A Sudden Change

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Chapter 15. Shae

“I’ll do it.” I say without hesitation. I am sitting across from a man named Talon in Colt’s living room. Colt paces behind me and he growls when he hears my response. Talon came over to go over information he found out about the rogue, Asher. Talon said our best chance of catching him would be to use me as bait and plan an ambush. Sounds simple enough and I fully trust Colt to keep me safe.

Talon nods at my response and stands. “I’ll leave you two to talk. It was nice to meet you, Shae.” He offers with a straight face. Without waiting for a reply, he leaves. Colt hasn’t said anything as he stands behind me. I turn around on the couch and see him staring up at the ceiling with his hands on his hips. I stand up and walk to him. I wrap my arms around his waist and at first he’s still stiff but eventually relaxes and wraps his arms around me. I rest my head on his chest as I think about what to say to make this better.

“Colt, it’ll be okay. You’ll keep me safe. I trust you” I say softly. He exhales loudly and looks down into my eyes. The concern and worry I see in his eyes is enough for my eyes to prickle with tears. “Don’t worry so much. Nothing will happen.” I hope.

“I don’t like this.” He whispers.

“I know. But it is my decision. I don’t want another person to get hurt because of me.” I try to hold the tears back but they threaten to spill over. He stares into my eyes for a moment and then exhales loudly.

“It’ll be okay, please don’t cry, Love.” He holds me right for a moment and then continues, “I need to talk to Blaze about the attack. Do you want to go with me?” He ask and I nod. I need to apologize to this man who was attacked because of me. To tell him how sorry I am he was hurt and almost died because of me. Guilt settles itself within me.

“Don’t. Don’t blame yourself for this. This isn’t your fault.” Colt says sternly.


“No!” He raises his voice. “None of this is your fault. Even Blaze wouldn’t blame you for what happened.” He pulls away from me and starts walking towards the front door. “Come on. Let’s go see him.” He says as he holds the door open for me. We climb into his truck and drive about thirty minutes down the dirt road before a small red brick home appears. We pull into the drive way and I take in the simple home. White shutters and a white door stand out against the red brick. Beautiful flowers of multiple colors line the house giving it a certain charm. Colt takes me hand and we head up to the house. He knocks once and the door opens to reveal a beautiful woman. The first thing I notice is her long blonde hair framing a flawless face. Her blue eyes scan over me before a smile takes over her face.

“You must be Shae! I’m Tessa.” She says as she reaches for me and pulls me into a tight hug. Shocked, I stand there for a moment before I place my hand around her shoulders returning the hug.

“Uhm hi.” I say unsure of how to react to this woman.

“Shae, this is Blaze’s mate. Tessa, as you must’ve heard, this is Shae, my mate.” Colt explains.

“Nice to meet you.” I say politely.

“How is he? I’d like to talk to him.” Colt says.

“Come on in. He’s still resting but he’s almost healed completely.” She says as she stands aside letting us enter. The house is decorated in earth tones giving it a cozy feel. I don’t have much time to look as Tessa starts to lead us down a hallway to our right. She goes all the way to the end of the short hallway before walking through a door way. “Blaze, Colt and Shae are here to see you.” She says in a chirpy voice. We enter the room and I look at the huge man sitting in the bed. His face is set in a hard expression. He has black hair and beard, his eyes such a pale blue that they’re almost white. When his eyes land on Colt and I, he smiles wide, softening his hard face.

“Blaze, how are you?” Colt says as he comes to a stop at the end of the bed. I stand beside him and give Blaze a shy smile. I don’t know what his reaction will be towards me since he’s in the situation because of me.

“I’m fine. Tessa won’t let me get out of bed even though I am perfectly fine.” He says as he shifts his eyes from Colt to Tessa who stands beside me. She simply shrugs and moves to sit on the bed.

“Can you tell me what happened?” Colt ask.

Blaze looks at Colt and his eyes darken slightly. His hands clench into fist where he’s resting them on his lap. “I don’t know how it happened.” He says quietly. “I was just standing there guarding the back exit and next thing I know, I’m fighting off a black wolf.” His eyes shift to me then back to Colt. “I tried to get back up to chase after him but I guess I passed out. When I woke up I was back here. Talon was here and told me what’s going on with this rogue.” He says as his eyes shift back to me.

