A Sudden Change

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Chapter 11. Shae

I haven’t had a customer in about twenty minutes so I decide to sit in an empty booth and clean the plastic menus. Out of the corner of my eye I see the doors of the restaurant burst open. I glance up and see Colt come speeding into the dining area. His eyes scan the whole room until the land on me. His eyes are glowing so bright as the lock on me. He lets out a big sigh and his shoulders visibly relax. He makes his way over to me and I stand up from the booth. As he gets closer I see his expression is grave. His eyebrows are drawn together, his jaw clenched tight and his eyes show nothing but pure worry. He looks really shaken up.

“Colt, what’s-“ I started but was cut off by his thick arms wrapping tightly around me and lifting me off the ground. He nestles his face into the crook of my neck and inhales a few times. I try to lean back but he only tightens his hold.

“You’re safe.” I hear him say in the softest of whispers, I believe to himself. I run my hand through his short brown hair and only then does he loosen his grip just enough for me to slide down his front until my feet are back on the ground. I reach up to cup both sides of his face and he leans into my hands. His eyes are now glossy as if close to tears.

“Yes, I’m safe. What’s wrong?” I ask. Seeing him so worried has me close to tears as it is.

“I cannot talk about it here,” he says as he nods his head behind him at the other customers nearby. “I’ll explain later. I just needed to see for myself that you were okay.” He says softly.

My hands slide down to his chest. “It’s bad, isn’t it?” I ask already knowing the answer. He nods his head confirming my suspicion.

“Look, I know you’re not crazy about me hanging around here but I’m going to have to, love. I’ll stay outside with my other men.” He says.

“Other men?”

“I have guards posted. I had two earlier today watching the business for any signs of the rogue. However, now I had to amp up the security.”he says in a low voice. I merely nod my head since he cannot explain what’s going on right now.

“How much longer do you have until you’re done?”

“Few more hours.” I say softly. He nods once as his eyes scan my face. He cups the back of my head and pleases the most earth shattering kiss on my lips. There’s so much emotion in this action that I’m left breathless as he reluctantly pulls away.

“I’ll be right outside the door. You need anything, you just call for me. I’ll hear you.” He says. He places one more kiss on my lips and pulls away from me. He stalks towards the doors and out onto the sidewalk. He leans his back against the window beside the door. I guess he was serious when he said he’d be right by the door.

I’m able to breath normally now that I’ve held her and confirmed she’s okay. She’s safe, Colt. She’s safe. I repeat the mantra over and over. It calms the wolf in me hearing our mate is okay. We haven’t failed her. She’s still ours.
I’m pulled away from my thoughts when I see Quill walk around the building towards me. He stands in front of me and looks at the ground.
“What happened?” I ask.
“I’m not sure. Blaze was guarding the back entrance and I was guarding the front. I heard a loud gasp and then silence. I called out for him and when he didn’t answer I went to check on him.” He pauses. His brown eyes meet mine and I can see the distress he’s feeling. He runs his hands through his shoulder length blonde hair and continues, “I heard a
whimper and that’s when I found him. He had all but had his throat ripped completely out. I bent down to check his pulse when the rogue’s scent hit me. It was all over Blaze.” He grimaces.
“Talon said he’d be okay. I’ll have to question him once he’s healed enough.” I say more to myself but Quill nods anyways.
“The twins are ready to hunt him. They’re getting restless.” He states, referring to the two men I have guarding the building. It doesn’t shock me. Owen and Collin are good men but, they love to hunt. They’d never harm an innocent being but, they’re brutal when it comes to enemies. They both love the chase.
“I think we all are,Quill. But we’ll get him soon.” I state. Quill nods his head and takes a spot beside me leaning against the window. I glance over my shoulder and see Shae still cleaning menus. She’s safe, Colt. She’s safe.
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