A Sudden Change

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Chapter 16. Colt

It’s been two days since Talon killed Asher. The two shifters that Asher almost killed, have healed back to normal and are doing great now. Talon contacted the Waya Pack, Asher’s previous pack, and told them what had happened. They were glad to hear he was no longer a threat to anyone and could not hurt anyone ever again. That night Talon and I burned Asher’s body and quickly disposed of his ashes since he was not deserving of an actual ceremony.

Shae and I have gotten even closer in the past couple of days. Most humans would have trouble with being mates to a shifter, as we move fast in our relationships. But Shae has taken it all in stride. She has gotten to know more of the pack memebers and they all adore her which, I knew they would. With us getting closer we decided to move her into my home. Neither of us want to be separate from the other however, she was adamant on keeping her small cabin. I told her we would not sell it since it meant so much to her. Things are falling into place for us and it can only get better from here.

We lay in a comfortable silence as we both try to get our breathing under control. Her naked body is wrapped around mine, her brown hair splayed out beside her on her pillow. So beautiful and mine. Mine. I haven’t told her how much she means to me yet. She has been through so much the past few days with us catching Asher and getting use to Pack life that I didn’t want to overwhelm her but, looking at her now I don’t think I can hold it in anymore.
“Shae,” I say in a low quiet voice. She looks up at me and my chest squeezes as her half lidded eyes meet mine. I lower my head and capture her lips with mine. I pull away slightly and rest my forehead against hers and look back into her eyes. “I love you, Shae.” I say. A bright grin breaks out across her face and my chest squeezes even tighter. Damn, she’s beautiful.
“I love you too, Colt.” She says softly. I pull her to me and she nuzzles her head where my shoulder and neck meet. I tighten my arms around her. This feeling will never fade, how she makes me feel. I never thought of myself as being lonely however, now that I have her I feel like I’m complete. A void I never even knew I had is now filled. She’s mine for the rest of my life and I her’s. Mine forever.

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