I shift my weight from one foot to the other trying to decide whether I should apologize now. “Blaze, I’m so sorry you were hurt because of me. I-“

“Shae. I’m fine. I was doing my job.” He cuts me off and gives me a big grin. I nod my head even though his words do nothing to ease the guilt I feel.

“We have a plan to get him yet?” Blaze ask Colt. Colt’s posture becomes rigid. Blaze notices and raises an eyebrow in question to him.

“Talon said it’d be best to use Shae as bait to capture the rogue.” He says.

“Any idea who this guy even is?”

“His name is Asher Briggs. He became a rogue after he killed his last mate and ran away from his pack.” Colt grits out. Blaze’s eyes widen and I hear a sharp intake of breath from Tessa and she places her hand on her chest.

“Are you sure it’s a good idea to use Shae then?” Tessa says.

“I don’t want her to be apart of the capture at all.” Colt says.

“No, but it makes since. Yes she’s in danger because of this Asher. But, it seems like that may be the only way to get him for sure. The pack has tried tracking him many times with nothing to show for it. Maybe this will work.” Blaze says. I can tell This conversation is upsetting Colt by how stiff he seems now. I place my hand on his arm and feel the muscles relax some under my touch.

“I think we’re going to go and let you get some more rest. Call me if either of you need anything.” He says. We all say our goodbyes and Colt and I leave.

We’re sitting on Colt’s couch watching a movie when there’s a persistent pounding on the front door. I look to Colt in question since it is close to midnight, not sure who would come to someone’s house without notice at this time. Colt jumps up and yanks the door open to find Talon out of breath as if he’s been running. He barges in and slams the door behind him. “We do it tonight!” He says through clenched teeth.
“Do what? What’s going on?”
“The capture. He just tried to attack one of the families on the south end of the property. No one was hurt thankfully but this ends tonight.” Talon says, his voice raising with each word.
“No we can’t!” Colt yells.
“What do I need to do?” I ask as I stand up and walk towards the angry men.
“We’re going to take you to the clearing on the south side of the property. Hopefully he won’t be too far away and will still catch your scent. We’ll place you up wind so your scent will carry meanwhile the pack memebers will stay downwind so ours doesn’t carry. When he comes into the clearing, we’ll attack. We will be close enough he won’t have a chance to escape.”
“That’s it? That’s all you’ve got? This is my mate that’s in danger! And that’s all you’ve got?” Colt ask incredulously.
Talon’s eyes darken and he steps closer to Colt. The anger is practically rolling off the two men. “How dare you question me.” Talon says in an eerily deep voice.
“Someone else could’ve been hurt tonight or worse. This ends now. We don’t have time to come up with anything else. Get over it.” He says. His jaw is clean he’s and his hands are balled into fist by his side. Colt doesn’t back down though. He stares Talon in the eye and stands straighter. A deep growl resonates from Talon. I don’t know where the courage comes from but I squeeze myself between the two men and place a hand on both their chest.
“Look can we please just go before he gets too far away?” I ask. I look to Colt and say, “I understand you’re worried. But you won’t let him get close to me. We have to do this. Now.” I say. I feel Talon take a step back and start walking towards the door. Colt finally looks into my eyes and I rise up onto my toes and place a chaste kiss on his lips. His eyes are glossy as he looks at me but I don’t linger on the observation. We’re on a time frame.
We all three climb into Colt’s truck and Colt begins driving down the dirt road. About twenty minutes later we’re pulling off the road and parking the truck behind a long of thick trees. “We’ll keep the truck here so he doesn’t see it.” Colt explains to me. We gets out of the truck and I follow the men down the road a little ways.
“Won’t he think it’s weird I’m just in a clearing all by myself?” I ask.
“Hopefully he won’t even think about it. His actions are not calculated so I’m hoping he’ll just act on instinct and come to you.” Talon says in a low voice. No one else speaks a word as we come to the clearing. I turn to Colt as he wraps his arms around me and kisses me deeply.
Talon clears his throat and I reluctantly pull away.
“I’ll be okay.” I say softly. Colt’s eyes burn into mine as he gives me a stiff nod and I walk out of his embrace.
“Go to the middle of the clearing. Just wait for him. We’ll be waiting down there,” Talon says and points down the hill to the right. All I see is darkness even with the full moon casting a dim light over the area. I nod and begin walking to the middle of the clearing. I think about sitting down but decide standing might be best just Incase Asher is able to get to me. Even though I wouldn’t be able to physically fight him off.

