A Sudden Change

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Chapter 14. Asher

I can see Shae perfectly from here. I’m hidden by the shadows of trees so no one can see me but yet I can see the little human woman through the window of the Shifter’s cabin. Cole is his name, I think. Cole? Cody?Colt! His name is Colt. Yes, the shifter who thinks he can hide this human from me. I quietly laugh to myself at the thought. She has been mine for a while now. Little does he know I’ve been watching her for a little over a month. When she slept at night, I would climb into the bedroom window she always left open and would watch her. I was on my way to do just that the night I ran into Colt in her yard.

She looks so much like Amilia it is uncanny. But I know Shae will be better than Amilia. Sure Amilia was beautiful but, she knew how to test me. She thought I’d never lay a hand on her. So one night when we were having our daily argument, she thought she’d try to push me out of my own damn bedroom. She thought I’d never hurt her. She learned her lesson after I slashed her abdomen with my claws and left her to bleed out on the floor. She had begged for help but I left her there. I walked out of the house we shared and never looked back.

I had been on my own for about a month when I stumbled upon Shae. I was walking through the woods in my wolf form when I caught her scent. It was amazing. So sweet and delicate. Completely different than Amilia’s floral scent. Her scent always made me scrunch my nose when near her. You see, Amilia and I were not true mates. I wanted to become the next beta of the Waya pack and she was the current Beta’s daughter. Once he died the position would have fallen to me as he did not have a son. So I tricked Amilia into thinking we were true mates. It wasn’t hard. Just had to play the part. She ate it up. She was so convinced we were mates she never even questioned why my scent didn’t appeal to her.

None of that matters now though. Shae will be mine soon. I have a plan to get her. I could easily take her now but I never act without a plan. Things can get too messy without a plan. And I learned that after my encounter with Colt and Shae in the park. I was watching her, as I do most nights. When I saw her leave with Colt I wanted to attack him then and there but I waited. Soon though her scent became too much. I began to walk forward and when he tried to protect her form me I almost lost it. Then I saw the fear in her eyes and rage coursed through me. How dare she be scared of me! Can she not tell I am her true mate? Not Colt. I should have attacked him and then punished her for her reaction towards me. But that wasn’t the place or time for that. So I left, although always stayed close enough to watch her but to not be scented by Colt.

The only time I let my anger loose was on the man from earlier tonight. Blaze, was is name. At least that is what I heard his pack memebers call him. I knew Colt had left Shae alone so I planned on going into the restaurant. I wasn’t going to do anything but simply watch her. However when I got close enough I realized Colt had set up a man at both entrances to guard. It immediately angered me. If he thought two guards would scare me away he was damn wrong. I decided to send a message, if you will. I snuck up on the man guarding the back entrance and shifter my hand into my wolf’s claws. I came up from behind him and reached around and tried to slash his throat. My goal was to end him however at the last second he realized he wasn’t alone and he was in danger. He moved and his movement was just enough for me to not make the wound instantly fatal. He had fallen to the ground and I ran before he had a chance to see my face.

Soon, Colt will die too and Shae will be mine. Hopefully she doesn’t try to test me the way Amilia did. It’d be a shame to make history repeat itself. I shake my head to rid the thought. No. Not Shae. She’ll be good to me and in return I won’t hurt her. Content with my train of thought I take one last look at my little Shae. Then take off through the woods again. I cross my paths over and over to keep throwing The Riverfall Pack memebers off. They won’t catch me. I never get caught.

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