Cruel Rejection

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I have been abused, I have been tortured, I have been mocked, I have been broken down mentally and physically and now I have been rejected. I am falling through a dark and endless abyss trying to climb my way out but failing epically. They say there is always a light at the end of that dark tunnel, well where is my light? Where is my happy ending? All I have is this cruel rejection. __________________ Warning: Possible triggers in this story

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Chapter 1.

Main character’s name: (An-I-ees)

"Anaïs where the fuck is my food?!" I woke up to screaming and a punch in the face.

I opened my eyes and tears began to spill down to my cheeks.

"I swear if you cry, I'll hit you harder," My brother Chris threatened.

I nodded my head and wiped my face clear.

He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me out my room and down the stairs. My room wasn't even an actual room; it was more like a closet in the pack house.

As I struggled to get out of his tight grip, he threw me into the kitchen, grabbing a pot and began beating me with it.

"This will teach you to wake up and make breakfast," He said angrily.

I remained in the corner trying to shield my face and prevent the burning tears from falling. Whenever I cried it only angered him more and the hits became harder.

"Chris stop that's enough!" My father yelled.

Chris nodded his head before he gave me a kick in the stomach before exiting the room.

Normally I would be able to heal but after years of constant abuse I've grown weaker.

"What would you like me to cook?" I asked as I tried to calm my bloody nose.

"Waffles, bacon, eggs and lots of bacon," My father responded flatly.

"Yes Beta John." I bowed, blood pattering on the tile floor.

I swiftly cleaned it up before anyone saw. The consequence would be brutal. I was ordered by my father to never call him dad again.

I stuffed napkins up my nose to stop the bleeding and began fixing the food.

Soon wolves began piling into the kitchen, hungry and impatient. Once everyone was served I slipped back upstairs to my makeshift room.

The only thing available were a mattress and my ragged clothes. I laid down on my makeshift bed and looked up at the dark ceiling.

I felt around on the floor and turned the light on. My eyes fell on an old picture of me and the Alpha's twin boys, Xavier and Daniel. 2 years ago something shifted my life upside down. I went from being loved to being the most hated wolf in my entire pack.

"BITCH! Get out here now!!" I heard a screech from the other side of the door.

I slid off the mattress and opened the door to find my cousin Stacy glaring at me.

"Get your ugly ass downstairs and help decorate for the party tomorrow," She snapped.

"Yes Stacy," I said compliant.

She smirked at me as her brown eyes surveyed me up and down.

"I feel sorry for your mate. He'll end up with someone so weak, ugly and useless." She smirked.

I let my head fall as I walked into the living room of the pack house. There were other teenage wolves chatting and laughing as they helped put up the decorations.

Wolves that used to be my friends.

As I walked into the living room all laughter started to die.

"Look, it's the bitch who killed Daniel," I heard someone whisper.

I ignored the comment but that suffocating feeling of shame was making my heart beat harder. As I walked through, I tripped over something and fell face first.

"Oops sorry. You're not gonna kill me like you did Daniel, are you?" Zach smirked.

I stood up quickly and sliently and shuffled out of the room. Embarrassment was no longer a burden. I have been beat like a dog for two years straight. You learn how to hold your tongue in this type of environment. If I were to ever talk out of turn or talk at all, the Alpha would give them permission to inflict any form of torture that pleased them.

I began to blow up balloons and tape up streamers. Luckily, the Luna decided to cook dinner for everyone so I got a chance to slip away from everyone.

I went into my room and sat on the mattress, thinking of the old times when Xavier, Daniel and I were the coolest kids in the pack.

All that changed two years ago when the rogues attacked.


"Danny, what happens if we're not mates?" I asked Daniel as we walked along the lake side.

We've been doing this every night ever since we began dating and we were so sure that we were mates.

"Come on now, everyone agrees we're mates, even Xavier," He chuckled as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

I looked up into his grey eyes and saw nothing but love and affection as he looked down into mine.

"I love you so much," He whispered to me.

I blushed and planted a kiss on his cheek.

There was a rustling in the bushes next to us.

We froze in place.

"Anaïs stay right here," He warned me.

As he walked towards the bushes, a large brown wolf jumped out and tackled him to the ground. It snapped at his face as Daniel tried to shield himself.

There was nothing I could do. I couldn't shift yet and neither could he.

As I ran over to try and help, another wolf came from the bushes and snarled at me. I stayed still and watched as the wolf snapped at Daniel's neck.

"Daniel nooo!!!" I screamed as I watched the wolf sink it's canines deep into his neck. I tried to push the wolf out my way but he snapped at me and pushed me away.

Soon they both ran off into the forest. I ran towards Daniel and fell to the ground.

He was losing so much blood.

I clutched his body as he looked me in the eyes. He brought a bloody hand up to my face and caressed my cheek.

"I love you," He whispered.

"I love you more," I cried. I watched the life slip from his eyes as his body became motionless.

*Flashback Over*

The pack found me hours later still clutching his dead body. There was no one else around to blame and it couldn't have been a rogue attack because it was inside the territory, so they say. Everyone pointed the finger at me. The Alpha and Luna blamed me for the death of their son and Xavier wouldn't even look me in the eye.

I knew then that our friendship was gone.

My parents basically disowned me and my brother began beating me everyday for the murder of his best friend.

As the pack pitied Xavier for his lost, they took their anger out on me.

I'm hoping whoever is truly my mate will take me away from all this pain and misery and let me live happily.


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