Falling For The Bad Boy

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Chapter 9

As the weeks went by, Cole and I were getting closer, and soon our relationshp grew stronger. He was exactly the kind of guy I wanted to be with. Sweet, kind, funny, and sensitive.

We were still taking things slow, but we weren't afraid to show others how we felt.

"Hey, Alexa," Emma said Friday at lunch as she walked up to our table.

"Hey, girl. What's up?"

'I just heard Cole's friend, Josh, is having a party this weekend. Everyone's invited."

"Cool. You goin'?"

"Yeah. Um, I kinda have a little crush on him. You should come, too."

"Uh, I don't know. The last time I went to a party, I puked in front of everyone and embarrassed myself."

When Kyle and I were together, I would go to the team parties with him. There was no parent supervision, and all the drinks had alcohol in them. I wouldn't say I was a goody-two-shoes, but I was cautious about drinking anything that would get me buzzed. Especially since I was a designated driver.
The last party we went to, I was very careful not to drink anything with alcohol, so I brought my own soda. After about an hour, Kyle said he had to make a phone call. I was nervous he left me alone, but I knew he would be back soon, so I tried to stay calm.
When I wasn't looking, someone slipped something in my drink without me knowing. When I went to take a sip, I immediately felt sick. All of a sudden, I started heaving. Before I knew it, I was barfing in front of everyone. When I was done, I saw everyone staring at me, flabbergasted.
Then they all started laughing.
"Guess she can't handle her alcohol," I heard someone say.
I was embarrassed and furious. Where was Kyle when I needed him?
When I got home, I ran to my room and laid on my bed. I felt so stupid and humiliated. I vowed never to go to another party again.

"Aww, come on, Alexa," Emma said, puttung her hand on my shoulder. "You can't let one bad experience at some lame party stop you from having fun. Josh never has alcohol at his parties. And besides, you'll be with Cole. He'll protect you."
"I guess you're right. Okay, I'll go."
When Cole and I arrived at Josh's house, I noticed a lot of cars in the driveway and on the sides of the street.
"There are a lot of people here. And his house is huge."
"Well, he did invite the whole senior class."
"Yeah. Let's go in."
As we walked inside, I saw Josh walk up to us.
"Hey. Cole, my man. Glad you could come."
"Great party, Josh," Cole said. "You really went all out."
"Just wait until graduation. That party is gonna be epic."
As they continued talking, Josh noticed me looking down nervously.
"And who's this?"
"Um, hi. I'm Alexa."
"Ah, so you're the girl Cole can't stop talking about."
"Haha, yeah. Sorry."
"It's cool. It's nice to see him happy and smiling again."
"Well, uh, I'm glad I'm the one who lifted his spirits. Um, Cole, can we go dance?"
"Uh, yeah. Sure, Alexa."
As we danced, I felt kinda nervous, and Cole sensed it, too.
"Are you okay, Alexa? Emma told me how you feel about parties."
"Uh, yeah. It's just that, um, Josh made me a little nervous. I'm sorry. I know he's your friend."
"It's okay. But you have nothing to worry about. He's like that with all the girls. But he's right. Being with you has made me happier. In fact, um, do you wanna go outside with me?"
"Uh, sure."
He led me outside, and he took my hand as we sat on the bench in the gazebo.
Suddenly, I was feeling more nervous than before. And I could tell Cole was nervous, too.
"Cole, is everything okay?"
"Yeah. Um, Alexa, I really like you. You're sweet and kind and smart. And you've been a really good friend. You've made me happier than I've been in a long time. Ever since I started hanging out with you I have become more and more attracted to you. And I know you weren't sure you wanted anything more than a friendship, and you weren't ready for a relationship. But when you were, you gave me a chance."
As he said that, my heart felt like it had butterflies. As I looked down, I saw a small rectangular box in his hand.
"Alexa, I'm really glad you gave me a chance. Kyle was stupid to have let you go. Any guy would be lucky to have you, and I'm lucky to be with you. I know we've only been going out a few months, and we agreed to take things slow. But, um, I think I'm ready to take things to the next level. Alexa, will you be my girlfriend?"Oh, Cole. Of course I will."
When I said that, he started grinning from ear to ear. He opened the box, and inside was a gold, heart-shaped necklace
"Oh my god, Cole. It's beautiful."
He put the necklace around my neck, and we shared our first kiss. It was perfect. His lips were so perfectly moist, and his tongue danced around in my mouth so gently.
"Hey, guys," Emma called out. "Josh made brownies. And they're delicious. Come get some before they're all gone."
Way to ruin the moment, Emma, I thought.
"Well, I guess we'd better go in," Cole said. "Come on, girlfriend."
"Haha, lead the way, boyfriend."
We held hands as we walked inside. When Emma looked down, she immediately pulled me aside.
"Cole just asked me to be his girlfriend."
"Whoo hoo! I'm so happy for you guys."
"Thanks, girl. Now where are those brownies?"
When I got to the kitchen, I found Cole munching on a brownie. He looked so adorable with chocolate crumbs around his mouth. I couldn't help staring at him. I felt so lucky to be with him.
"You like the view?" he asked as he walked over to me.
"Maybe," I said, winking at him. "I'm thinking how lucky I am. Is that a problem?"
"Of course it's not. Wanna go dance some more?"
"I thought you'd never ask."

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