Someone Somewhere Is Made For You

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#8 He is worried because I am hurt


I rubbed my left eye.

“Someone’s thinking ill of me!” I said and Mama looked at me sternly.

I straightened my spine and concentrated on breakfast again.

“I heard you skipped the Floral class yesterday?”

“Yea...that is...I mean, The project...I was busy with the project these days,”

She looked at me for a moment.

“Since when did you start to have this much interest in your academics?” She asked me.

“I need the internals,” I shrugged, trying to look disinterested, Or I know, She’s going to be suspicious.

“That guy...Michael, Are you doing your project under him?” her next question made me nearly spill my juice...nearly

“Yea...he’s our team leader,” I tried to hide the admiration out of my voice.

“I don’t like him,” Mama looked at me. “He seemed over-smart and arrogant, Don’t be too close to him,” she looked at me.

I didn’t answer.

I know Michael has forced her to drop the charges against Angela, She must’ve felt angry since no one has ever dared to boss her.

“Michael is okay,” I said before I could stop myself. “He’s a genius, All professors like him,”

“He is the same guy who tried to block your admission,” she said and I choked on my food.

How did she know about it?

Yes, I am very well aware of it. In fact, It was the first time I laid my eyes on him. No, he didn’t personally target me.

I was not willing to join the college and Mama had forced me to go there for the admission process along with a bunch of other students.

Michael represented the student body and submitted a petition against granting illegal admissions that the college was going through.

The petition was submitted to the principal of the college when he was having a meeting with the “undeserving” students. Michael looked like a hero at that time.

Anyways, long story short, the principal was replaced and every “additional” student was denied the admission while I somehow got accepted.

It’s not any surprise anyway, I am familiarised with this kind of things all the time.

No matter how difficult it is, My Mama will somehow find a way around to do what she wanted.

As a result, I ended up being the last-ranked student in this best college.

I looked at Mama suspiciously.

Looks like she has done some investigation on him!

I took a sip of my drink and took a deep breath as Mama gave me a disapproving look. She waited till I am okay, then continued,

“He was adopted and left-back, he grew up with his teacher’s support until he died. Then he was taken away from the orphanage by his teacher’s friend and he has been with them since. He doesn’t have any family or any single thing in his name,” Mama said and I looked at her widely.

“ ran a check on him?” I asked incredulously, “why would you do that!?”

“He looked very arrogant that I wanted to teach him a lesson, but after knowing about him, I think it’s such a waste to spend my time on him, ” she concluded. “The guy doesn’t even have a surname!”

I fisted my hand tightly under the table but bit my tongue as I don’t want to provoke her to do anything.

My heart was already feeling heavy at the information. It looks like he is not blood-related to Jenni and her family.

It doesn’t matter, Ella, it’s not about blood-relationships, a family is in the heart of the people.

That’s right, Jenni looked very close to him.


I walked to the canteen and Sam followed me.

“Mike, What did you decide about the party? Are you-”

“You know that I am not interested,” I shrugged.

“Look, this is your last sem and you will never have a chance to have a get together with the batch mates, you need to reconsider,”

“I really am not interested,” I said again.

Now that it’s my final year, there are all sorts of parties to attend. Some where arranged by our junior batches while some by my own batchmates.

“You know this is why everyone considers you as an arrogant guy, you need to loosen up man!”

“Unlike them, I really have some goals, Sam, And unlike them, No one is there to support me financially if I mess up my career,”

“You are already a genius,” he muttered as he sat opposite to me on the table.

“Sure I can get a job, I am not stupid, I know it too,” I said, “but I need to get the best one,”

Sam took a deep breath and turned to his plate. “Do you know Roopak?”

That got my attention.

“He is the third year CSE, what about him?” I asked.

“One of my batchmates was going to ask Ella out,” he said. “But I heard that Roopak guy warned him off,” he said.

