A Sudden Change

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Chapter 12. Shae

“Okay, can you tell me now what’s going on?” I ask from the passenger side of Colt’s truck. As soon as I climbed into the truck he informed me we were going to his house. He said it is getting too dangerous for us to be away from his pack.

His hand reaches over to my lap and grabs mine. He pulls it over the console and rest our joined hands on his leg. “The rogue attacked one of the men I had watching the restaurant today.” I gasp and my other hand covers my mouth. His hand tightens slighty around mine. “He’ll be okay, love. The biggest issue is the rogue attacking members. I’ll check on Blaze and when he’s well enough, I’m going to get his side of the story.” We ride in silence for a few minutes before he speaks again. “I hope you don’t mind but, when I felt it was safe, I went and packed an over night bag for you. I got all your toiletries and enough clothes for a few days.” He says carefully unsure of how I’d react.

“I don’t mind. I honestly hadn’t even thought of getting any of my things.” I say truthfully. I’ve been too worried about what could have happened to care about having extra clothes and such. He gives me a soft smile as he looks back to the road and lifts our joined hands to his mouth and places a small kiss on the back of my hand.

“It’ll be okay, Colt. Everything will get better.” I say softly. He doesn’t respond as he watches the road.

We pull up a cabin that looks almost similar to mine. We drove down so many back roads that I had no idea even existed.
“We’re here.” He says softly. We both get out of the truck and Colt grabs a small duffle bag from the back seat. I follow him onto the small porch and walk in after he unlocks the door. I glance around at the warm and welcoming home. The layout is, indeed, similar to mine. Decorated in warm tones of browns and other warm earth tones, I feel at ease here as if I was in my house. “I’ll unpack your bag if you’re wanting to take a shower. I’ll bring you some pajamas and get started on dinner.” He leads me to the bathroom and I turn on the water and wait for it to warm. I don’t have to wait long so I undress and step under the stream of hot water. The steam fogs up the glass doors so I don’t see Colt when he comes in. The only indication I had of his presence was a low growl resonate throughout the room. A shiver ran down my spine but, not out of fear. I look at the door and I am able to just make out Colt’s frame.
“Colt?” I ask softly. The steam makes the glass even more opaque and I can no longer see anything on the other side. Shrugging, I continue my shower routine. Once done I turn the water off and dry off with a huge fluffy white towel Colt must had laid out for me, on the counter. A tank top and sleep shorts wait for me on the counter and I put them on. I towel dry my hair and make my way to the kitchen where I can already smell something delicious being made. The smell makes my stomach growl loudly then I hear a light chuckle from in the kitchen. As I walk in I stop dead in my tracks. Colt is standing in front on the stove with just a pair of black sweatpants on that hang low on his hips. The muscles in his back flex with each movement and I find myself leaning against the doorway, unable to look away.
“Are you done checking me out? I could use a hand.” He says playfully as he looks over his shoulder and winks at me.
“No I’m not done.” I tease. “But, I suppose I can help.” I look around him to see him making chicken alfredo and, once again, my stomach makes a loud rumble. He looks over at me and laughs again. I roll my eyes at him and start getting the salad ingredients together that he has laid out on the counter. We cook in silence, exchanging looks every now and then. Once done cooking, we sit at his kitchen table. We make light conversation while we eat. He ask about my day and I fill him in on unimportant details of my work day.
After a minute of silence I ask “When do you need to go check on Blaze?”
“I’ll go in the morning. He needs more time to heal. Plus, I just want to be with you tonight.” He says without missing a beat.
“It’ll take him more than just one night to heal won’t it? From what you told me it sounded like he was really hurt.” I ask.
“No. Shifters heal at a very fast rate. He’ll be good as new by tomorrow evening. He did need a blood transfusion though so he is pretty weak still.” He says. I don’t reply as I soak in this new information. How something can heal from having their throat almost ripped out, I’ll never know. I have so much more to learn about his kind.
“Mhm?” He keeps his eyes on his plate as he forks his food.
“Why would the rogue even attack Blaze?” I ask carefully. He stiffens for a moment and looks up to me.
“I’m not entirely sure.” He pauses as if lost in thought. “Love, if you’re done why don’t you go on to bed. I’ll clean up.” I start to protest, that I would clean but he grabs my plate and nods his head in the direction of his bedroom. I watch him for a moment, unsure what just happened. The air in the room seems tense and as I study him I can see I said something that has upset him. I sigh, as I get up and walk quietly to the bedroom. I go to the master bathroom and brush my teeth then pull the covers back on his king size bed and curl up on my side, my back to the door. I try to stay awake and wait for Colt but as I lay there sleep begins to win and I close my eyes.

Im startled when I feel a heavy arm wrap around my waist. I try to sit up but, the arm pulls me until my back comes into contact with a hard chest. I relax, knowing it’s Colt. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.” He says softly.
“Colt, did I make you mad?” I ask sleepily.
“What?” He askconfused.
“When I asked about why the rogue attacked Blaze.” I explain. He’s silent for a few seconds before he replies.
“I wasn’t mad. I’m just unsure of what this guy is doing. I don’t like unpredictable and that word defines him perfectly. I’m worried he’ll try to hurt someone again.” He says. Not wanting to upset him again, I roll over and place a kiss on his forehead and rest my head on his shoulder. Sleep soon claims me again and I dream of glowing blue eyes.
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