Someone Somewhere Is Made For You

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#6 He is considerate of me


“What’s this?” I looked at the blank paper.

Cinderella looked down.

“I couldn’t find anything, I really tried, ” she said.

I sighed.

Her portion of the project was the easiest one. How can she not even find it? What am I going to do with her!?

“Never mind, go back to your seat, ” I told her patiently.

She nodded before walking back.

“Guess it was a good thing that she was not in one of the teams, it will be only a burden for others, ” Angela said.

“I will do better the next time, ” Cinderella retorted back.

How can I let her stay in a group like this!?

Not only did she not know a thing, but also she makes it difficult to get along with others.

“Let’s do this, ” I said, “we need an organiser for our group to keep track of everyone’s work and for keeping the papers safe, Cinderella will handle that, ” I said.

Her eyes brightened and she looked excited.

“Really? You will let me do that?” she looked happy.

“Since you can’t do the research work well, you will do this, ” I said and she nodded enthusiastically.

I felt a tiny bit of guilt as I watched her shining eyes, she doesn’t realise what it is yet.

“Okay, now back to the discussion, I evaluated everything you guys sent me, most of them were pretty good but we need to think of more practical ways of integrating the technology in other branches,” I started to explain and everyone listened.

After an hour, I placed a paper on the desk.

“These are the journals and publications based on this topic, we would need it for the next meeting,” I said and everyone nodded.


Michael didn’t even punish me for not doing my work!

As far as I know, he’s someone who hates irresponsible people and I was worried.

But it seems like he’s okay.

He is considerate of me...

I grinned happily as I walked out.

“Hey, Ella,” I stopped as Shreya called me. “Can you get these journals for me?” She asked me and I beamed at her.


Someone is trying to accept me as a fellow member.

“Sure,” I nodded.

“Thanks, yaar," she said before walking out.

“Mine too,” Angela placed another list on my book.

“Why should I help you?”

“Because you are the organiser,” she smirked, “the “errand girl”,” she lowered her voice and added.

"Hey!" I shouted.

“You don’t want to disappoint Michael, do you?” Angela asked and I didn’t reply back.

“Here is mine,” Meera placed her list on the top of Angela’s.

“Thanks, Ella...” another guy said as he placed his list on the top of it.

And the next thing I know, I was holding a bundle of book-lists and standing there.

What the heck! Everyone’s treating me like I am their slave!

I walked to the library rather grumpily.


I was getting changed to my gym clothes as I heard the talk in the locker room.

“She’s going to fall for me this time,”

“I don’t think so, she’s a bit eccentric”

“Our families know each other, she was very pleasant to me when we met at a party, I think she was giving me a sign,”

“What if she turns you down again?” another guy asked. “You already approached her multiple times, looks like you are obsessed with her!”

“It’s not that I am obsessed, somebody needs to put her in her place, I don’t want much, just one night with her is enough for me,”

“You heard the rumours,” the other guy said, “her mother is scary, don’t mess with her,”

“It’s one of the reasons I have to do it,” the guy smirked, “and she’s going to pay back for rejecting me,”

I closed my locker with a bang. I recognized the guy, it was Roopak, my direct junior. He got in this college through his connections. Even though the admissions have become more transparent because of the student’s protest last year, we still have some previous moneybags like him who messes around from time to time.

They think the world is revolving around them; I normally stay far away from them.

Whoever that girl may, she must have pissed him off that much for him to do this.

I walked inside.

I have no interest in their cat and mouse game anyway.


“Argh...” I took the stairs.

“Here you are,” Nisha found me on the way. “But what the hell are you doing?” she looked at me and I tried to breathe.

“The...the project,” I looked at her above the books that were stacked up to my chin.

“Do you have to take this many books for your project?” Nisha took some of the books from the pile and I sighed in relief. “You and I both know that you are not going to finish reading even one of this!”

“It’’s not for me,” I said. “Michael made me the organiser of the project group since I can’t do much to help them,” I told her happily. “These are the books that I need to get in the seminar hall,”

“WHAT!?" Nisha shouted. “He’s using you!? Let me see that jerk-”

“Nisha wait!” I tried to hold her even though it was difficult with all the books. “He just wanted me to organise things, these books are for the others, if I need them to accept me, I have to do at least this,” I said matter of fact, “if I want to make a change, I need to bring it, you know, things won’t change overnight, so I should make the effort,”

Nisha looked at me like I have grown another head.

“Where did that come from?” she looked at me suspiciously, “your head is not complicated enough to talk like this,”

“Uh...err...anyway, you got the point, so just wait for me till I finish this, I have to take one more trip to the library,”

“You are mad!” Nisha shook her head. “Ella, you shouldn’t let them use you like this,” Nisha told me and I nodded just so that she won’t freak out anymore.

“Oh...I almost forgot Professor Abraham was looking for you,”

“Oh! It’s a good thing that you reminded me! He asked me to help some kids with playing the violin,” I said cheerfully.

Nisha smiled.

“If you love it this much, You have to go for it girl...what’s the use of rotting here in this college when you have no interest in the IT field,”

“You know my Mama,” I said darkly. “And my Michael is in this college too, don’t forget,”

“Yeah sure...your Michael,” she muttered darkly. “Ella, have you thought about it well? You will have college till 1:30, your project class from 3 to 4 pm; it will be difficult for you to take this Music class after that,”

“My curfew is at 8 pm. I enjoy the music too,” I smiled. “Besides, the project classes are not regular and continuous, I can manage this,” I assured her.


I stopped the bike and got down.

“Hey, Uncle Mike,” the twins ran to me and I lifted them up on either hand.

“When are we playing the video-game?”

“When your Mommy is not here, she will scold me otherwise,” I lowered my voice and said while both of them giggled.

