A Sudden Change

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Chapter 13. Colt

I’m pulled out of my deep sleep by a ringing noise. I open my eyes and see my cell phone lighting up indicating I have a call. I untangle myself from Shae and sit up, grabbing my phone. I see Talon’s name on the screen and answer immediately.


“I found out who the rogue is.”He says in his usual deep growl.

“What? Who-“

“Come to the pack house now.” He cuts me off then hangs up. I roll my eyes at him and climb out of bed. I glance back at Shae and find her sleeping peacefully. I consider waking her up and bringing her with me but, she is safe here. I dress quickly and with one more glance at Shae, I walk out of the bedroom and out of the house.

I pull up to the pack house and see Talon pacing through the windows of the building. I jump out of the truck and go in to meet Talon. He’s now standing with his arms crossed staring at an open lap top screen that’s sitting on the long oak table in front of him.

“Well?” I ask carefully. He slides the lap top to me as I take a seat and he does the same. I look at the screen and I instantly notice the man’s face that is on the screen. The rogue.

“His name is Asher Briggs.” He says through an exhausted breath. “The only pack I hadn’t contacted around her was Waya pack in North Carolina. I called their Alpha, Jack, and explained what has been going on. He told me the description I gave him matched one of his now ex memebers perfectly. So, he sent me this to confirm if it was him or not and you’re the only one who has actually seen his face.” He nods towards the screen.

“That’s him.” I say through clenched teeth. My hands ball up into fist and I can feel myself fighting the urge to shift and hunt him down.

“Look Colt there’s something else.” He waists for me to look at him and when I do I regret the decision. For once, Talon looks worried which, causes my anxiety to spike at what he’s about to tell me. “He was meant to be put down by Jack.” He says. I suck in a sharp breath at the announcement. The only time we use the term ‘put down’ is when either a shifter does something to cause his pack to distrust them, when they have become rogue and their wolf has taken over or when a shifter has murdered an innocent.

“What did he do?”

“He was newly mated. About a month after being matted he murdered her.” He says as he leans toward the lap top and hits a few buttons. He pulls up a picture of a beautiful woman with light brown hair, fair skin and green eyes. She looks eerily similar to my Shae. “This was his mate, Amilia. Apparently there is no known explanation for his motive. They found her in their house and said it looked like she bled to death. Jack said they searched for months and couldn’t even find a trail.”he finishes as he eyes me waiting to see my reaction. At first, I’m frozen still as I process everything. But it doesn’t take long before the rage I feel is too consuming. My wolfs claws dig into the palm of my hand as I stand up and start pacing the room.

“How are we going to catch him?” I ask although it was more animalistic than human.

“I have an idea. But you won’t like it.” He says as he leans back in his chair. I stop pacing and look at him waiting on him to continue.

“What’s the one thing we know he clearly wants? The one thing he has made clear he’ll do anything to get?” He ask as he stares me down. All the breath leaves my lungs at what he’s saying. No way. No.

“You’re not giving Shae to him!” I roar at him. Talon’s eyes squint and his jaw clenches. I may have over stepped but there is no way he will hand her over to him

“Listen, Colt.” He says in a low deep voice. “I’m not saying that. I’m saying we use her as bait-“ I cut him off by lunging across the table and taking him to the ground. I pull my hand through the air, prepared to slash his face when he catches it and throws me off of him. Before I can pull my self off the ground, I feel a hand wrap around my throat and pull me off the floor. I am slammed into a wall and Talon’s face is mere inches from my own. His brown eyes darken to almost black. “Listen now and listen good, Colt. I let your disrespect slide since your mate is in trouble and I know you’re stressed. But I refuse to let you attack me. You do it again and I’ll take it as a challenge and you know I always win a challenge.” He bites out. His words make me take a second to think about what I’ve done. I nod my head and he lets me go.

“We can’t use her-“ I start but he cuts me off.

“We will ask her if she wants to do it.” He says simply. I have no words for a reply. I merely nod my head once and walk out of the doors. I try to put my key into the ignition of the truck but my wolf’s claws refuse to shift back to my hands. The only way to work out this anger is to shift and run so, I undress and do exactly that. I take off into the trees and run. I don’t know how long I run or how far I go. I just go until I cannot anymore.

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