I’ve been standing for close to an hour when I feel it. All the hair on the back of my neck stands straight up and a shiver runs down my spine. I can feel eyes on my back but I am too scared to turn around. Colt won’t let him hurt me, I repeat over and over. My breathing is becoming more labored as I still feel his eyes on me. Is he in the clearing yet? If so, where is Colt and Talon? Where is the other pack memebers who were suppose meet them at their hiding spot?
My question are cut off when I feel heat directly behind me. He’s standing so close, his chest lightly touches my back with each of his inhales. A low rumbles comes from him and another shiver runs through me.
“Turn around.” A deep masculine voice says. My body begins to tremble as I realize I may truly be in trouble now. I slowly do as the voice says. My eyes first land on the large hard chest at my eye level. I look up into bright blue eyes, so bright it’s hard for me to look into them. He reaches to touch my cheek and I instantly flinch. A growl resonates around me and I realize I’ve made him mad. I look to his face and see a muscle twitching in his jaw. “Do not flinch from me.” He says through clenched teeth. “ Actually you might want to be a little scared.” He says more casually. “You see, you’re my mate. Yet, you’ve let that other man touch you. You’ve let him have what is mine. And that is unacceptable.” He says as he rears his hand back and the back of his hand lands sharply on my cheek. The blow makes me stumble back. He’s about to say something else when I see a flash of movement to my left. I keep my eyes on his face as to not draw his attention to it.
Suddenly, four grey wolves run out of the trees to our left and right and run for Asher. He looks frantically between the two groups and suddenly shifts into a black wolf. He turns his back to me and runs for the closet group of wolves. I turn my back and begin to run down the hill to where Colt and Talon are suppose to be. I hear snarls, yelps and teeth snapping behind me. I don’t look back though. A large grey wolf and a brown one appear from the shadows and I relax instantly recognizing Colt. Assuming the other is Talon, I continue running towards them. Talon runs past me and I stop as I see Colt get closer. He briefly stops, long enough to run his side against my leg and look up at me. He nods towards the shadows they were hiding in and I nod my head. He takes off running as I run to the dark area and crouch down low.
I look up the hill and can see figures lying on the ground. I cannot see how many though. Asher grabs one wolf by the throat and shakes his head viciously as Talon jumps on his back and bates the back of his neck. Asher lets go of the wolf in his mouth and I’m stumbles off into the tree line. Talon and Asher are snapping their jaws and biting each other when Colt reaches them and bites one of Asher’s hind legs and begins to pull. Asher turns and slashes one paw across Colt’s face as Talon takes the opening and clamps his jaws on Ashers throat. Talon also shakes his head, tossing Ashers body from side to side. Colt growls loudly multiple times and Taon releases Asher. His body heavily falls to the ground and doesn’t move. I slowly raise from my crouch and begin walking up the hill. As I get closer I see theres two grey wolves lying on the ground, not moving, with blood pooling around them. As I walk up Talon and Colt shift into their human forms and I turn away from Talon, not wanting to see his nudity. I’ll go get your truck. We need to get them back before they bleed out. Talon says as he runs off towards the truck. I turn to Colt and see him already coming towards me. He grabs me and his arms wrap around me tightly. He lifts my feet off the ground and presses his mouth to mine. I return the kiss but pull away. I look to the three bodies laying on the ground.
“The two grey ones? Are they dead?” I ask.
“No. But we do have to get them back before they bleed out. That’s why I sent the rest of the pack memebers back to alert the others so they can get ready for them.”
“And Asher?” I ask slowly. Colt nods his head.
“We don’t have to worry about him anymore.”

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