“Roopak was talking about Cinderella then!?” I remembered the conversation I heard at the gym.

“You know about it?”

“I know the guy,” I shrugged. “But I didn’t know he was that desperate to get what he wants,” I said.

And with Cinderella’s character, she will surely end up in trouble.

“What’s wrong? Why are you frowning?” Sam asked me, surprising me.

Why am I bothered about this?

“I was thinking about the class,” I said.

That’s right, It’s none of my business anyway...

“I just want you to watch out for her,” Sam said and I raised my eyebrows at him.

“Ah...I mean, she’s Nisha’s best friend and all,”

He avoided eye contact and I looked at him suspiciously.

“It looks like you have some hidden agenda-”

“Senior Michael! Here you are!” The squeal made me stop my sentence and I turned around to see a very bright Cinderella coming to the table with her food.

“What are you doing here?” I couldn’t help but ask her as she took the seat beside me.

“I am here to thank you for yesterday-”

“Forget it,” I said. “Don’t bring it up.”

Sam looked confused at our exchange.

“Um...okay,” She nodded. “But can I drop by your place this evening? I need to take my clothes and shoes,” she said and Sam’s eyes widened.

“You went to Mike’s house yesterday!?” he asked incredulously and Cinderella nodded, “but I had to leave in a hurry as it was getting late-”

“It’s not what you think it is,” I corrected and turned to Cinderella, “Don’t you have any common sense? If a girl talks like this, Don’t you know what it means?” I said firmly. “It’s okay since it’s me, but watch your word-”

“Why? You are not a guy, Mike?” Sam asked playfully, “why is it okay that it’s you?”

“Stop it, Sam,” I warned as Cinderella giggled like a teenage girl.

“I got it!” she said, looking at me, “don’t worry, I won’t go to any other guy’s house anyway,” she said shyly.

I was taken aback for a moment; I don’t understand what she meant.

Surely...She didn’t think that I am worried about her seeing other guys!?

Sam started chuckling and I knew that it is exactly what she meant.

I need to get everything straight with this spoilt princess!


“Ella,” someone called and all of us turned around to see the devil himself; Roopak.

“Roopak,” she nodded grimly.

“So have you decided?”

“I told you I am not interested,” she said.

“Most of your batchmates will be attending the party,” Roopak looked at her. “I know that you are not asked out by anyone,”

I recalled the conversation I heard at the gym locker room yesterday.

I looked at the guy.

So the girl he wanted to have a one night stand was really her? Cinderella!?

“It’s not that I was not invited,” she said looking angry, “I just rejected everyone,” she said.

I tried to hide my smile.

I know she’s lying since Roopak must’ve warned the other guys not to ask her out.

Sam gave me a meaningful look. I could read the silent question in his eyes; so this is Roopak?

I nodded slightly.

“Okay, it’s the last time I will ever ask you, can we go as friends?” he asked again.

“I am really not interested,” she shrugged again. “And even if I want to go, you will be the last person I would want to go with.”

Wow! She doesn’t think before she speaks!

An awkward silence filled the room for a moment.

“Cinderella Adams, I am your senior,” he looked at her deadly, “you will have to show me some respect,” he said. “Or you will be-”

Okay, this is it...

I leaned back to my chair and looked at him.

“Can you see me, Roopak?” I cut across him and he looked at me in surprise. “If we are talking about seniority, I think we need to set the hierarchy straight here,” I looked at him. “You cannot just barge in here and threaten your junior while completely ignoring me,” I fixed him with my glare.

“I was not threatening, I was just asking her out,”

“And you heard her answer,” I said deadly.

We stared at each other for a moment.

I know he won’t dare to offend me. I know about the college admission fraud that got him accepted in the college.

“I am surprised that Senior Michael is interested in someone else’s business,” Roopak said.

“Cinderella is doing her project under me, I would like it if you don’t interfere and cause her to lose focus,” I said.

