His Ex Wife

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Chapter 10


Niall's POV

"The number you are calling is switched off." The robotic voice says. It's six thirty in the evening and Madison's mobile is switched off from a long time and I am getting worried. Is she okay? A knock on my door pulls me out of my thoughts and I sigh before putting my phone away.

"Come in!" I shout. Jonnah, my personal assistant comes inside holding a cover.

"Mr. Horan, there is a parcel for you." She smiles and tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear and flushes. I roll my eyes inwardly. I pull the cover out of her trembling hands.

"Thank you, you can leave." I say. She flushes again and nods before leaving my office. I have to fight the urge to roll my eyes when they do that. I rip the packet open. What's this and who is it from? I thought as I opened it.

Few pictures fell out of the cover and my eyes widened when I saw who is in the pictures. Madison was with Liam and unlike always, they are kissing. And my first thoughts were, how can she do this to me?

All these years, I loved her with all my heart. Nobody can love her or anyone, the way I love her. And here she is, going behind my back and sleep around like a whore, with her so called best friend. How can she even do this to me? Wasn't I enough for her? Wasn't I loving her and making happy like every husband do?

I crush the photographs that are in my hand as tears start to fall from my eyes. All my life, I never cried. I never did that and now, I am and the last the person I ever thought was the reason for my tears. If she wanted be with him, why did she marry me? Why? And suddenly it strikes me. Money. That's what she wanted from me all this time. She wanted my money, that's why she married me but continued to sleep with other men like a slut. She is a slut!

There was another knock on my door pulling me out of my heart break. I quickly wiped my eyes with my sleeves before letting the person in. Jonnah appears again and I furrow my eyebrows.

"Mr. Horan, miss celine Williams is here to talk to you. Shall I send her in?" She asks me and I nod. She nods back before exiting. Few minutes later the tall blonde enters my office. She is Mr. Williams daughter and she's been after me for a couple of years now. But I was too busy to care. I only loved Madison. Then, an Idea made its way to my brain and I smirk to myself.

"Hello, celine." I say and stand up opening my arms for her. Her eyes widen in shock because we only shake hands every time we meet. But then she smiles and walks into my arms. Her arms aren't small and soft like Madison's but I have to do this. I hug her tightly and she does the same. I pull away but my arms still around her waist. "How have you been?" I ask.

"I've been good, but now I am very good." She smirks and I smirk back. I lean in and she does the same and before I know it I am kissing her. Her lips are hard against mine and I can literally taste her disgusting red lipstick on my tongue but I keep going. Heat raises in my body, not as hot as a kiss Madison and I share, but still it felt good. I let my hands wander her too thin body and squeeze her ass. She gasps and pulls away, smiling cheekily at me.

"We should take this to my place." I smirk at her and she nods immediately. I knew she would. I smirk inwardly and pat myself.

We make our way to my car and Paul is surprised seeing me with celine and her arms wrapped around my torso. He furrows his eyebrows but says nothing. He opens my door and I let celine in first and then I slide in. He closes the door and makes his way to the driver seat and drives into the traffic.

We reach my mansion and I get out my car and help celine out. All the security are looking at me like they've just seen a ghost. I lead celine inside the house and when we enter the living room, Madison is sitting on the couch tapping her foot as if she's nervous. Does she know that I know her little secret? Her eyes land on me and she smiles widely at me but then her smile disappears when her gaze lands on celine. Doing my Oscar winning act, I wrap my arm around celine's waist and pull her close to me. Madison's eyes furrow in confusion but I ignore her eyes on us and lead celine to the guest room. When we enter the room, celine speaks.

"Niall, your wife is down there." She whispers like Madison is standing out and listening.

"Don't worry, babe." I say just In case, Madison is listening. I know she isn't because she is too shocked to move. I kiss her on her lips and make my way down.

(Skipping the part where Niall kicks Madison out of his house.)

As she made her way out my house, I could see the sadness and tears in her eyes. I know I am the reason but she better leave before I hurt more. But, she hurt me more than anyone will ever do. She broke my heart, trust and ruined my life. After I made sure Madison left, I sent celine away. I didn't sleep with her that night. I was too hurt to do anything but just lay in the bed and hope to die.


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