A Sudden Change

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Chapter 2. Colt

Great. Just perfect. I never get distracted when I’m on an assignment. And what happens when my Alpha, Talon, and I are on the trail of a rogue wolf? I catch the sweetest scent I’ve ever smelled in the life.

Talon was at least twenty feet ahead of me when I inhaled the scent and instantly changed my path and followed the scent. Since I’m in my wolf form, my scenes of smell is strong and I can tell the scent is half a mile away. As the smell gets stronger, it becomes sweeter. I increase my speed as I keep following the scent.

It does not take me long before I realize whatever I am smelling is traveling. Before long I’m running and see headlights in the distance, through the trees. I take a deep breath and the sweet scent drives me crazy with need to see what is the cause of this smell. Without thinking I run straight into the road so the small car will stop and I can investigate.

The car comes to a screeching stop. I wince at the noise as it pierced my ears. At first all I can see is the harsh headlights shining into my eyes. I finally look up at the driver and find a beautiful young woman sitting behind the wheel. She has light brown hair that flows right below her shoulders. I see her open her eyes and thanks to my enhanced eye sight, I can even tell she has eyes as green as emeralds. She widens her eyes and I instantly know she’s shocked by the size of me. I may look like a wolf but wolf shifters are much bigger than regular wolfs.

The scent is strong and I’m curious as to what it is that is causing the intoxicating scent. I take another deep inhale when I notice the woman open her door and come to stand beside her car. A breeze blows through her hair and I lift my nose up to try to catch the scent again. Not even a second later the scent hits me like a train. It’s so strong and so sweet now. I lower my head and lock my eyes on the woman knowing it came from her. She’s beautiful and my wolf knows he wants to claim her.

She bends down and tries to call me over. Little does she know, she does not have to ask me to come over. As soon as the words leave her lips I am standing mere inches from her. With her couched, I am taller than her and I can tell she’s a little anxious as she reaches up to stroke my fur on my head and neck. I lean into her head and can smell her anxiousness fade away. She speaks more to me but I do not hear what she says. I’m too busy inhaling the sweetest smell deeply into my lungs. I want it burned into my memory. I hear her sigh and I press my muzzle to her cheek. “I guess you’re going to have to come home with me for the night bud. There’s no way I can leave you in the middle of nowhere” she says. She stands and as soon as she’s fully standing I hear a deep growl to my left. Instantly I snarl and growl back. My hackles raise and all I can think of is that I need to protect this human. I will protect her. I will take down whatever threatens her. After a moment the growling from the dark registers in my mind and I realize it is my Alpha. My decision to abandon my mission hunting for the rogue with Talon hits me and I’m filled with confusion. I should be feeling shame at the thought of doing so. I am the beta of my pack and I did not get that position by being distracted so easily.

Out of the corner of my eye I see the beautiful woman back away and I know I’m scaring her. The growling in front of me ceases and I perk my ears to hear Talon walking away. I know I must follow him. Ive been running these woods the past few hours and I know there is not anything other than the rogue, Talon and I out here. She will be safe, I decide. I leap over her car and dash into the woods. I hear her calling for me. The idea of turning around to run to her is too tempting but I know I must follow my Alpha. I’m about fifty feet into the woods when suddenly something attacks me from the right and I am taken down to the hard ground. I feel teeth grip my neck and Talons scent hits my nostrils.

The only way to get out of this is to submit. I disobeyed my Alpha by abandoning my mission so, I lay there compliment. Once Talons wolf is satisfied with my show of submission for the Alpha he releases me. He walks a few steps away from me and shifts from his wolf into man in a few fluid steps. He turns to face me and I do the same. Talon is around 6’3 and built like a body builder. His strength is what won his position of Alpha but, his leadership skills is what has made it to where no one has challenged him. He is the best Alpha the Riverfalls wolf pack has ever had. He runs a hands through his short blonde hair and his brown eyes stare daggers at me.

“Well? Aren’t you going to explain what the fuck that was about? I look back and you were gone. I go back to find you and I find you in the middle of the road being petted like a damn dog!” He shouts the last sentence.

“I’m not sure what that was about. I was right behind you when I smelled this scent and I had to find out what it was that was creating this scent.” I explain, uncertainty taints my voice as I am still unsure myself of what it was that had happened to me.

“Well I’m sure you’d like to know that I lost the rogues trail. He changed his course to down wind and I lost his scent”

“Any idea of who it is?” A rogue wolf is any shifter who is by themselves. One who leaves their pack. The majority of us stay in packs of anywhere between fifteen and thirty. A wolf with no pack is usually bad news. They start losing touch with their human side and before long become all animal. Whenever a wolf from another pack has to go through another’s territory, it is up to them to let the Alpha of the territory know so there is no misunderstanding him for a rogue. Obviously, Talon was never notified of anyone coming through.

“No idea. The closest pack is over twelve hours away. I’ve already talked to their alpha and he said all of their members are accounted for” he sighs and looks up the, now clear, night sky. He looks back at me and continues “he’s been in these woods before. His scent lingers on a few trees and the scent is at least a few days old.”

“We’ll find him.” I say more to myself. If he’s been out here for days, I wonder if he has seen the beautiful woman I just met. The thought of him anywhere near her instantly fills me with rage and I know I will find him. I’ll make sure no one dangerous comes near her.

“Colt? What was it you were doing out in that road with that human?” He ask.

“I’m not sure. I just know her scent drove me crazy. I don’t know what it was” I say honestly. Talon gives me a long thoughtful look after I’m done talking. The longer we talk, I can feel my wolf growing more anxious. He needs to make sure she is okay.

“Follow her trail and make sure she’s okay. Last thing we need is a rogue attacking a human” he looks away then looks back at me “you need to speak with an elder about this. You know with shifters that is how you find your mate, right? They have a unique smell only their true mate can smell” he says.

“Yes. I know” I say. I can feel my wolf beaming inside of me and the thought of finding his mate. “But, I’ve never heard of a shifter having a human mate. How is it possible if we cannot tell them what we are?”

“It’s rare. But it’s been done. They promise us they won’t tell other humans and if they do they would be punished greatly” he gives me a stern look. “Go check on her. “Go on. Go check on your human. But Colt I’m warning you, do not disobey me ever again.” He locks his eyes on mine. My wolf wants to growl at him for speaking down to me but I know it is earned. I give him a slight nod and we both shift back into our fur. Talon heads back to the pack house and I find my way back to the edge of the road. I take a deep breath and follow the sweetest of scents.

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