Dangerous Secrets

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Sky is a young girl that has been caught up in many of her mom get married schemes. Luna, Sky mom has convinced her this time, this marriage is real, and it will be her last. In between a rock and a hard spot, Sky tags along. What she thought would be another simple scheme ended up being the total opposite. Instead, secrets were created with a dangerous man.

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Chapter 1

I was pissed off at my mom once again for bringing me in her drama. Ever since my father decided he didn’t want to be a family with us when I was thirteen she’s been on a path of destruction. We came home one day; the locks were changed, and our belongings were on the front lawn. He had moved his pregnant secretary in and that was it. She was heartbroken and that’s when our life started to go downhill. She’s been married five times and inviting men in and out of our house since I was ten. There were times she would try and work. But she would always end up quitting or getting fired. I tried working at a small diner taking little hours after I got out of high school working like a slave on the weekends. She wasn’t taking the money and paying the bills but shopping and living her life. I’ve always stayed around because of her constant guilt trips.

“Sky you can’t leave me. I am a diabetic, you are the only family I have.” I am eighteen now and I still don’t know who my dad is. Now I’m sitting in the back of a limo fuming hot that she decided to let our apartment go and move in with this old ass man because he decided to ask her to marry him. My mom is very stupid, but she’s never let our home go. I knew this wasn’t going to work, it never does. I hadn’t got many scholarships, but I managed to get enough to at least pay for my first two years of college. I would stay here for the summer but as soon as school started I was out, and I wasn’t going to look back. I don’t care how my mom was going to feel.

“How much longer? We’ve been in here for an hour now!”

“Calm down Sky! Don’t you dare think about ruining this for me with your brattish ways! They live in the countryside and that may just do your fast behind some good!”

“Really? You want to pass judgment right now?”

She scoffed and rolled her eyes while looking down at her perfectly manicured nails. I don’t know what type of man she got this time. But she has a brand-new wardrobe, a Mercedes Benz and a pocket full of money. I couldn’t be too ungrateful though! I am eighteen, she didn’t have to let me go with her. But I was upset that I was going to be far away from town. She was tired of me drinking and partying. I knew she wouldn’t let me drive her brand-new car. I drank and occasionally smoked. I wanted to get all of this out of me before I went to college. The last two years of my life had been stressful. I had to listen to my mom and her ex-husband fuck each other brains and when they weren’t doing that they were doing drugs together. She swore to me that was she done but I didn’t believe her. She never kept any promise.

“We are here.“, she smiled and straighten her short skirt. “Now look at me Sky!”

I turned to my mom, ready for the millionth pep talk. She didn’t have to worry about me supposedly sabotaging this relationship. I wouldn’t hint to the man that all she wanted was his money. No matter how much she pissed me off I wouldn’t cause problems for her. I was going to let her ruin this all on her own. Karma has a way of catching us off guard.

“What mom?”

She rolled her eyes at me, “Despite what you think of me and my history with men. I love this man. He is so kind and accepting of me. I’ve told him everything about me.”

“Everything?“, I shook my head. I didn’t believe one word that was coming out of her mouth.

“Sky I told him everything. This is a fresh start, please do not make this difficult for me. He has opened his home up not only to me but you. He’s excited for you to meet his children.”

“What?” I was pissed now. “You never said anything about me having siblings.”

“Get out.”

Unbelievable! She didn’t wait for me to move as she crossed over me. I glared at her as she fixed her clothes. My mom was forty-eight, but you wouldn’t be able to tell. She doesn’t even look like she’s addicted to drugs. She’s 5′7 with naturally wavy black hair with hints of brown hair. She has perky breast and a natural ass. I’m convinced that she had one of her men pay for a breast lift. Her skin is flawless, and she has the prettiest hazel eyes. I loved my mom and I truly wanted her to be happy, but she would always be the gold-digging, druggie, selfish ass person to me. I was just a tag alone.

I finally took my eyes off her to admire the big house that was standing in front of us. The house was massive and like nothing I had ever seen before. The driveway along was a sight to see. There were so many bright flowers, beautiful stones, and a massive water fountain. Harken was engraved on the bottom of the fountain. My mom began walking and like the idiot I am I followed. It wasn’t long before the huge French doors opened. I tried my hardest to keep a straight face. A nurse I’m assuming pushed an elderly white man in a wheelchair towards my mom. Really mom? She didn’t say anything about this man is white. He has to at least be in his late sixties.

