Staying With Her

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Clarissa held her breath and kept her eyes closed. As soon as they walked in the door, he kissed her hard and pushed her up against the wall. Her hands raised above her head and his other took her neck. He squeezes and deepens the kiss as if he cannot get enough.

There's something about the way he touched her that night, rustling with commands only spoken by the flesh of worked hands. His eyes were the shade the sky possessed from dawn until dusk. His pupils have exploded to fill so much of his eye it almost seemed he'd demonized his soul. He slid his hands on her arms and there are shivers throughout down her back and over her ass. He nibbled on her ear and neck, electrolyzing shrieks from her delicate body.

A hand led her to the bedroom. He closed the door with a quiet click and turned the lock. Clarissa heaved her way over to the bed. He's never been that quiet before. Never had commanded her to the bedroom with eyes that challenged her to blink and meet the ends. Her clothes fell off, leaving her in a pair of satin underwear. His hands moved along every inch of her flesh and came smooth against her heated skin. Making it seem like he's barely touching her.

"Ass up, face down."

She'd done as she's been told–back arched, knees spread and ass pointed to the ceiling. In a flash, he gripped her midnight locks and fastened them around his hands. A blast of wind moved over her wet folds, expressing shock waves all over her body. Then grew a beast who fought against the wind with a mighty bulge that strained hard against her garden, blooming her seeds.

"You follow orders beautifully, baby," he growled and dropped at her ear and whispered. “It's time to play."

She felt him move away, accompanied by the clink of metal. She hadn't dared to raise her head nor did she speak; she was a good girl. Following orders with a reward in tow. A second later came the first sting. A sharp sensation that began to fade with the catalytic wind. His hand smoothed over her ass, gripped her flesh and spanked. Then came a deeper, duller thud that was forceful. Clarissa shifted up the bed with every spank. Every burn and every cry. He moved to the front of the bed and grabbed er ghosted hands and locked them to the bedpost.

"Are you afraid?"

"No," she gasped.

The cuffs clicked against her skin. "You should be," he growled, yanking off her lace.

The sound of a belt and slacks hit the floor with a thud. He stood between her parted legs rubbing his endowed shaft along her starving mound. She let out a deep moan moving her hips grinding against his shaft. His cock had to be her favorite thing about him aside from the man nurturing it. Black spots came to the edge of her vision before he finally let go. She sucked in a few deep breaths of air coughing once or twice. She gripped the posts as he rode her.

His hand found her hair. Grip and pull as he simultaneously slid out a portion and drilled his sword deep inside. Each thrust picked up speed, effective collision with a clank of cuffs and force the longer he stopped her breathing. Her pussy walls clamped down on his shaft trying to hold him there as honey steadily dropped from her core between them.

He moved his hand up to palm her breast as he pounded into her. "Come for me baby."

Her entire body shook uncontrollably and her voice started to crack from the deep moan coming from inside her chest. She explodes around him milking his cock. The feel of her warm honey stirred his energy to release and fill her up to the brim. Pulling out, Blackhawk freed her hands and rolled them up into a puddle of a pleasurable night.

Clarissa moved in and captured his mouth, then pulled away as she stared into his once again-leaves of a summer's day. She chuckled and slid her hand to grope her burning ass. "What was that?"

Blackhawk laughed deeply, burrowing his head between the valley of her breast and pecking them. "A flogger."

The vibration of his words had her body thrusting forward with a gasp of urgent desire. A smile whipped onto Clarissa's face as she lured his in for another smoldering kiss. Their tongues moved in harmony and breathe mingled with hunger. Her small hands felt like feathers against his skin, caressing the mark left behind on his forehead and her lips 'oh so gentle' like a cushion. He couldn't believe his state of mind, all just a dream produced by lust. However, her next words had him stoned.

"I love you Adriel."

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