A Sudden Change

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Chapter 5. Shae

I shut my door with a little more force than needed. That is the second time I have woken up tonight and thought I heard something. I thought surely if I went outside I would at least see something. Of course nothing was out there. I go back to bed and attempt to go back to sleep. I’m restless throughout the whole night. When I’m asleep I dream that I am standing in my yard and something is drawing me to the tree line. It is as if something is pulling me to it. I study the trees and as I am about to take my first step towards them look up to see bright amber eyes staring straight at me. They are so bright it is as if they are glowing. I go to take a step towards the eyes when something to my right catches my attention. I turn and see a pair of equally bright blue eyes gazing at me. I look back at the amber eyes and see them narrow at the other creature yet, the blue eyed animal stiff has its eyes locked on me. Suddenly the eyes are both gone and animalistic growls echo all around me. The sounds of bones crunching, painful yelps and jaws snapping sound loudly and I run back into the safety of my cabin.

I sit up straight in my bed with my heart racing. A thin veil of sweat coats my skin and I try to get my breathing under control. Such a strange dream. I defiantly would not be getting anymore sleep tonight. First I wake up thinking strange noises woke me and now I am dreaming of animals, that I didn’t even see, attacking each other. Throwing my blanket off of me I climb out of bed. Seeing how it is already six thirty in the morning, I start a pot of coffee and turn on my tv to try to distract me from thinking about the dream. So much for sleeping in before my next shift at work.

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