“Declan honey!“, she ran to him. “I am so happy to see you.” I watched them exchange hugs and very intimate kisses. She moved to the side; he was very handsome. Now that I was up close I expected to see tons of wrinkles, but his face barely had any.

“Sky.“, he spoke kindly. “I am so glad that you are here. Your mother brags so much on you.”

I smiled, “Thank you. I’m sure a lot of is exaggerated.”

“Don’t be modest.“, he took my hand gently and gave it a firm but comforting squeeze. “It is fine to be proud of your accomplishments and the many good deeds you do. My children will love you. Delaney is not here at the moment but Decla is. She has prepared a very nice lunch for us.

I didn’t want to know his children to be honest. But I wouldn’t be rude. He seemed like a nice person. I was just in a bad mood because this is not my first situation with my mom. I was tired of living a life like this. The house smells like clean linen and lavender. I expected it to be full of expensive vases and furniture, but it was very homey, and the decor was simple. There were leather couches and chairs, medium-sized tv’s, hardwood floors and family pictures hanging on the walls. I felt Declan squeeze my hand.

“Is this not what you expected?”

I blushed, embarrassed that I had been caught examining the house. “I expected something a lot fancier. But this is nice, you have a very warm and welcoming home.”

“Thank you. Money can change people. It has never been important to me. If you don’t have family, none of these things matter.”

I smiled and lightly squeezed his hand, “I agree.” I believe I’m going to get along well with him.


My eyes landed on a tall, red-haired woman with beautiful green eyes. She wore shorts that were slightly above her knees and a simple white tee. I don’t know how she made that plain outfit look so nice. I could tell that she had some reservations, her body language told it all as she tried to be the perfect hostess. I smiled as she walked over and extended her hand.

“I am Decla, it is nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you as well. I am Sky.”

“Well, Sky I hope you enjoy sandwiches, salads, fruits, and cheese. I’ve prepared plenty of it.”


Lunch went better than expected. We had lunch on their deck that was over their private lake. These people were loaded, I don’t know how my mom I thought that Decla was going to be high saddity, but she was pretty quiet and allowed my mother and her father to do most of the talking. I understand why she was concerned; my mom was a young black woman who was after his money. They shared a connection that was obvious but so what? My mom had liked plenty of men but was truly just concerned with what they could do for her.

“I know you must be exhausted Sky and ready to unpack.”

“I am.“, I was trying to be polite and sit here and talk with them. But once Decla had excused herself I had wanted to do the same.

“Decla had to go and pick up her daughter from daycare. She has a stomachache. I’m sorry that she couldn’t say goodbye.”

“No, it is fine. She prepared lunch, that was very nice of her.”

My mom patted my back. I’m sure she was so proud of me, I’m never nice. “Baby the butler will show you to your room. You’ll be sharing upstairs with Delaney.”


My mom gave me a warning look, but she hadn’t said that anyone would be living here besides us. “Sky you must be so tired. Remember we discussed this on the way here.”

Declan smiled, “Don’t worry. Delaney works very hard and late. Besides that, he’s very quiet. You will be very happy with upstairs. He designed and renovated the entire house.”

My mom is a fucking liar, but I wasn’t in the mood to argue with her. I just wanted to get settled and call Anna. I needed a lot of drinks. I knew my summer was going to be very long. My mom continued talking but I tuned her out. She was so damn deceitful, and it didn’t make any sense. The butler quickly showed up outside. He was polite as he guided me the beautiful staircase. There was a massive door at the top. The butler turned around and handed me a key.

“Mr. Delaney wants the door locked at all times. Please keep up with your key he will become very upset if you misplace Your room is the second door on the right and your luggage is already there.

I slowly placed the key inside of the knob. I had a bad feeling about this, but I just shook it off. I’m just tired and agitated at my mom. Nothing that some good music and tequila shots couldn’t fix. I didn’t feel like exploring the top floor. I went straight to the second door and I couldn’t help but smile. My room was the size of my old living room. It was a nice grey bed in the middle with the softest turquoise sheets and comforter I had ever felt. I was getting ready to jump on my bed when Anna facetime me.

