waste her time on me."

"It's been four years but your fiancee never showed up even once," David said. "None of us can understand your relationship."

"You won't understand unless you love someone as I love her. David. I have space for only one person in my heart. I hope you and Amanda will take care of each other when I am not here."

Both of them were born and brought up in Singapore. Amanda's ancestors were from the Philippines, but she had never been there before.

Amanda and David knew each other for a long time and they had been working together before the three of us decided to establish our company.

"The person she loves is not me," David muttered. "It would not be appropriate to use this chance shamelessly."

"The order and formalities don't matter when you love someone, David. If you ever meet the person you want to spend your life with, you should take every chance and give it all your efforts."

"Whoa! It doesn't seem to be something you would say!"

"Well...It was not my words," I said. "I heard it from her..." I looked at the engagement ring for a moment.

"Then go there and get that girl. Don't come back unless you get her back."

"Now, we have a deal," I smiled.



My heart pounded as I lead my team towards the conference room. I have been looking forward to meeting her for a long time, but I am also feeling nervous at this.

The staff at the door nodded and opened the door respectfully.

I walked inside and about 10 people in the conference room rise to their feet. I instantly felt her absence the moment I entered the room. Along with the disappointment, I felt anger bubbling inside me. I reached the front and turned around to look at every one.

My PA, Juri came forward.

"This is the Chief Information Officer Of Spark technologies; Michael," she introduced and turned to look at the woman standing at the head seat. "Sir, this is-"

"Madam Salena Adams," I nodded.

"Welcome to the team, CIO Michael," Salena Adams smiled at me as she offered me her hand, but I could see that it hasn't reached her eyes.

"Thank you for your hospitality," I shook hands with her. "But I believe this project is dealt by your managing Director."

Both of us withdraw our hands back.

"Since it's such an important project, the chairman itself is overseeing it-"

"Sorry," I cut across Sara and took the file from my surprised PA. I opened it and turned it around. "I can only work with this person who has signed the contract with us," I said.

"Something came up and the person cannot deal with-"

"Then there is no point in working together," I closed the file and gave it back to Juri. "We will drop this here."

Shocked silence filled the room. Everyone looked bewildered as Salena Adam's eyes narrowed slightly.

"You know you cannot do that!" she whispered, but as the room was silent, her voice sounded loud.

"What's wrong with our CIO meeting with the MD of your firm?" Juri asked politely.

"As I said, our MD is not available at the moment. I can send someone at a higher position to-"

"It's not about the hierarchy, Madam Salena Adams, it's about the trust between the two companies. If we cannot even work with the person who signed the contract with us, we have nothing more to say," I looked into her eyes. "I hope you would reconsider. I will give you 24 hours to make a decision, so think well and let us know," I nodded and walked out of the room with my teammates who looked rather confused at the turn of events.

As I reached the car, Juri opened the door for me.

"I am sorry, Sir," she said. "I should have made it clear first."

"It's not your fault," I said as I leaned back to the seat. "Salena Adams wouldn't let me meet her daughter easily."

"Then what are we going to do? Do you plan to go back if she doesn't agree with our plan?"

"They are in a fix now, they would need us," I said. "They might try to contact us again to negotiate. Block everyone except Cinderella Adams."

Juri nodded, "I understand."

"And ask Tarun and Zeeshan to take a break for a couple of days. I have a feeling that we would be here for some time."

"Okay sir," Juri nodded again.


"Mama, don't take so much pressure, I am ready to meet this guy," I told her. "He rejected and blocked everyone from contacting him, so-"

"No," Mama looked at me firmly. "Let's think of another way to-"

"You know that we have no other way, Mama, this is a matter of our reputation! We can't lose our face!"

"If there's no way out of this, we will have to collaborate with George." She told me and I stilled.

That means I will have to get married to Julian. But we have decided to take it slow.

"Ella, I won't do this if...if you are not ready. Do you like Julian?" she asked me.

It's not that I don't like him, it's just that...I cannot see myself being his wife.

I know I used to love him deeply, I can feel it from the nightmares I had, but I had never felt that way about him after I woke up.

But it's also a fact that Julian is the only guy who made me comfortable with his presence. He has warmth and I could feel his love for me.

