A Sudden Change

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Chapter 10. Colt

I drop Shae off at the front door of Brooke’s Grill. I stay parked until she makes it through the doors then pull off into the road. I had another pack member come in earlier and make sure he didn’t smell any shifters in the restaurant and this gives me a little relief at dropping her off. That and the fact I have two memebers, Quill and Blaze, watching both entrances of the small restaurant. No one goes in without them noticing. Given orders to stay far enough away they wouldn’t not be noticed but close enough to catch the scent of each person going in the building.

I drive a few minutes until I reach my destination, an old abandoned building close to the edge of town. I pull my truck behind it away from the road. I step out and glance around to make sure no one is around which, of course there isn’t. There’s no reason anyone would be hanging around this area for. I undress and leave my clothes in the drivers seat. I close the truck door and shift into my wolf. I shake out my fur and stretch my body then take off into the woods. It doesn’t take me long to find the scent I’m looking for. Seems like the rogue is sticking close to town now. His trails lead me back and forth, cross crossing paths for an hour. It leads me to Shae’s cabin, near our pack land, to the restaurant and other areas of town.

I take a moment to rest and think about going back to the truck so I can shift and go check in with Quill and and Blaze when I hear it. A large animal is coming up on me, running. I twist around just in time to see Talon emerged from the brush and come to s skidding stop, dirt flying up in all directions. As soon as he is stopped fully he shifts and I follow.

“What’s wrong?” I ask instantly. Talon’s chest is heaving as he takes in deep breaths and releases them roughly.

“I’ve been trying to find you. One of our men have been attacked. The rogue’s scent is all over him.” Talon says in a rush. His jaw clenches and his hands fist at his sides.

“What? Who was it? When?” I ask in a rush.

“Blaze. Quill called me. When I got there he told me you had given them orders to watch over your mate. Said everything was fine until he heard a loud gasp and when he didn’t hear anything else, went to check on Blaze and he found him under a tree with his throat chewed up.” He pauses as he shakes his head. “He was already starting to heal but he lost a lot of blood still. Maria came with her team and they took him to her office to get a transfusion.” I relax a little knowing he will be okay. Maria will ensue it. She was the pack doctor and her office consisted of four exam rooms stocked with any kind of medical equipment she could need. Which isn’t much considering we heal fast. However, blood lost was one thing we could easily die from. Worrying about Blaze ends when I am instantly reminded of the fact he was attacked outside of Shae’s work. My blood runs cold at the thought of her not being protected. “I have to go check on Shae.” I growl out.

“Owen and Collin are watching the building along with Quill. I brought them when Quill called me.” He says. That’s not good enough though to calm me. I need to see her for my self to know she’s safe. Owen and Collin are great choices to have for protection though. They’re identical twins, huge six foot seven and with wide set frames, they can take on anything.

“I need to see her for myself.” I say. He nods in understanding and I shift and run as fast as I can back to my truck.

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