“Spill the beans bitch!”

I giggled, “Really Anna?”

“Spill it! I’ve been waiting for you to answer the phone since you text me and told me you would be sharing an upstairs with him. What does he look like? I need a new dick.”

I laughed, “From the way his father describes him he seems like a workaholic. He didn’t say how old he was, so I am imagining an old ass man who has daddy issues.”

“But is he fine?”

I scoffed, “I’ve never met him. I’m not weird like you so I didn’t ask for pictures”

“I’m going to fuck him.”

I laughed “He could be in his forties and bald!”

“I am fucking him.”

I laughed and continued to unpack and settle my things in the correct spot. Anna was worse than me. She loved to smoke, drink, dance, and fuck! She preferred to fuck over anything.

“Your closet is huge.”

“Yes and I don’t have half the clothes to fill it up.”

“Show me your bathroom.”

I flipped the camera so that it was facing me, “Anna why can’t you just wait to see everything when you come over?”

“You need some weed and wine? You are so grouchy right now!”

I laughed, “My mom went through my bags and threw all of it away! She even found my vodka! I don’t get her! She can do all the drugs and fuck all the married and old ass men, but I can’t even drink!”

“I can come and get you and we can get pretty lit tonight?”

“No. I’ve already been into it with my mom. Just bring everything here. You need to leave now because it’s like an hour away, well probably forty minutes with the way you drive.”

She rolled her eyes at my sarcasm, “Text me the address I still want you to wear something sexy whore.”

“You are going to have me in so much trouble, Anna.”

“Oh well! I’m wearing shorts tonight.”
“Great! I don’t call what I have shorts, they are more like the ones Megan the stallion has been wearing.“, I giggled.

I sat my phone down and began to strip. Anna had seen me naked several times.

“Bitch those pierced nipples are beautiful.”

I laughed, “I think so too. I’m glad I decided to go ahead and get them done.”

“We should get out pussy done tonight.”

I frowned, “I don’t know about that one. But look I’m going to get in the shower. Just hurry up and come. I’ve already sent you the address.”

I couldn’t wait for Anna to come over. She is my biggest supporter. She lives to make me laugh and smile. Anna is the sister I never had. It was getting late and I wanted to turn up. There was no sign of the old ass man and I was glad. I hoped he wouldn’t be a goody two shoe. I planned to get so high and drunk tonight. I plugged my phone up so that it would have enough juice to last me for at least a couple of hours. If my mom did find out that I had left I didn’t want her blowing me up the entire night.

I opened the bathroom door and got the shock of my life. I couldn’t scream or move. My feet were planted to the ground and I couldn’t tear my eyes off what was hanging long in between this man legs. There were only three words that described it. Long. Thick. Pretty. I take it back, maybe four. I’m sure it’s delicious. My tongue involuntary swipe my lips. This can’t be my stepbrother.

He was extremely tall, at least 6′3. He has pretty green eyes, slightly plump pink lips, thick eyebrows, his nose had a slight crook and his jaw. It was perfect! His beard and mustache only made him look more, dangerous. It wasn’t too thick or long. I had never seen a man with an eight pack ever. The line of red hair that softly trailed down his stomach to his navel. Sky leave now! I am making a fool of myself, but I can’t move.

He was standing there naked with droplets of water running down his chest from his wet long hair. I watched him as he grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist, never taking his eyes off me. I gulped as he slowly began walking towards me. He stopped right in front of me.

“Start paying attention. If you would’ve listened to your mom you would’ve heard her when she said that both our rooms are connected to the bathroom. We share this bathroom.” I felt like a complete idiot standing there, staring at him and not saying anything. The horny demon inside of me, couldn’t take my eyes off him and his nice body. Just as I had looked at him, he was now doing the same. He frowned as his eyes lingered on my breast.

“You should take those out, they aren’t attractive.” I was so caught up in him standing directly in front of me. It didn’t dawn on me that he had just insulted me until he was out of the bathroom and back in his room.

“Asshole.“, I muttered more to myself.

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