Staying With Her

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Chapter THREE

Stumbling into his apartment, he slammed into the side table. With each move, there was the creak of aged bones. At his age, life has stopped giving and only took away.

He stumbled into the kitchen and collected a cold water bottle and savoredits freshness. He dropped onto the couch and looked at the black screen set up to the industrial wall. The apartment gave him hope. Its vibrancy had him feeling young again.

The house was quiet—the way he wanted it. After devouring the young woman in the back of his car, he wished her goodnight and made his way home. She made him feel wild. Like a powerful man. It's been three weeks since he'd gotten laid. And when he had picked up the sample of a young pussy, he couldn't stop lapping up all she'd offered.

His cock stirred inside his pants. He beats at not bringing her home for runs of rounds. God! He called for a release. He could still feel her tender skin against his. His cock stiffening inside her as he filled the condom.

He made it to his room.

The room was dark as most of the components—his duvet, curtains, and pillows. He stripped down into the warmth of his bed. His eyes closed and hand travelled south to envelop his engored cock. What should he imagine? The blonde beneath him or the magnificent triplets? Either way, he would come soon. He desired a pussy. Then came an arm draped around his torso. His hand stilled on his cock. What the fuck? Blackhawk angles his head to the side. Perhaps he's imagining it. The arousal for a woman had him becoming delusional. But, the faintest smell of lavender clouded his nostrils.

It must've been the cocktail. With the move of his hand, the arm tightened to his waist. His eyes shot open and his body launched forward, reaching for the bedside lamp. There she was. A woman, in his bed, raven hair and soft skin. Had it answered his prayers? Was she here? If only, his cock were to burst.

Her fingertips were electric. They must be, for wherever they touched his skin, it tingled in a frenzy of static. Out of pure lust, he moved over the woman and buried his head into her neck. His right hand dropped to her waist, noticing the lack of clothing. His fingers stroked the skin and bites her neck. The woman beneath him stirred in her sleep and woke with a feathery kiss and electric touch.

Her hands moved up and brought his lips to hers. His moans into the urging kiss. He reached for her lace clade pussy. Oh, how he'd love to eat her out. And that's what he did. He makes his way between her parted thighs and ripped off the lace before bringing it to his nose. It smelt young, sweet and innocent.

He got to her cunt and gave it one lingering lick with his tongue. Her moans were exquisite, and he gave her another seductively long, deliberate lick. Lick after lick had her growing wetter, and her moans went on and on. He slipped in a quick stab of the tip of his tongue to the hood covering her clit. She jerked with the action, and he went back to the wide licks.

Gently, he sucked her lips into his mouth and ran his tongue through the deep folds. She gripped onto his hair. Her high pitch filled her constant moans and she released a stream of hot cream. He lapped them up greedily and kissed his way to her stomach, grabbing one breast into his mouth. He nipped, gripped and sucked, hardening them.

Moving his hand down, he circled her sensitive clit with his finger. She moaned louder and gripped onto the sheets. He then moved his finger inside, feeling her walls clench around it. Fuck! She was tight. He wiggled his finger, finding the spongy spot at the top, and give it a good push, making her scream.

"Oh, God!"

Blackhawk pulled out and licked her sweetness off his coated fingers. Her hands grabbed his face, inching it up for a kiss. Her hands clawed at his back. When she thought, he gave her enough. He tugged down his underwear and wordlessly with one hard thrust pushed his pulsating cock into her tight mound.

He growled and gripping her hips. "Fuck!"

He moved his cock that filled her entirely almost all the way out, then slowly pushed it back in. When he pierced her, she cried out. He thrusts deeply. She wrapped her legs around him, desperate for him to go deeper. Her fingernails dug into him as he filled her. She arched up with his pull to her right nipple and his teeth against it. She cried out as he released her with an audible pop.

He hadn't had this kind of arousal before. The energy was beyond expectations. He fucked her with need and possessiveness. A moment after, he felt her shuddering and moved his hand to her clit, he rubbed her until she clenched out her release. He tore into her, firmly as she rode her orgasm. He trembled with a sound mixed between a growl and groan and hot salty liquid poured into her, his hips stilled.

Blackhawk breathes heavily and collapsed on top of the woman. Heavy or not, he had to catch his breath. He didn't release that many in years. Even blonde Cheryl only pulled out a small portion of his semen. Pulling out, he fell onto the mattress beside her and they shared a passionate kiss. Her lips felt soft, and her tongue had his semi-erect cock stirring again.

"Shit, baby..."

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