Falling For The Bad Boy

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Chapter 7

I was glad Cole and I were hanging out again. And I was starting to really like him. I even told him about what happened with Kyle, and that was why I freaked out when we were at the beach.

“I just don’t know if I’m ready to get back out there. He hurt me so bad, and I’m just afraid of getting hurt again.”

“I know how you feel, Alexa. I feel the same way. Ever since I broke up with Abby, I’ve been afraid to open my heart to anyone else. And I’m sorry Kyle did that to you. And you had to find out in the worst possible way right before your one-year-anniversary. That’s awful.”

“Yeah. But my best friend, Maddie, helped me through it. And you and Emma helped me through it, too. Now I’m happy, and I’m completely over him.”

“Yeah. I’m over Abby, too. You and Emma are the best friends I could ever have.”

“I feel the exact same way.”

I couldn’t have asked for better friends than Emma and Cole. I felt that nothing could get in the way of our friendship.

But little did I know that not everyone would be so happy.

While Emma and I were talking by my locker Wednesday morning, I saw none other than Abby and her minions stomping up to us.

“What do you want, Miss Slutty Pants?” Emma said through clenched teeth.

“Well, I came to warn Alexa one last time to stay away from Cole. He’s mine.”

“He’s our friend, Abby. And besides, he wouldn’t get back together with you in a million years. You’re not his type.”

“So what is his type?” You?” she asked, looking me up and down.


“Hahaha. Yeah, right. Like he would go out with someone like you. He loves me. Just you wait. I will get him back. Stay away from Cole.” As she said that, she turned on her heels and stomped away.

“Hey, guys,” Cole said when he walked up to us. “Um, what was that all about?”

“Just Abby being her usual self. Come on, we’d better get to class.”

I didn’t care what Abby said. If I wanted to hang out with Cole, she wasn’t gonna stop me. I really liked him. And I was beginning to think I wanted to give him a chance. She wasn’t gonna get in the way of my happiness.

When I called Emma that night, I told her about my decision.

“That’s great, Alexa. Cole deserves to be happy, and so do you.”

“Thanks, girl. I’m still thinking about it, though.”

“Well, I’ve known Cole my whole life, and I know he would never hurt anyone. He may put on a tough guy facade, but deep down he's a sweet and nice guy."

'Yeah, I know. And maybe you're right. Maybe I should give him a chance. I mean I am completely over Kyle, Thanks to you and Cole. And I have to admit I really like him."

"Well, um, I happen to know he really likes you, too."

"I don't know if I should ask him out, though."

"Hmm. Well we are going to the movies Saturday. Maybe you can ask him then. Or let him ask you. That probably would be better. Considering Abby was the one who asked him out first, and being a gentleman he didn't wanna hurt her feelings and say no."

"Yeah. He is sweet like that. It's good that he ended it, though. If he hadn't, I wouldn't have met him."

"Yeah, that's true. Well, I gotta go. But think about what I said."

"Okay. Bye, girl."

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