“Senior Michael is right, stay far away from me,” Cinderella spoke up suddenly. “If you really think that I will go out with you after what happened last year, you are deluding yourself. Don’t approach me ever again,” she said sternly.

“I thought we are past that incident, I won’t bother you then,” he said before walking back.

“You really are something, Ella!” Sam said.

“He got drunk and called me out last year,” she said, “it was my first year, I couldn’t talk back much,” she shrugged, then looked at me with a smile.

“Thank you for speaking up for me,” she said.

“Do you know that hurting a man’s ego in front of other’s is not a good thing” I stated before thinking, “it’s dangerous,” I added as Sam looked at me in surprise.

“I have nothing to do with him “she shrugged, “but...Are you going to the party?” she looked sideways at me.

“Why? Is it true that no one invited you? You are not hoping for me to invite you right?-”

“Nothing like that,” she said, pursing her lips and I hid my smile again.

Ha! So she has her pride even if she doesn’t have a common sense.

“Then..take care,” I raised out of my seat.

As expected, Sam started to follow me.

“What was that?” he asked me. “You totally stand up for her man! I didn’t see that coming!”

“Isn’t that what you asked me to do just moments before?” I turned to him.


“You said she’s Nisha’s best friend,”

“You can’t possibly say that you were doing it for me!” Sam looked outrageously.

“I can,” I turned around and started to walk again.

Why the heck would I do that?

Oh...Right, I am sure that Cinderella will end up in trouble otherwise. Now that Roopak knows that she has back up, he won’t hurt her...hopefully...

I feel like I have just become the guardian of a kindergarten student!


I was still sulking as Nisha found me.

“So did your “lunch date” became a success?” she asked me as I was arranging the books in the conference room.

“I dunno,” I said plainly.

“It better be; since you ditched me to eat with ”your Michael“.”

“Sam was also there, and that stupid Roopak made it all ruined,”

“What happened?”

“He invited me to the party and I rejected him,”

“He sure doesn’t know how to stop, does he!?” Nisha sighed

“But it was not completely a failure,” I smiled at her, “Michael asked him to stay away from me! He told me not to talk casually about other guys,” I said. “And he also said that I shouldn’t provoke guys and that it is dangerous,”

“What! he did?” Nisha’s eyes widened and I nodded shyly. “He’s a tiny bit concerned-for me.” I smiled.

“Yea, sure...” Nisha said, “but don’t get hurt after following him all time,”

“I am a supergirl, I know how to take care of myself,” I smiled at her.

“That’s exactly what I am worried about,” Nisha murmured and I shouted.

“Hey! I can hear that!”


When I walked to the conference room, everyone was already there, Except-

“Where’s Cinderella?”

Her presence is too hard not to notice.

And nobody really knew.

“So we will start with your research papers now,” I said and everyone opened their laptops.

After 10 minutes, someone opened the door in force.

“Um...I...I am sorry, I am late,” Cinderella opened the door and said while panting.

I turned to her.

“For someone who was adamant to get into the project group, You sure are loyal and dedicated,” I said sarcastically.

“I didn’t know that the location was changed, I just went to the seminar hall and all the books were gone,” She said. “Nobody told me that it’s on the third floor, the lift is not accessible too, I have to take the stairs all the way up,” She pouted.

Ha! Now she’s complaining about taking the stairs.

And I have already updated the change in venue of the class in the Project WhatsApp group.

“It’s your fault if you didn’t know that the venue was changed,” I said sternly. “Everyone else is already here,” I said. “If you want to complain every time, You better stop attending these classes,” I said.

We stared at each other and she looked away.

“I want to attend,” she said stubbornly.

“Come in,” I said without looking at her. “Remember, I cannot accept tardiness-”

I stopped as she started to limp towards her seat.

Uh...I totally forgot that she’s injured.

The three flight of stairs must’ve made it difficult for her.

I cleared my throat and looked at her as she took the first seat on the first raw that was empty.