" him," I nodded. "But I don't want our marriage to be a business arrangement. We talked about it and decided to give it time, mama."

"He loves you, Ella, he already waited for you for the last three years."

"Yeah, that's precisely why I cannot treat this as a business matter," I said. "I don't want to take advantage of the fact that he likes me."

"Anyway, it's too late for meeting the CIO of Sparks. My source said that his flight is tomorrow and he didn't give us an appointment."

"We cannot give up like this!"

"I don't want to go to him," Mama said. "If they want a collaboration, they should give us some respect."

"But the ball is in their court now," I said. "They have the upper hand, once we-"

"No Ella," Mama looked into my eyes. "I know their CIO, he is difficult to get along with. We...we faced each other in the past and it didn't go well," she said slowly.

"If he doesn't like us, why would he initiate this collaboration?" I asked. "He wanted to work with us!"

"I am afraid that his intentions are not pure, Ella, we should drop it here."

"I don't think so, Mama, I worked with them on this contract, everyone was professional and respectful," I said. "and since we have signed the deal, I am sure that they cannot harm us."

"But he won't talk to us, he won't give us a chance to explain things," she looked at me. "I admit that this is a good opportunity for us, but their CIO is too arrogant and he went as far as blocking everyone from contacting him."


"None of the people who tried to contact him could get through him," Kevin confirmed.

But there's no way I would give up like this. I worked my ass off to get this contract, now I want to make sure that we complete it without any problem.

"Drop me at the Skycity Hotel."

"But Ma'am, they won't let anyone see him-"

"I am just visiting Jyothika Anand," I shrugged.

She is the heiress of the hotel chain-Skycity and the General manager of the group. Fortunately, it was Kevin, who had recommended the hotel to them as it was nearby our company.

"I know why you want to meet the GM of Skycity, but we would look desperate if you pull the strings to see him."

"It would be a shame if he goes back tomorrow and we miss this chance."


I forced myself to continue even as my body screamed in pain. I continued to take the weight, ignoring the pain.

"Sir," The gym master said. "You should stop before ripping your muscle."

I stopped and turned to him.

"Um...I was told help you with things, have been...pushing yourself too much. I am sorry if I am intruding, it's a professional disease."

I sighed and got up. I admit the guy's guts, normally people were too scared to interrupt me.

"You don't have to help me with anything, I will take care of myself from now on," I said and started to walk out.

"Sir!" The guy looked alarmed.

I turned around to face him. "I am not keeping this against you, it's just that I don't like company when I am working out," I said and walked out of there.

I reached the private pool area. I changed to the swim trunk and looked at the mirror.

If I had a tall and lean body before, now I have a strong and muscular built. The red colour mark from the chain Roopak's goons used to whip me was still imprinted on my body, as if a reminder from the past. It had driven me to work out like crazy.

I pulled a towel from the rack and walked to the poolside.

A bottle of wine and a glass had already been placed on the side.

I wonder how much of this would help me sleep today...

I poured myself a drink and swirled it in my hands.

I used to blackout from the first few glasses before, but it's no more like that.

I have started to get drunk or take pills to help me sleep.


"Are you sure?" I asked her excitedly and Jyothi sighed.

"Yeah, that guy is at the private pool, but I will be in trouble if you go there."

"Just say that I was a guest staying here-"

"A private pool is 'private' for a reason, Ella."

"My life depends on this, Jyothi, I promise you that I will make it up to you!" I said.

So five minutes later, I tiptoed through the staff way and reached the pool.

There was no one there and I looked around. My heeled shoe echoed in the silent room and I took my phone out to call Jyothi.

I was searching through the contacts as I felt the presence of someone. I looked up and froze.

In front of me, in all the glory was the guy I was looking for. His upper body was naked and glistened with water and his lower body was covered with the towel.

I know I should turn around, but his eyes were fixed on me and the intensity of it transfixed me on the spot, making me unable to move.

My heart started to pound and goosebumps erupted all over my body as I stared back.

My eyes dropped slightly and I saw the red colour mark across his chest and biceps as if he gets into physical fights a lot.

I turned back to his eyes. He was looking at me in shock as if he couldn't believe that someone was there.
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