His Ex Wife

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Chapter 13

Yesterday night was a disaster. I was all over the tabloids and magazines and my parents didn't take that very well. My dad is very furious and he called me to his house to 'talk'. I have to go by his place In the evening and I am nervous. Right now I am in the kitchen making cake for Emma and Evan.

"Mommy?" I hear Evan's voice.

"In here." I call out. He walks into the kitchen and wraps his little arms around my legs and immediately a smile forms on my lips. "Mommy, I saw you on television today. You were with daddy." My smile disappears and I nod mutely. I pick him up and make him sit on the counter. "I want to meet daddy. I miss him." He adds and my heart clenches.

"Okay." I say, with no emotion.

"Call him. We all have dinner together." He begs.

"No. H-he's busy." I say.

"Please mommy. Even Emma wants to have dinner with him." He continues to beg.

"No Evan." I say sternly. "Go call Emma. Cake is ready." I add. He sighs and I help him get off the counter. He walks out of the kitchen and both of them come back after few minutes.

I cut the cake into pieces and serve them each a piece. They both pick their forks and start to eat, silently.

"How's is it?" I ask. They both give me a nod and remained quiet. I sigh. "Guys, your dad is busy. I can't do anything about it." I say.

"We can at least try. Please call him." Emma says and I sigh. I can't say no to them. I pick up my phone from the counter and dial the number which Niall gave me. The phone rings and he picks it up at fourth ring.

"Madison?" He says, his voice full of surprise. I hand the phone to Emma and she takes it from me and starts speaking.

"Daddy?.....I am good. Miss you." She says into the phone and listens to what Niall have to say, smiling as he finishes his sentence. What is he talking? "Can you come home, please?" She begs and frowns hearing his answer. "But-..Okay. Bye." She sighs and hands me the phone.

"What happened? Is he coming?" Evan asks excitedly.

"No." Emma says with tears in her eyes. "He's busy." She adds. She starts to cry and I wrap my arms around her.

"Shh, baby. It's okay. He'll come later. Don't cry." I try to calm her. Niall Horan! You bastard! Making my daughter cry! I curse at him in my mind. How dare he! "How about we go to grandma's house and you can play with them?" I ask. Their eyes lit up with happiness and excitement and they squeal.

"Yes!!" They say excited and I smile widely.

"Let's get you ready then!" I say and they finish their cake before we get ready and leave to my parents house.

I explained to my dad the complete situation and he was very angry like any father would be. I tried to calm him down but nothing was working.

"Dad, please. I am doing this for my kids just like the way you would do for me." I say and he sighs frustratedly.

"I want to talk to him." He says.

"I won't mind if you punch him." I smirk and he laughs. Huff.

"I just hope you don't get hurt again. I hate seeing you suffer." He says and wraps his arms around me. I lay my head on his chest and hug him. "I love you so much, sweetie. I can't imagine you being hurt once again." He says and kisses the top of my head. Tears Prick in my eyes but I fight them.

"I love you, too, dad. Thanks for always being there for me." I thank him. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here. I would have been dead or in depression or something else.

"Madison!" I hear my mother's voice and I pull away from my dad's embrace. I look at my dad and his eyebrows are furrowed in confusion. We both make our way out of his study and into the living room. Emma and Evan are not in the room and my mom is watching the television.

"What's wrong mom?" I ask and sit next to her on the couch. She points to the television and I turn to look at it.

Niall Horan seen with a mystery girl!

As we all know the heartthrob announced his engagement yesterday with his ex wife Madison Tomlinson but that doesn't seem to last long. He was seen with a mystery girl at a club and 'they were more than touchy' a source said. What happens to his fiancé. Are they done once again?

The CEO of The Horan.inc isn't able to decide who he wants to be with. Horan divorced Madison five years ago and he was engaged to her a couple of days back, again. But then, He's seen with another girl the very next day! The source also says that the woman is none other than celine Williams the beautiful daughter of Henry Williams. Will Niall be able to make up his mind? Let us know what you think.

"What the hell!" My dad shouts.

"Honey, what's this?" My mother asks me.

"What do you mean what's this?" I ask, my voice Horace as I try to keep myself from crying. "He'll never change and I don't care who he's with." I say, which is not a lie.

"You're not marrying him, again, Madison." My dad says and I sigh.

"Let's see what will happen." I say. I call the kids and they come out of the kitchen with chocolates in their hands. "Time to go. Say bye to grandma and grandpa." I say. After goodbyes, we three make our way out and I buckle them up before going to drivers seat. I start the engine and make my way to my house. On the way back, my mind is full of thoughts.

I am not at all upset that he's out with someone else. Liar! Okay, maybe a Little upset but, fuck! How can he do this? He ditched his kids to go out with a woman but says words like 'you are all that matters for me'. Bastard! Too much of cursing but I can't contain my fury.

Emma and Evan were so desperate to spend time with their dad like all the other kids but Their dad has other things in mind. My poor kids! Then it something strikes me. Celine williams. She was the woman from that night. So he's still with her. So why does he want to marry me? Why can he leave me alone and have fun with that woman? Why? By the time we reach the house I am very mad and as well as sad.


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