Staying With Her

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His shoulders tensed as he came to a halt. That voice. He'd never thought–dreamt of hearing the slithering sound of the deadliest woman alive. Her footsteps became louder the closer she got. Her five-inch Prada Suede Platform Pumps clicked against the marble flooring with every sway. Her bulky hips sashayed and had every officer in the narrow hallway suffocating with the tightness of their pants.

Just the touch of her fingertips grazing at his black cotton long sleeve tee–nearly ripping the neckline on her way to his partially exposed chest had his blood boiling. She twirled a few peppered hairs as she stood before him. He couldn't help but groan at the toxicity of her touch.

He shoved her hands to her sides. "Officer Blackhawk."

Kate cleared her throat and fixed her height. She was almost as tall as him with the help of the death gripping Prada. "Oh please, no need to be childish," she chuckled, fixing his unbuttoned neckline with a slight pat.

Blackhawk raised an eyebrowa and bent down a few centimeters. "I'm not the one playing cat and mouse."

Kate gritted her teeth. "I–"

He held up his hand and lifted to his full height. "Do not speak unless spoken to."

His hands gripped the doorknob as they pushed into the room where Davis awaits their interrogation. The man jumped in his seat and mouth, forming an O–only to be silenced by the roughness of Blackhawk's palm.

"This is my domain boy," he said. "Speak when you're spoken to." He sat down with his chest against the back of the metallic chair and legs spread.

"Where were you the night the two waitresses died?" she asked.

Davis glanced at the officer with a scowl.

Blackhawk bit his lip as he held back a groan. "Answer the woman."

Davis cleared his throat and dragged his attention towards Kate. "I-I was at home," he said. “In bed."

"Got an alibi for that?" she asked.

Davis blinked. "Yes–"

"No, you don't," Blackhawk inquired. “You want to know why?" Davis gulped. “Your wife said your ass wasn't home until the next morning," he presumed.

Davis paused. "I was at the Lava Lounge. Drove Yola home and I—" he swallowed. "I went back to the bar."

"You don't love your bed?" Blackhawk asked.

"We're having problems," he murmured.

"What? You weren't manly enough for women ten years your senior?" he asked. "That’s why you killed them?"

His fist collided with the table. "I did not kill them!".

"We found your DNA under both the victims' fingernails," Kate said.

"Haven't you ever clawed at his back whilst having sex?" Davis smirked at the agitated officer raising his brow. "The air is thick."

"Watch your mouth."

Kate gasped. "What example are you setting for your son?"

"Debra's childless," he said. "You wanna put me away for love? Go ahead, I'm guilty as charged baby." His body dipped into the chair and spread his legs underneath the table.

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