His Ex Wife

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Chapter 9

My heart is racing as they both look at me wide eyed. The room is dead silent and the air around us is very thick that I can slice it with a knife.

"Niall is our daddy?" Emma breaks the silence. I gulp loudly before nodding. Emma turns her gaze towards Niall and I do the same. Niall is smiling at her and suddenly, she runs to him and wraps her tiny arms around his neck. Niall hugs her back and lifts her off the ground. I turn to look at Evan and he's looking at Niall.

"My daddy?" Evan asks me and I nod mutely. Evan's gaze turns to me and he smiles widely. He wraps his arms my neck and hugs me hard. I wrap mine around him and pat his back. He pulls away from me and runs to Niall. Niall wraps one arm around Evan hugs the both of them.

I just sit there with tears in my eyes as I see the three of them in each other's arms. Niall looks up and his eyes meet my teary ones but I look away immediately. After, I don't know how long, they pull away.

"Daddy." Emma smiles widely. "I have a daddy like all the kids have." She says and hugs him again. Niall smiles and hugs her back. He kisses the top of her head and I look at Evan. He's also grinning from ear to ear.

All these years, I didn't know they both needed a father. Now I realised how much it hurt them to see other kids with both of their parents while they had only a mother. But then all the kid's parents didn't have trust issues and were not blinded by jealously. Then, there was Niall. He didn't even come to me with whatever made him think that I was cheating on him and that too with my best friend. I stand up from the floor and walk out of the room, letting them have their moment and also to have some time for myself. But before I could make my way out, I feel little fingers wrap around my wrist. I turn around to see Evan smiling at me.

"Group hug!" Evan squeals and Emma joins him. Evan pulls me back into the hall and Niall raises from the floor with Emma in his arms. Evan raises his hand to me, asking me to pick him up. I think for few minutes and go for it.

Anything to make my kids happy.

I pick Evan up and Niall walks closer to us. Emma wraps one of her arms around Niall and the other around Evan and Evan wraps one around me and the other around Emma. Niall slowly raises his hand and wraps it around my waist and pulls me close. All the hairs on my body stand straight because of his touch. We stay like that for a few seconds and I pull away. Niall drops his hand an tucks it under Emma.

"So are we going to stay with daddy now?" Evan asks excited. I nod mutely. "Yay!" Emma and Evan squeal in happiness.

"I love you, daddy." Emma says and lays her head on his shoulder. Niall smiles widely before replying to her.

"I love you too, baby girl." He kisses her cheek lovingly.

"And me?" Evan pouts and Niall laughs.

"I love you, too, little man." He says and ruffles Evan's hair.

"I love daddy!" Evan screams. The three of them laugh loudly.

As I look at them, I realise something. I realise that everything is going to change from now on. I realise that the kids will love him the way they loved me. I realise that everything in my life is going to change now. As the three of them laugh I walk out of the room. I stand by the window and look out of the glass admiring the beautiful view.

"Ahem." I hear someone clear their throat and I snap out of train of thoughts. I look up to see Niall standing there. "Madison, I-" he starts but I raise my hand to stop him.

"Why are you doing this, Niall?" I ask him. "Why did you come back to my life and tear it apart once again? Why are you trying to take my kids and happiness away? Why?" I continue when he doesn't speak. "Why-" I was cut of by lips crashing against mine.

The familiar warmth I felt years ago, comes back to me as his lips touch mine. I stand there frozen, with wide eyes and not moving. His lips are the same, soft and perfect. My eyes flutter and my eyelids close. When I close my eyes I see Niall kissing the woman from that night and I open them immediately. I place my hands on his chest and push him away. I wipe my mouth with my shirt sleeve and he is looking at me breathing heavily.

"This doesn't answer my question!" I scream.

"I am doing this because I fucking love you and I want you back!" He screams back making my breath hitch. Silence settles between us for few seconds and suddenly I start to laugh. I start to laugh very badly that made tears fall out of my eyes. Niall is looking at me, his eyes showing nothing but confusion. I continue to laugh for few more minutes and my laughter dies. "What's so funny?" He snaps at me.

"That was very good joke, Niall." I snap back.

"I know I hurt you. I know I made you leave me when you needed me the most. I know I was wrong by jumping into conclusions without knowing the truth. I am so sorry for not trusting you, and kicking you out of the house. I am sorry for behaving like a caveman that night. But please, Just listen to what I have to say." He says and I remain quiet. "Please." He says again and I sigh. We both sit on the couch and he starts to speak.


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