“I will not repeat anything, you will have to get the notes from others,” I said and she nodded, looking happy that she’s finally in her chair.

“With her IQ, It will not make much difference to her even if you repeat it,” Angela said and the class erupted in laughter.

“How petty,” Cinderella turned around. “People with high IQ will steal things from others,” She added.

Angela’s face turned sour.

For some reason, It amused me that she always fight back and come with a retort. No matter how-much people disregard her, She bounces back quickly.

“So, I asked you to refer some books, Did you do that?” I asked them.

Everyone took out the books and we started.


Silence filled the room as everyone was listening to Michael. Listening to him, looking at the projector and taking down the notes or tapping away on their laptops.

Since I couldn’t understand much, I felt bored and sleepy.

I looked around the room. am I going to put back all those books back!? I have to return it today.

“So it’s the new work I am assigning to you,” Michael said after about half an hour. Everyone nodded. “That’s all for today,” he said.

There were sounds of people getting up while everyone started to move.

I waited and soon enough, There formed a big tower of books in front of me.

I grumbled and got up.

I took a few books and turned to the door.

“What’s this? What are you doing?” Michael asked on his way to the exit.

“These are the books you made us refer,” I shrugged.

“I can see that, I am asking you why you are carrying it?” He frowned.

“Because you told me to be the erran...Ah..organiser,” I said and he looked angry suddenly.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Was it you, who arranged it for everyone!?”

“It’s okay, I have to help out somehow,” I said quickly.

“This is why you are not fit in here! Do you think everyone will be grateful if you do this? Leave it here and ask them to collect it,” He said sternly.

Oh no...I have just started getting along with them, I can’t offend them!

“Er... I will do this, you can go,” I said quickly.

“Cinderella, I said-” He took a step towards me and I took a step back, hugging the pile of book closer.

“It’s okay, I will do this today-Aaaah..."

Next thing I know, I was flying through the air. I had slipped from the edge of the tiny step on the first raw of the lecture hall and Michael moved forward.

If you think that he caught me in a romantic style like in the movies, Nope; you are mistaken.

I just fell down butt-first and winced.

I looked up and saw Michael watching me in what seemed to be like a scientist discovering a rare species.

I moved and tried to look like the elegant lady that I am, but the pain started and I winced again.

"Cinderella Adams! You don’t even know how to walk!?” He said in an accusing tone.

Ha! he is worried about me! He looks angry that I am hurt!

“I forgot about the step,” I said.

“Of course, you did.” He stated and bend down towards me while I waited.

But my expectations were crushed when he started to collect the books around me instead of helping me out of the floor.

“This is what I was worried about!” he kept muttering. “I knew this will happen, I will talk to the class the next time they decide to give you tasks like this,” He added.

“Hey, It’s okay, Don’t worry about me.” I smiled brightly.

“I am more worried about books, Cinderella!” He exclaimed.

I just smiled.

He sure knows how to hide it!

“I will help you then-” I stopped as the pain shot up through my already injured leg.

It must’ve seen on my face because Michael looked at me. His expression turned slightly softer.

“What’s it?” He asked.

“I think I am a little bit hurt,” I
admitted and he gave a loud sigh.

He placed the books on the side and stretched out his hand to me.

“Come on, try getting up,” He said and I looked at his hand dazedly.

Michael is offering me his hand!

Oh My God!

I couldn’t hold it the last time he offered me his hand, I should not hesitate anymore...

I slowly stretched my hand and slipped it to his hand.

We were only holding hands and my whole body trembled.

“Get up,” He urged me and I tried to get up, Only, I was not prepared for the blinding pain.

I screamed.


I screamed in a very unladylike behaviour, but the pain just blinded me.

I felt dizzy and lost my balance once again.

Even in the semi-conscious state, I was aware of Michael’s strong, muscular hands wrapping around a very movie-like style this time...

And...all the lights went out.


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