His Ex Wife

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Chapter 14

"That's it for today, Madison. You can go now." Mr. Vernon says and smiles at me.

"Good day, sir." I smile back and go to my desk to collect my things. My phone buzzes again and again but I ignore it. I throw my hand bag over my shoulder and make my way out.

"Madison!" I hear someone shout and turn to see Harry. What the hell is he doing here? "Wait!" He runs to me.

"Harry? What are you doing here?" I ask as I clutch my bag close.

"Madison, how are you?" He takes a breath.

"Can't men answer straightly?" I roll my eyes and he chuckles. "I am good." I smile. There's nothing wrong in being nice, Right? Right. "You?" I ask him.

"Good." He replies and we both start to walk. "So...?"

"So?" I chuckle. Why am I chuckling?

"What are your plans for tonight?" He's looking anywhere but me.

"Spending time with my kids?" I say but it comes out as a question. His eyes widen when the words leave my mouth.

"You have kids? How many?" He asks excited.

"Two. Twins." I say and smile remembering their faces.

"Can I meet them? Please?" He begs.

"You want to meet them?" I ask and he nods his head like a kid. "Okay..." I say. He squeals like a teenage girl who met her favourite celebrity and wraps his arms around me, hugging me close to him. His tall frame is making me look like a small girl in front of him. My head lands on his chest and I wrap my arms around his torso. His touch is something...different and it felt good. Very good.

"What the hell!" I hear someone scream. The voice seemed familiar and Harry and I pull away. My eyes land on angry Niall. He's glaring at Harry and if looks could kill, Harry would be dead now. "What is going on here?" He growls looking at me. I narrow my eyes at him before smirking. I wrap my arm around Harry's arm and pull him closer to me. Niall glares at me and I keep smirking.

"Nothing's going on. We were going to spend some time together. You know? Me, my kids and Harry." I keep smirking and he keeps glaring. Harry shifts uncomfortably next to me. "Right, Harry?" I ask and look at him, lovingly.

"Okay! That's enough." Niall snaps and pulls me by my arm. I try to wiggle out of his grasp but his grip tightens. "Don't forget what I can do." He whispers to me and I immediately calm down. He wraps his arm around my waist and looks at Harry, whose eyes are on me. "You, stay away from her." Niall warns.

"Or what?" Harry retorts. A evil smile crosses Niall's face and I begin to worry.

"Harry, please. Go." I beg. Niall and Harry continue to glare at each other and I ask Harry to go again. He sighs and walks away from us. "Let go, Niall." I say, wiggle out of his grip. "Stay away from me." I snap.

"What are you trying to do?" He shouts at me.

"I am not trying anything. He just wanted to meet my kids." I say and walk away from him, towards my car.

"Our kids!" He snaps. I roll my eyes and ignore him. "Don't walk away from me!" H grabs my arm.

"Or what? Huh?" I pull my hand out of his. "If you thought that they are your kids, you wouldn't have lied to them about you being 'busy'." I quote the word with my fingers. "And go out with another woman, while you are engaged to me." I shout.

"Are you jealous?" He smirks.

"Keep dreaming, Niall." I open my car door and get inside. I lock the doors and start the engine ignoring Niall's fists on my window. I raise my finger to him and leave the place with the memory of Shocked Face of Niall.

I was always jealous of other women that Niall spends time with. Before me, he dated models and actresses. But then, there was me. A naive girl who gave no fuck about anything but romantic novels and music.

When Niall came into my life everything changed. He made me believe in myself and increased the level of my confidence. He was my rock, my pillar and my shot of happiness and success. With him by my side, I felt like I could achieve anything that I wanted to. Well later on, it was a different story.

"Hi mommy!" I feel two pairs of arms around my legs and immediately a very big smile forms onto my lips. "Mommy, I made a drawing for us." Emma says. "I made a car with my clay!" Evan exclaims.

"Wow guys. That's amazing." I smile and kiss their heads. They grin and blush.

"Hello there, stranger." I hear a voice and look up to see Liam in an apron, looking very funny. I burst into fits of laughter and he furrows his eyebrows.