“They are not this happy to see me,” I heard Professor Abraham’s voice and turned around.

“Why are you here today?” I asked him.

“That’s very rude, Mike,” Jenni said. “He is your Professor after all,”

Jenni is my non-blood-related sister. Her father was my guardian until I turned 18 years.

She is 32 years and the mother of the twins. She enjoys being a housewife; her favourite pass time is irritating me. She especially loves to act like the “big sister” while she’s the one who’s more immature than me, in my opinion anyway.

She is married to Brother Andrew who is a navy officer and at sea most of the time. So I kind of ended up being their guardian when her father died a few years back. I live in the studio apartment close to her house and we share the same front yard.

“He has no respect for me,” Professor Abraham tried to pull a pity face that failed terribly. “I should tell this to Andrew,”

Andrew is Professor Abraham’s best friend.

“Brother Andrew will take my side,” I said. “But tell me what’s going on,”

Brother Andrew is another free soul, a different version of Abraham sir; I am quite close to him.

“Our new teacher is coming today,” Jinu, the six years old told me while Jiji nodded.

“I am expecting a guest,” Jenni said. “It’s Abraham’s student,” she added.

Oh, I got it, Jenni would have arranged for a new tutor as the last one didn’t get along with the kids.

“I told you to let them play at this age,” I looked at Jenni, “and you agreed then,”

“This is not about academics, Mike,” She started, “I was thinking of making them learn other things,”

“They are kids; they won’t have the patience to deal with another teacher at home after school time,”

“This teacher is different,” Professor Abraham said with a smile, “It’s a student from your department,”

“Sure, have a nice time then,” I put down the twins and said.

“You don’t want to meet-”

“I have something to do,” I walked to my house quickly.

I am sure that the kids will be fed up with the new tutor in a few weeks and send him back.


The auto driver stopped and I stepped down proudly.


I managed to take an auto all by myself!

I feel like I have just flown an Airplane all by myself.

“But are you sure that this is the place?”

“You said it’s this place,”

“How much is it?”

He looked at the meter reading and looked back, “500 rupees,”

“What!?” I looked at him, I may look like an ignorant person, but I know when someone’s trying to cheat.

“Do I look like an idiot?” I looked at the guy.

“Ma’am, I charge 30 per Kilometer and if it’s pocket roads like this with lots of twists and bad road, It’s more,”

“Rs: 500 is still very high!”

“450 then,”

“No!” I shook my head firmly.

“400, that’s all I can reduce,”

“350,” I said sternly, “I won’t give a penny more,” I said.

The driver glared at me and I glared straight back.

He sighed at last.

...And I did a victory dance inside my head.

Haha! I won!

So after paying him the money, I turned around and realised another thing, I dunno which direction to take!

I took out my phone and dialled Abraham sir.

The call was not connecting and the network was very poor.

I looked around the unfamiliar place that has no buildings nearby. I was on a small road along a riverbank.

Where am I?

I took out the phone and started to type. Hopefully, the message will go through when the network is better.


I was trying to fix the wooden shelf when I heard the bell. I moved it along the wall and balanced it to the wall.

It will hold as long as I don’t put heavy things inside it.

The bell rang again and I walked to the door.

No one disturbs me at this time.

“Uncle Mike, Mommy is looking for you, it’s urgent,” Jinu said.

“What’s it?” I stepped out of the door into my sit-out area.

“Mike, I am sorry about this, but can you bring me my guest?” Abraham sir walked to me.


“My student took the wrong way and got stuck near the riverside, can you please go there?”

“Near the river? How stupid is he to take the longest way and to get stuck? It’s only 15 minutes from college,”

“Yea, I forgot to give the proper direction,”

“Does anyone have to tell them the way here from college? Any sane person would stick to the main road,” I said.

“I know, but we don’t have time now, it is past 5 already, Can you go there?”

I sighed.


“How did this happen? It’s the first time I am going somewhere alone and I have to end up like this!” I murmured as I walked along the road.

If Mama ever comes to know about this, she will kill me!

I am skipping my “Floral design” class for coming here.

Yes, that’s right; I am taking a goddamn flower arrangement class of all the things.

“Hey,” I heard someone and turned around to see a group of guys.

They looked like the gang you normally see in the movies who causes trouble.

So I ignored them and just continued on my way.

“Wait, why are you here at the riverside? There’s no one living in this area,” they followed me and blocked my way.

“Stay away,” I took a step back.

“Did you lose your way?” one of them asked.

“No,” I said, taking another step back.

“You can’t continue this way, it’s dangerous for a girl like you,” another guy said and I stilled, now realising that I am fully surrounded.

“You can reach the main road by going back and taking the left turn,”

“You want me to take that left turn through the woods?” I asked bravely.

“It’s a shortcut,” The guy in front of me said.

Okay Ella, remember all those self-defence moves they taught you...

Okay...stay calm...

Take them by surprise...


Um...I think I skipped that class too...

“Miss...Ah-” The guy in front of me clutched his nose with a cry as I swung my purse at him, I got him straight in the face and I started to run.

I heard shouts behind but didn’t even turn back to see.

But running on the high heels was probably not the best idea as I tripped and lost my balance.

“Aah...” I rolled down from the road to the river bank.

Pain shot through my body, but I struggled to get up as I saw those five guys reaching the slope.



Yes, As I mentioned before, the plot of this story is indeed taken from my other work TGOS on wattpad, but I changed the storyline and created a new one.

I will update “To love & be loved” when it reaches the target of 100 votes. TL & BL has a slightly complicated plot and I have to upload it slowly.

It’s not that I am concentrating on this story alone, I wrote this story for a contest, the drafts are already there in my files, so it’s easier to upload it.

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