His Ex Wife

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Chapter 11

Madison's POV

Tears stream down my face as he finishes talking. I don't even understand how I loved this man. I trusted him with everything in me and he left me and my children for five years because he's seen some stupid fake pictures.

"I know what I did is wrong Madison! I regret it more than anything and anyone. But I am trying to make it up. Please give me a chance." He says and slowly raises his hand. He places his palm on my right cheek as his fingers caress my skin. He had his hand in the same place five years ago only in a very different way. I turn away from his touch.

Five years ago, his touch made me shiver. Even until yesterday he made me shiver just by his presence, but now everything changed. His touch and presence are disgusting me. I stand up abruptly startling him. He looks up at me, drops his hand down and stands up.

"I fucked up big time! But please-" he starts again but I interrupt him.

"No! No! I will never forgive you Niall! I can't. This is the reason you left me? This is the fucking reason you missed four years of your kids life? Is this the reason you cheated on me!" I shout. "All these years I've been a mess. Everyday I used to try to figure out what did I do for ruining our relationship like this. I tried to put myself in your shoes and blamed myself for everything. I thought I was the one who was stupid. I always thought that a person like me shouldn't dream of being with someone like you! It's too good to be true. I trusted you, Niall. And you? You left me because you thought I was cheating on you!" I scream. I couldn't hold it anymore so I just let the tears fall out. I hate this. I hate the way my anger turns into sadness, my fury into tears.

"I know-" he starts again but my inner bitch isn't going to let him speak.

"Do you?! Do you know?!" I scream. "All these years, you left me and my children and now you come back saying all this shit and on top of that, you want to marry me!"

"Madison, I know. I know, I have hurt you. But this isn't the only reason why I thought you cheated on me." He says quietly. My eyebrows furrow in confusion.

"Oh, there is something else to make you think I am cheater, whore and what were the other things you said?" I said sarcastically.

"You're not all those." He says, sternly.

"Says the man who said those to me five years ago." I snap and he huffs in frustration.

"After you left that night I thought for so long and I realised that I made a Mistake."

Flashback. (Five years ago. That night.)

Niall's POV

I quickly made my way downstairs as soon as I realised what I did was a mistake. How can I be so stupid. She loves me and I love her. I love her so much to let her go. And she wouldn't do anything to hurt me. She wouldn't do something so low. Liam is her best friend. That's it. They've been best friends since their childhood and I know it better than anyone. I hurry down the stairs and make my way out. I grab my keys and head out. I have to get her before it's too late. I should apologise for being a jealous freak.

"Excuse me, sir." I hear a voice and turn around to see The man whom I hired as Madison's bodyguard.

"I am In a hurry, later." I say and make my way towards the car.

"It's important, sir." He says. I sigh and turn around.

"Nothing is more important than my wife!" I snap at him.

"It is about you wife." He says and my eyebrows furrow. "You wanted to know where she was yesterday?" He says but it comes out as a question. I nod my head asking him to continue. "Um...yeah. So she was with Mr. Payne yesterday. They were shopping at the Rolex and forever 21." He says. She was with Liam yesterday? But she said she was with Ellie. She lied to me? Why?

"Are you sure?" I ask the man.

"Yes, sir." He responds. My anger returns and my heart breaks again. She did cheat on me then. She lied to me and played me like a fool. I march back into the house and up the stairs. Each step I take, my anger doubles.

She is a cheater! I go into the bar next to my study and take out a bottle of bourbon. And then I drank it until I blacked out. She cheated on me! She's a cheater. Were my only thoughts.


Madison's POV

"You shouldn't have married me. You should have married someone who You trust. Like the bodyguard." I say.

"I didn't know what to do. I wasn't thinking straight. I was so fucking jealous and....and hurt." He whispers the last part. "You lied to me. You said you were spending time with Ellie but you were with Liam!" He screams.

"Don't you dare accuse me! Yes, I was with Liam. I planned to meet Ellie but she bailed in last moment because she had a date! So I called Liam. We were Fucking shopping together. That's it." I say and turn away from humans then turn back to him. "And we were buying gifts for you. Because your birthday was next week." I sob. Stop crying! My subconscious snaps at me. I am trying to hold my tears but can't help it. They are streaming down my face. Everything is so quit around us and I feel like I am alone again.

"You ruined everything." I say after few beats of silence.

"I know." He replies, quietly.


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