"Why are you laughing." Liam asks and I continue laughing. "Your mother has gone mad." Liam tells the kids.

"You look hideous in that apron, Liam." I laugh and he pouts.

I make my way to my room and changed to pyjamas and my ice cream t-shirt. I washed my face and removed my make up before going back down. Liam was done preparing the dinner and we all settled down on the table. We talked as we ate our food.

"When did your learn how to cook?" I ask. I thought this would taste like crap but it tastes so good.

"Sophia thought me." He smiles. I wiggle my eyebrows teasing him and he blushes.

"I need to catch up with her. It's been, long." I say and he nods. The door bell rings, interrupting us and Liam stands up to go to the door. I take a look at Emma and Evan and they seem off.

"Is everything alright, guys?" I ask and they nod. Evan has ketchup all over his face, so I take a tissue and clean his face. "When did you start hiding things from me?" I ask them. "What wrong baby?" I ask again.

"Why is daddy not coming?" He asks. I sigh and stand up. "He doesn't love us." His voice cracks.

"Of course I love you. Who said I don't?" I hear Niall's voice. He's standing by the entrance of the dinning room and looking at the kids. He have something in his hands, which looks huge.

"Daddy!" Emma squeals and gets of her chair. Niall sets the carry bag on the floor and catches Emma in his arms.

"Hi there, princess." He kisses her cheek. Emma wraps her arms around his neck and hugs him tightly.

"Why didn't you come yesterday?" Evan asks.

"I'm sorry, little man. I was busy." He Walks to Evan and kisses his head. "Here are some gifts. To make it up to you?" He says with hope.

"It's okay daddy." They both say. Then suddenly something strikes me.


I didn't tell him anything about these past few days and he just witnessed something like this. Seeing Niall with my kids.... He must be mad at me. I make my way to the living Room and see Liam sitting on the couch. He looks up when I sit next to him.

"What the hell is happening Madison?" He growls.

"I-" He cuts me off.

"You're back with him? He left you, Madison. He left you when you were pregnant. He wasn't there for you all these years. He hurt you so much and you forgive him this easily?" He shouts.

"I didn't forgive him, Liam." I say. "I think I can never forgive him for what he did to me but, think about Emma and Evan. They need a father." I sigh.

"They don't. They have you, me and your family. They don't need him." He snaps.

"Liam, please. Whatever I do its for them. I can't keep them from their father because of my own pain. I am marrying him-" I was cut off again.

"You're marrying him? What the hell? I don't even know about it and I am your best friend. We should be telling each other everything!"

"I wanted to tell you but I knew you would react this way." I sigh.

"Of course I would react this way. Because I can't see my best friend suffer again. I've seen you these past years Madi. I know how much you suffered. I know how much you blamed yourself for everything that happened. I saw your tears. I saw your pain and I am not ready to see you that way again." He says.

"I promise to not do that again." Niall interrupts us.

"You stay out of this." Liam snaps.

"Liam-" Niall starts.

"No! Don't even start. I promised myself that the next time I see you, I would break your face. So don't push your luck." Liam warns. I have never seen him this angry and it worries me.

"Liam, please." I beg. "It's my life. Let me make my decisions." I say, little harshly and he looks offended. Shit! "Liam, I didn't-"

"Yea. It is your life. What am I? Nothing. Make your decisions, do whatever you want. Goodbye!" He takes his keys from the table and walks out.

"Liam! Please. I didn't mean it." I beg him, walking along with him, grabbing his arm. He shrugs me off.

"Goodbye Madiosn. I hope you make the right decisions." He says and gets into his car. Without giving me a glance, he starts the engine and drives off.

I fall to my knees and sob into my hands. Never in my wildest dreams thought that I Would lose my best friend. We were friends since our childhood and now everything fell apart. Why does this happen to me?

I feel two arms wrap around me and pull me closer to his body. I cry against his chest. I know what I am doing is wrong but I just need a hug. I wrap my arms around him and cry harder.

"It's okay." He whispers but I know it's not.


Word count: 1700

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