Staying With Her

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Chapter ELEVEN

He always wanted to try the hot coffee at the new café built less than three months ago. It cost him $2.99, and it came with a paper cup wrapped around with a rustic leather reusable grip sleeve. He sat down with a gratified smirk.

Blackhawk took a quaff of his coffee. The cup held only bitterness. Without milk or sugar in it. Just the way he liked it. It was the best seller. A group formed early at the stall and persisted until the beans had run out. The air was dense with the aura of coffee. It lured him out of his office during a significant line of work. Listening to his taste bud, he emptied every drop from the cup.

"Are you done?"

Darting from between the hood of his eyes, he tumbled off his chair at the sight of Kate's enraged look. Her eyes were without moisture and lips pursed. To describe her facial expression would be like interpreting a blank sheet of paper. He beckoned the boy wrapped in a black apron for a refill.

"We don't have all day."

His eyes crinkled with a frown as he glanced down at his wrist. "Eleven in the morning is damn right early enough."

She sighed. "So, he picks up Yolanda and moves to Charlotte the next week. I'm thinking of an affair..."

"What about Michaela?" He sipped from his beverage.

"She's the black sheep." Kate murmured. "...and she's not found."

"What about the DNA and fingerprints?" Blackhawk asked.

Kate shook her head. "Brandon says there are traces of Ganglion's tissue under both the victim's fingernails. But it's too early to establish all at this point without him found."

Kate stilled in her seat. "In the report, Brandon mentioned the cut womb of Yolanda and Charlotte's last stomach contents contained large doses of Rattex."

"So our vic's were poisoned and shot with caliber gunshot wounds. What about–"

Kate held up one hand and she swiped her slender finger along with the screen of her phone before bringing it to her ear. Her eyes scrunched, wrinkling the skin around it as she took in every report. She nodded down at the table, biting into her lower lip as her eyes squint. Blackhawk took notice of everything the woman possessed.

She was full of habits.

Ending the call, Kate glanced up at him. Her eyes glowed with valuable information and she fisted her hands beneath her chin. "Brandon discovered an embryo implanted into the walls of their uterus."

"So... both women were–"

"Pregnant." She smiled as she collected herself and pulled Blackhawk towards the precinct.

• • •

"I can't."

"I can't take him with me," she sighed. "Please?"

Working his hand along the creases of his forehead, Blackhawk exhaled. "It's not safe for him here."

She snorted. "So what? He will grab your gun and commit arson?"

"Well, that would definitely put forward justifying the innocent." he chuckled, leaning back against his chair and swirled in a reflex angle at the corner of his desk.

"Adriel, it will be chaos and I can't duplicate myself to manage both." she said. "You want me to beg?"

He smirked. "Only in the bedroom baby."

His cock twitched in his pants at the memory of her slim curves spread across his bed. Her young curves. Through the device he imagined her cheeks burning a bright red. Her raven hair falling across her face to shield her tint and her innocence merely made her fragile. Her fragility made Blackhawk stiffer by the second.

"Can't you put him in day care? Alternatively, in friends' care?" he asked, flipping the pen between his fingers; he closed his eyes in prayer.

She sighed. "You know I don't have friends here. Besides...he's too young to be at daycare."

I fucking knew it.

The entire fucking world can't function because; he's too young. He can't fucking sleep throughout the night because he's still young; he needs taking care of. He can't utter a curse within his own home; because he's too young. Fucking hell! She wants him to spend the day at the station. Where he'll hear many curses? The boy might as well be nestled under the hands of a pastor.

"You know that a precinct is not a place for a baby?" he hoped she'll take the bait.

"We're outside.” And there goes the string, bait and all.

• • •

"He just ate. Feed him in the next two hours," Clarissa fixed the nursery bag on his right shoulder.

She raised her brow and pointed a firm finger against his chest. "He's going to need a nap after. Make sure it's quiet."

"He will need tum–"

Blackhawk raised his hand. "Trust me," he said.

Clarissa nodded and inhaled sharply. "Okay, I'll see you at home."

Standing on her tippy toes, she placed a delicate kiss on her baby's forehead before stepping back. Ready to leave, Blackhawk tugged on her arm and pulled her into his side. She gasped, resting her palm flat to his chest as she stared up into his eyes.

"Don't I get a goodbye kiss?"

Blushing Clarissa stepped on her toes and brought her mouth close to his. Blackhawk reaches down and in one leap, his mouth enclosed hers in a passionate kiss. He kissed her. She kissed him back. His tongue entangling with hers. His warmth surrounding hers. His arm snaking her waist and pressed it tightly into his side. He didn't want to let go. If it weren't for Josiah, he would've dropped the world and smother every inch of her body with love.

He grazed her ear. "Fuck, Clarissa."

Palms flat to his chest, she pulled back, breathing heavily. "No cursing." She smiled and stepped back.

Blackhawk rolled his eyes and reached down to collect the car seat. She bites her lip. "Okay then. Thanks."

He watched her leave.

The woman in his life. The woman he loves. The woman whose body he will ravish that night. Glancing down, Josiah squirmed in his arm, burying his face deeper. He blew hot kisses against Blackhawk's neck and deep down, he knew that the child would find out. At that moment he couldn't care less. The boy would grow up with him in his life. Until he decides who he will accept in his future.

He winced at the sound of the man, he dreaded to see. Turning around, he came face to face with the asshole who couldn't follow a fucking order. "Blackhawk!"

His knuckles turned white as he powered his grip on the car seat. "What do you want?"

"I have new information."

"What about?" Blackhawk asked.

Richard stepped closer. His eyes drifted to the snoring baby cuddled in Blackhawk's arms. "Turns out, Yola was pregnant."

"We already know that."

Richard shook his head. "No. She's pregnant with Davis's baby."

Blackhawk scrunched his eyebrows, looking down at the man. "How do you know?"

Richard clasped his hand together and shifted his hips. "Tuesday night, Yola's shift ended, right. Then she gets into this white car parked next to my truck."


Richard thrusts his hand into the air. The other, posing on his hip. "And she gets in the passenger's seat," he exasperated. “Get this; the man in the driver's seat turns out to be Davis."

Blackhawk set his jaw. "You got that from him being the baby daddy?"

"Nah! He's the beef; she leans in and kisses him. Not like a peck, it's a full fucking tornado!"

"Shut your mouth," he sneered.

Richard smirked upon eyeing the baby. "Since when?"

Blackhawk sighed, itching to rub his temples. The man was nothing more than a fucking headache. "Don't act like we're friends."

"Anyway, they smooch and he breaks off saying that he missed her and sh–I mean crap?" he said. "She asks him if he got the goods. He says he got the entire package–"

"Why are we talking about his package?" Blackhawk asked.

"Not his package. The baby's nursery and whatever."

"He could help you know?"

Richard shook his head. "Nah. He talked about baby names and how his toes are curling for his baby girl."

Blackhawk winced. The man's grammar had a knock on him. Clearly, the snitch has a viable theory. However, would that theory lead them in the right direction? Blackhawk couldn't help but wonder as his brain wrapped around the central idea of Davis's disappearance, only to make sense for a guilty man to run. He'll talk it through with Kate.

"Get out of here." Blackhawk swirled past Richard, towards the office.

"Not even a thank you!"

Blackhawk stopped and masked his best neutral expression.

"That information would've been valid the first time around."

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