A Sudden Change

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Chapter 4. Colt

It does not take me long to find my little human. Her scent leads me to a small cabin out here in the middle of nowhere. Her scent is so strong here and I take a moment to close my eyes and relish in it. I open my eyes and carefully walk the rest of the way to the cabin. I do not want her to see me again so soon. I want to be with her but I know if I confront her again I run the risk of shifting in front of her and I feel she needs to meet me as a man before she sees my wolf again.

I climb the front steps and walk quietly around the wrap around porch. No lights are on but one. I carefully walk over to the window the light is shining through. I do not hear any movements in the house and as I peek into the window I can see why. There she is asleep in a bath tub filled with water. Her brown hair is piled onto the top of her head in a messy bun and she looks so relaxed that I’m instantly assaulted with different emotions at the sight. The first one to hit me is lust at knowing this beautiful woman is so close to me with nothing on and only a wall to separate us. The second emotion to hit me is concern. How could she be so careless to fall asleep in a tub filled to the brim with water? Surely she knows that is dangerous.

I stay watching her a few more moments before I look around the rest of the small bathroom. Beside the tub I see a pile of clothes and the shirt on top looks as if it has a name take on it. I focus on the tag and see it says Brookes Grill and below that I read the name Shae. I had been to the restaurant before and never saw nor caught her scent in the building. I would have remembered her. Her scent calls to me, there’s no way I never would have noticed it. Not to mention she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I glance back at her and decide I need to find a way to wake her up. She needs to be in bed asleep and not in a tub where she could drown. I walk back tot he front door and , for a moment, shift back into my human form. I walk up to the door and knock loudly twice. I quickly shift back into my wolf and dash into the woods only a mere fifteen feet away. From my hiding spot, behind a large bush, I can see the door through the leaves. As I wait, I can hear her walking through the house. It’s not long before I see the curtain in the window beside the door shift. And there she is looking out the window. I can see her emerald eyes even from here. Her full lips purse in what I assume is confusion as she probably expected to find someone or something on her porch. She’s so stunning and, with her scent scorned into my brain, I know I have to claim her. I will claim her. She’s mine and starting tomorrow I’m going to get to know her wether it be in my human or wolf form.

After Shae pulled her curtain back to covering the window, I heard her walk back into the house and can only assume went to bed as I heard the sounds of springs and the footsteps stopped. Satisfied she is safe I get up and go to run back home. I am walking across the front yard when the wind blows across me carrying yet another scent. I freeze in my footsteps and I breath in the familiar scent. I narrow my eyes and a low rumble comes from deep in my chest as I recognize the smell of the rogue I was chasing earlier tonight. My eyes shift all over the dark woods until I see a pair of bright blue eyes come into view to my right. I turn to face the wolf as he walks into the yard and stares at me. As soon as he steps out from the trees i get my first glance of this rogue. He has solid black fur and while he a few inches taller than me, he is much leaner.

My lips pull back in a snarl as he comes closer. I crouch to the ground and as he comes closer I realize he is not walking towards me. When he gets to me he shifts his eyes to the cabin and I realize he plans on walking by me to get to it. I quickly jump in front of him and snap my sharp teeth at him as anger washes over me. He will not go anywhere near Shae.

He shifts his blue eyes to me. His eyes glow even brighter at me as I can feel the sudden anger roll off of him. We stare each other down both of us growling at this point. Suddenly the rogue quits growling and takes a step back. Confusion sweeps over me as I blink in shock at what I see. The rogue takes another step back as he starts to shift into a man. I stay in my position until he is fully shifted. Before me in a tall, lean muscled, man in his late twenties if I had to guess. He shakes his head to force his straight black hair out of his eyes and the same blue eyes look at me with disdain. I shift to my human form quickly and am about to start questioning him when he speaks first.

“Look you need to move and need to back off on tracking me. I’ve dealt with you and your Alpha chasing me tonight but I will not be so kind as to just take you two on a run next time. Next time it’ll be you two running away.” He threatens. The last sentence came out as more of a growl. Instantly my wolf threatens to come back out but I reign in the feeling.

“You came into our territory without letting my Alpha know. You know that is against pack laws. So tell me why shouldn’t we chase you down to see what it is you’re doing on our land?” I say.

He smirks at me as if this conversation is pointless. “My reason for being here is not you or your Alphas business” his eyes cut back to the cabin. He takes a deep inhale and his eyes glow even brighter than before. Before I know it a growl rips from my throat and I shove the shifter hard. His eyes shift back to me.

“I’ll let that slide this time.” He says and continues, “Move so I can-“

“You will go back to wherever you came from and you will not come to my mates home again” I say through cleanched teeth. His eyes narrow even more and he steps closer.

“Your mate?” He ask sarcastically. “She is not your mate.” He says matter of fact. I’m about ready to shift back into my wolf to tear him apart for questioning me when I hear a subtle noise from inside the cabin. My attention goes to the cabin and as I turn my head, so does the rogue’s in front of me. The front porch light comes on and we both quickly shift and dash into the woods. I peek around the tree I am behind and see my Shae step out onto the porch. No doubt our growling woke her up. We were not exactly far from the cabin and even in our human form, our growls are very loud. She wraps her robe tighter around her self and her eyes search the tree line. She cannot see us but as she looks there’s us my eyes go to the wolf a few feet from me and notice him getting up and attempting to walk around the bush he is behind. I jump from my spot onto him and we tumble down a steep slope. Tree roots and rocks bite into my skin as we go down the slope. Both of us growling, snarling and biting at the other. My teeth are sinking into his shoulder as his sink into my front right arm. The pain does not even register with me. My only concern is getting him away from Shae. In the distance I hear a door slam and assume that was her going back inside.

Finally when we land roughly onto flat land, we both shift back into human form. “YOU WILL STAY AWAY FROM HER” I growl at him. He has the audacity to look unfazed.

“I cannot stay away, wolf.” He simply says. He turns his back and walks a few steps before looking over his shoulder and saying “I will not stay away from who I can only assume is my mate” he finishes then shifts and runs. My wolf is already taking over and making my human body form into wolf and I am taking off after him. I chase him for an hour before I realize he is making false trails. Making me cross my paths over and over. Deciding to head back to Shae’s cabin I take off and make it there within fifteen minutes. I walk to the front steps and go behind them. The area is small but with the rogue out there I do not want him sneaking up on me in my sleep. Also, if he were to come up to the cabin I would hear him come up the steps. Before long I’m asleep dreaming of my Shae.

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