A Sudden Change

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Chapter 3. Shae

I climb up the front steps of my small cabin. It’s a tiny home but it’s perfect to me. The cozy little place had been owned by my parents. My parents and I would come out here every summer and spend our days at the small lake that we would hike half a mile to. A tightness settles in my chest as I think about the memories. I would give anything for my Father to be here to take me fishing just once more at that lake. Or to sun bathe with my Mother on the small deck my Father had built there for her and I but, those things would never happen again.

As I walk through my front door I think about the day they had their car accident seven months ago. I was just getting home from my morning run, running into my driveway, when I came to a quick stop at the sight of a police car parked in my driveway. A middle aged police man stepped out of his car and walked over to me and told me my parents had been in a wreck. They were going through an intersection when another driver sped through the red light and hit my parents. I remember just standing there listening to the police officer but not really wanting to believe him. My parents were all I had and all of a sudden I was all alone.

A few weeks after their funerals I realized I could not live in the house I grew up in anymore. It was too painful having to live there knowing they would never be there. I quickly decided to sale the home and move four hours away into our little cabin. I made the decision to quit my job as a nurse at a small practice in town to become whatever I could find fast here in Riverfalls. The first job I was offered was a waitress position at Brooke’s Grill and I took it, grateful to be offered anything as fast as I was. However, I keep looking for nursing positions around this small town.

I walk into the small bathroom and begin to run a bath. I turn on the hot water and pour bath salts into the tub. After grabbing some sleep shorts and a tank top, I sit on the vanity to wait for the water to fill the tub. A few minutes later I’m relaxing into the tub. Exhaustion overwhelms me and I find myself closing my eyes as I lean further back into the tub.

Sometime later a noise startled me awake. It sounded as if someone knocked on my door. The water has now cooled in the tub and I shiver from the temperature of the water as I stand and grab my towel, wrapping it around myself I step out of the tub. I unplug the tub drain, dry myself off and get dressed. I walk out of my bathroom and glance at the old clock in the hallway. It’s half past midnight. Who could possibly be out here at this time? I still do not know many people in town and the couple of friends I do have would not come over without telling me. Especially at this time. As I reach the front door I decide to pull the curtain back at the window beside the door before opening it. I glance everywhere and see no one. Strange, I swear I heard a knock. I sigh at the odd occurrence and decide I must have just thought I heard a knock. I give up on looking out the window and go straight to my bedroom and collapse onto my small bed. I pull the blankets over me and before long I can feel myself sinking back into a deep sleep.

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