A Sudden Change

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Chapter 8. Colt

I grip the steering wheel so hard I can feel it cracking under my hands. There’s a hundred different thoughts running through my head and I can feel a headache forming from it all. First there’s the perfect moments I shared with Shae in the park. I didn’t want to kiss her until I knew for sure she wanted it too. And when I saw her little nod I couldn’t hold back anymore. With her scent wrapped around me, it’s a surprise I didn’t just take her then and there. Her kiss set me on fire and I couldn’t stop. Then I smelled the rogue’s scent and my blood turned from fire to ice.

I should have known better than to try to leave the park without explaining anything to her. My only thought though was getting her away. Far far away from him. Ofcourse, the bastard came out of the trees and tried to get to her. I tried to keep her shielded from him but she’s too curious. She peeked around me and I could sense how bad he wanted her. It gave me a small amount of relief when I saw her reaction was not a mutual feeling by her shiver and the way she gripped my shirt. That, however, did not sit well with him. He snarled and tried to attack. He didn’t even make contact before I grabbed him. That show on dominance at least made him realize he wouldn’t get to her tonight.

Thankfully Shae agreed to me coming over. The only thing that made her agree was me saying I’d leave when she told me to. I have no intention to keep that promise. If she tells me to leave I may walk out the door but I won’t leave. I’ll hide my truck in the woods and camp out under her porch steps again if I have to.

I didn’t want to take separate cars but here we are. We’re not far from her small cabin but she’s driving much slower than I’d prefer. I’m too anxious right now knowing the rogue is out there and he wants her. After that reckless stunt he pulled earlier, I wouldn’t put it past him to do something else. The thought makes my hands grip the stirring wheel even tighter. I need her beside me. I cannot protect her if she isn’t with me.

Thankfully, we’re pulling up to her cabin. I release a breath I didn’t even know I was holding and turn off my truck and jump out before she even has her’s fully in park. I open her door for her and she looks up at me in surprise. I offer her my hand and she takes it with a small smile on her face. I close her door and lead her to the front door of the cabin. She takes her keys and unlocks the door and walks in. I follow her and lock the door behind me.

The living area is beside the front door, so she places her purse and keys on the small table beside the door and walks a few steps to a dark brown leather couch and sits heavily in the middle of it. “Okay. You’re here now. Tell me what’s so important.” She says with an eye roll. I quirk an eyebrow at her sassy attitude.

I take a seat right beside her and she scoots to the other side. I don’t pull her towards me or move towards her. I am about to tell her the truth of what I am and what is going on with the rogue. She’ll probably need the extra space right now. I take. Deep breath and start from the beginning. I tell her how it was me that stepped out in front of her car last night. I told her I was chasing the rogue and caught her scent. That she is my true mate and I tell her about me and the rogue in her yard last night and what we said to each other. I tell her about the rogue believing she is his mate. I tell her about Cyrus and his mate and the rogue they dealt with. Her face turns ghostly pale when I tell her the rogue had killed Beth. And I tell her that was the rogue in the park earlier. After I tell her everything I sit back and wait for her response.

She is looking at the coffee table and not saying a single word. After a few minutes I start getting restless. I lean up and place my hand on her shoulder. She looks at my hand on her shoulder and I know she can feel the heat I feel whenever I touch her. She looks up to me and into my eyes, pleading for her to believe me.

“So just so we’re on the same page. You’re saying you’re a what did you call it? Wolf shifter?” She ask. I nod my head and she begins to talk again, “And I'm your mate?” I nod. “And what is that?”

“Pretty much like a soul mate.” I wince. I don’t want to lay all this on her at once especially since she just met me as a man a few hours ago. Really had not planned on our night going this way but we’re here now. Her eyes widen and she nods once.

“And this rogue shifter says I’m him mate?” She says carefully. My hands fist when she says her question.

“That’s what he thinks, yes.” I say through clenched teeth though it comes out sounding more like a growl.

“Do you think he wants to hurt me? Like the other rogue did Beth?” She ask is a small voice. She truly looks worried and it about breaks my heart to see her look so scared. I reach over and pull her into my lap and lay her head against my chest. I wrap my arms around her and rub my hand down her back trying to soothe her.

“I have no idea what he wants to do with you but, I know he won’t come near you. At least not with me around. I won’t let him hurt you.” I promise her. She looks up at me and I get lost in her green eyes. I cup her jaw and rub my thumb over her cheek. I kiss her forehead and she lays back down on my chest. I’m elated over the fact that she isn’t calling me crazy or running away from me after all this.

