A Sudden Change

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Chapter 9. Shae

I wake up to sunlight streaming into the bedroom. I stretch and my muscles ache from the movement. Memories from last night play out in my head and I look to my side to see Colt still asleep. I can’t help the smile that breaks out on my face as I look at him. He seems so peaceful in his sleep. I’d prefer to stay in bed all day watching him however my stomach has other plans as it growls loudly.

I climb out of bed as careful as I can to not wake Colt. I make my way to the bathroom and take care of urgent business. I grab Colt’s shirt off the floor of the living room and slip it over my head. The shirt comes to about mid thigh so I don’t worry about getting shorts to wear. I make my way to the kitchen to start some breakfast. Going to the counter first, I turn on the little radio I keep in here. Country music softly flows as I open the refrigerator door and grab eggs and bacon and start cooking.

I sway to music as I finish plating our food. Strong arms wrap around my stomach as Colt presses his bare front to my back and rest his chin on my shoulder. He starts swaying with me and I relax into him. He spins me around to face him and presses his lips to mine. His tongue separates my lips as he deepens the kiss and the same warmth I felt last night flows through me. All too soon he’s pulling away and looks down at me with such a tender expression that it makes my heart swell.

“Are you hungry? I made breakfast.” I say softly.

“Starving, thank you.” He says. He gives me one last quick kiss then reaches behind me to grab both plates and takes them to the small table across the room. I go to the fridge and grab some juice and two glasses on my way to the table. We eat in a comfortable silence, enjoying the other’s company. If I’m being honest, it’s nice to have someone here. I have not actually sat down to have breakfast with someone since my parents were alive. It’s amazing how much you miss simple things as just sitting with someone at breakfast so much until you cannot do it anymore.

I’m brought out of my thoughts when Colt pushes his plate away from him and leans back in his chair. “So we need to talk about this rogue situation.” He says as he looks at me from across the table. I push my plate away also and give him my attention. “Last night I told you it’d be safest if we went and stayed at my home on pack land.” He mentions. I don’t necessarily like the idea of staying somewhere I am not familiar with. I know Colt would never take me anywhere that was not safe but this is my home. As if he can tell what I’m thinking he adds, “Shae I’m not making you move out. Just stay with me at my house until this rogue situation is resolved.”

“But how long will that take?”

“I’m not sure.” He says. I take a moment to mull over everything.

“I’ll think about it.” I say as I stack both our plates together and pick up our empty glasses and take them to the sink. I turn on the water and wait for it to warm up. My back is to Colt but, I hear the scrape of his chair on the floor as he gets up.

“Let me do this. You made it, I’ll clean up.” His deep voice comes from behind me. I move to the side and hop up to sit on the counter beside the sink. He takes over washing our dishes and everything I used to cook with. I study him while he does this and notice details that I missed last night. Like the small scars he has scattered all over his neck. Barely noticeable, short white scars cover his neck. What on earth could’ve caused that? I am about to ask when my eyes wonder to his face and I see another white scar running along his jawline from the side of his chin up to his ear.

“Colt? What caused these?” I ask as I lightly trace my finger along the column of his neck up to his jaw. He looks over to me with amusement in his eyes

“Just part of being a shifter. Some are from childhood, wrestling with other pups. Some are from actual fights.” As he says the last sentence his finger points to the one on his jaw. Just hearing that someone hurt him enough to leave a scar pains me. I barely know this man standing here but I cannot imagine something happening to him. Seeing my expression he adds, “Its okay, love. If it makes you feel better, I’ve never lost a fight.” He winks at me as he turns the water off, dries his hands on the hand towel by the sink and comes to stands between my legs. He rest his hands on either side of my hips, on the counter. “Do you have to work tonight?” I nod, yes. “I’ll take you to work and I will pick you up.” He says, his tone firm leaving no room for argument. If there is one thing in the world that makes me mad, it’s being told what to do.

“Not that I don’t appreciate that but, you don’t have to. I’ve been getting to and from work just fine.” I say as politely as I can. He cocks his head slightly to the side and his eyes lock onto mine.

“ I understand you’re independent and have done a good job of taking care of yourself. I admire that about you. However this rogue that is after you made it pretty clear last night he plans to get a hold of you. I promised you I wouldn’t let him harm you. I cannot guarantee that if I’m not with you.”

“What do you plan to do while I’m at work then? You can’t just sit in a booth and wait on me to finish my shifts every night.” I roll my eyes. It’s not that I do not get how serious the rogue situation is. After facing that beast last night, I don’t want to be near him again.

Colt narrows his eyes slightly and becomes rigid. “If that’s what I have to do then yes. But just for your information, I will be tracking him while you work. He’d be completely stupid to try to pull something in a building filled with humans.” He says in a hard voice, clearly I hit a nerve.

Releasing a deep breath I try to push his shoulders back some to get some space between us but he doesn’t budge. He remains perfectly still, eyes still locked onto me. “Do not underestimate how far I will go to protect you, love. I’ll do whatever I have to no matter how much you dislike it.” With that he pushes himself away from the counter and stands straight, arms crossed waiting for my response. He raises an eyebrow waiting.

The fact he wants to ensure my safety does something to me. I can feel an internal tug of war happening. Part of me is relishing in the fact this incredible man wants to ensure my safety. The other part of me is telling me this may be a bit too much (considering I’ve only known since yesterday). Reluctantly I just nod my head. And he sighs, looking relieved.

“I have to get ready for work. I have to lunch shift.” I slide off the counter and walk around him. He attempts to touch my arm as I walk by but, I keep walking. I just need a little time to myself and I think he knows I need this time to myself as he doesn’t follow me.

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