Staying With Her

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Chapter NINE

Clarissa clamped her thighs around his head, trapping him between her legs. With a groan, he thrust them apart before worshiping her blissful lips. His tongue weaved between her pink lips, moistened her opening before picking at it and jabbing of his tongue had her thrusting on the bed.


"Please w-what," he murmured. The vibration of his words had her pussy aching. Her walls opening and closing on their own accord, granting his greedy tongue entry.

She gasped, fisting the satin sheets as she swayed her hips, swallowing his face with her rosy garden. "Sh-hit! Adriel don't st-top..."

He had her on heat. Her pale skin flushed like a white sheet crumbling under a hot flame. Her breathing–ragged and encouraging as Blackhawk clamped his mouth around her, sucking. The action drove her wild and began to thrust around the sheets like a possessed woman being eaten upon by a demon, lapping at her juices. Blackhawk roamed his hands around her thighs, locking them and gluing her mound to his face.

He can't get enough of her. Her present was delightful. Toasted sugar. Like his favorite Rum. Pulling her lips between his teeth, he made her bite her lower lip, stifling her shouts. Glancing down at her beetroot pussy, he hadn't deserted a single drop. Then, the unimaginable happen. She squirted. Gushes of sugary streams broke through her walls and covered his face. Like a maniac, he delved down and drained the river out of her.

"Fuck, baby!"

He peers from between her legs and her hands itched to capture his cock— to suck him dry and swallow his batter. Blackhawk stood and unbuckled his pants. He was half-naked. Her orgasm leaked from his face. The thin material guarded the only thing she needed to bob in front of her. His hands fumbled with his belt like a droplet falling from a leaf. He taunted her. Teased her. Punished her. He loved every second watching her thrust on the bed and squirm with desirable needs.

She looked like a darling. Dark long hair waved over the pillow, pale skin kissed with flushed roses and eyes blue with the depth of passion. Mystery and power. The power she had on him was indescribable. One look and he was a goner. One-touch and he was thick with lust. He was under her spell. Under her. Beneath her. On top of her.

"Stop teasing me and get over here," she whimpered.

Smirking, he said. "Patience baby."

Zipping down his pants, it went down along with his briefs. His flaming cock sprung free and the head, dripping with pre-cum and the girth, pumping rapid flows of blood through his veins leading to a twitch. It looked delicious. She requires nothing more than to taste him. Surround him with her mouth. Graze her teeth down its length, whilst she kneads his sack.

"He will wake up soon."

"The boy sleeps like a rock," he said.

Rolling her eyes, she watched him walk up in front of her, leaning forward so that his throbbing cock laid against her smooth stomach on top of her navel. The contact of warmth on her skin made her moan. She pressed her head deeper into the pillow and couldn't help but scream once her aching breast filled his mouth. Her supple breast was like cake melting into his mouth and milk oozed from her erected buds and the soft velvety flesh had him wanting to feast on it forever.

His tongue swiped up her areola before vacuuming it deeper into his mouth. It was painfully pleasurable. Her hands raked his peppered hair, gripping onto it as he drank her.

She gasped. "Leave some for Josiah."

He released her with an audible pop. "I don't share," he delves down to the other breast.

"He needs to-to eat... Oh, God!" She clamped her legs and her hands pressed into his head as the arousal between her legs burned with the urge of release.

"Get him on the formula."

"He's too young," she said.

"My nieces have been on the formula since four months," he murmured into her flesh.

"What about your sisters?"

His mouth detached themselves from her swollen breast as he stared into her eyes. "Never mention my sisters during sex."

He settled his cock at her mound and she could barely utter an apology as he began to thrust. Her walls clenched around half of his shaft as the burning arouse traveled through her body.

He gripped onto her hips. "Open for me."

He then shifted his hips backward, leaving the tip inside her, he pounded his entire length into her. Filling her. Clarissa's mouth opened with an 'O' as he stretched her. He pumped into her, slowly at first, until her grimaces of pain melted into an expression of ecstasy. It wasn't long before her hips lifted off the mattress, and she met him, stroke for stroke, eager to take every inch of his cock.

"Come, baby."

She gave a final cry and convulsed. He felt her inner muscles clamp tight around his shaft. An instant later, the warm rush of her orgasm bathed him from the root to tip. She writhed from the unsettling pleasure and pain, paralyzed by the weight pinning her to the bed. As she exploded, he followed suit. Warmth flooded her pussy as Blackhawk's cock pulsed, hot liquid pumping into her as streams of semen entered her.

He rested his head on her stomach and shut his eyes at the loss of energy and raised as she inhaled a mass of air before releasing it into the cloud mixed of sweat and sex. Her hands found his head, bringing her delicate fingers through his hair as she closed her eyes for a moment. Then came the piercing of her baby screaming for milk that he'd sucked out of her. Blackhawk groaned and pulled out.

"Go to him."

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