We sit there for a little longer before she tries to get up. I reluctantly let her move beside me. She sits up and places her elbow on the back of the couch and rest her head on her fist.

“So what now?” She ask.

“Well. As you can understand I cannot just leave you by yourself. I’d like to stay with you incase he comes here. That or you come stay at my house. That would probably be safest since we’d have the rest of the pack near us.”

“So you expect me to live with you? We just met!” She exclaims.

“I understand it’s strange for you. That to you, I’m some guy you just met. For me though, I knew from moment I saw you that I’d do anything I had to in order to have you and keep you safe. I promise you Shae, nothing will hurt you with me around.” She looks into my eyes and when she sees I am telling the truth she moves closer.

“This is. Just a lot to take in.” She says slowly. I nod my head in understanding.

“I know. I’m so sorry to drop all of this on you, Shae. I did not have any of this planned for tonight. I just wanted to get to know you. Then the rogue ruined everything.” I say.

“Well. Not really.” She says as she leans closer to me. “I mean, if he hadn’t of shown up, you may not have been so lucky as to come here.” She says as she runs a finger up my arm. I catch her hand and drag her back onto my lap. She lets a giggle out and I smile when the sound hits my ears. I look at her as she smiles and moves her hair out of her face. She notices me watching her and she bites her bottom lip. I can tell it’s more of a nervous habit than anything. I reach up and make her release her lip with my thumb. I push my hand through her silky brown hair and pull her head down to me. She doesn’t hesitate in kissing me. She can feel the bond that’s formed between us now that she has accepted our mating. We’ll be able to feel each other’s emotions and right now I can feel her desire.

“Colt” she breathes against my mouth and that’s my undoing. With my arm around her waist I flip us. I lay her down on the couch and she opens her legs for me to lay between. Her legs tighten around me and I attack her lips again. She moves her mouth to my neck and I cannot hold back a growl anymore. It seems to urge her on because her kisses become more frantic. She begins to slightly bite my neck and that’s all I can take.

“Shea, we need to stop.” I breath out. I hate myself for even suggesting we stop but she may not be ready for this just yet. She opens her eyes and shakes her head.

“No,” she wet her lips then continues, “I normally would never do this with someone I just met but, this just feels right.” She says. I press my forehead to hers.

“That’s the bond we have now.” I say. She closes her eyes and smashes her lips against mine. I press my tongue to her lips and she opens her mouth welcoming me in. We become frenzied as our hands travel over the other’s body. She grabs onto my back and begins to pull my shirt up. I reach back and grab my shirt and pull it the rest of the way off. As soon as the fabric is gone, her hands are all over my chest and stomach. I don’t waste time and pull her top over her head. At the view beneath me, I feel like someone punched me in the stomach. Her chest rises and falls as she takes deep breaths, her black bra tempting me. I look to her face and her eyes are half closed and her mouth slightly open. Her hair is splayed around her and I can’t help but watch her for a moment.

“Please” she whispers and I begin kissing her neck and down to her chest. She starts moving against me and my control snaps. I pick her up and she wraps her legs around me. I make my way down the hall to the bedroom and place her on the bad. Once she’s seated she goes to unbuttoning my jeans and shoves them and my underwear down. I step out of my boots and jeans and do the same to her. I climb up the length of her body kissing and nipping her flesh along the way.

I’m settled between her legs and my mouth hovers over hers. I look into her eyes taking this one last attempt to make sure she knows what she is about to do. She gives me another subtle nod and I thrust inside her in one movement. She cries out, her back arching beneath me. My pace speeds up as her cries grow louder. I lower my head to her neck and growl in her ear “You’re mine.”

“Yes,” she moans out and with that one little word I thrust once more and with a growl bite her neck. I bite just enough to break a layer of skin. She screams as her orgasm takes over and mine slams into me. Her nails take down my back, breaking skin I’m sure. I stay inside her while I catch my breath. I raise my head and frame her face with my hands. She opens her eyes and her glossy stare meets me. A small smile lifts her lips and I give her one last gentle kiss before I get up to clean myself up in the bathroom.

When I come back to the bedroom she is already asleep under the blanket. The sight fills my chest with warmth and I climb into the bed behind her. With her back to my front I wrap my arm around her and breath in her scent. She’s mine and she’s safe. I repeat the words over and over until I fall asleep.

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